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  • I’m gonna have to mop up my tears! From #teamsharksteamer and/or #teamicouldntgivearatsass in Split

    • lol- this reply just sums up my glee.
      thank you all, I needed this

      • After having spinal surgery, I realized that I can’t get down on my hands and knees to mop the floor because if I get down, I cannot get back up with anything close to ease. And pushing stuff around with the wet jet isn’t my thing. So, I will give this a try

  • Since my beloved cleaning lady Jackie hasn’t been here for two months I’ve had to embrace cleaning as well. A couple of years ago I bought a cordless Dyson rechargeable thingie that is much lighter than my regular vacuum. This was after Jackie had surgery but insisted she was well enough to work. (She still went for the mega-heavy regular Dyson.)

    Since being on house arrest with a very hairy Ragdoll cat, the dust buffaloes were really piling up. And OMG the cordless lightweight Dyson thingie is amazing. I will not go so far as to say that vacuuming is fun, but it is fun-adjacent.

    • I agree I love that thing.
      And dust buffaloes love it. I have those too

      • I thought they were dust bison

    • LOVE my Spin-o-Matic … weirdly so

    • Our Kate hasn’t been here for 3 months and god I miss her. After I got a frozen shoulder trying to keep the house clean, big sis bought me one of the cordless Dysons and I love it. It is so maneouvrable and powerful! I immediately gave our neighbour the AEG vacuum that weighed 5 tons….

  • I just put it in my shopping cart and laughed doing so. I wonder if the mop of wonders will sell out??

  • I came upon your glowing praise of “that mop” at 5:32 this morning and promptly placed my order with Amazon. Amazingly, it will arrive in 3 days which just happens to be my birthday! Coincidence? I think not. My review coming soon.

    • get the aunt fannie’s cleaners to go with it, and you’re set! love this mop and aunt fannie’s and will admit i saw it in a youtube cleaning video. how low can i go?

    • I bought it from Target online, along with an extra mop head. It is fabulous, and the step and spin thing is really satisfying too!

    • I bought a mop and I liked it! Best feature for me is the light weight of it.

  • When I saw the title of your post, I thought you were referring to a ‘mop’ of hair – I sure will be glad to see my hairdresser whenever our lockdown is lifted. Your praise of that mop is great – I feel better knowing I’m not the only one who would rather knit than do housework. I have had that mop for a few years and I love it too! I’d suggest ordering an extra mop head just in case.

    • Me too, Nancy! I was sure this was about not being able to get to the hairdresser. But I’m so glad that my hair is growing back after chemotherapy that I don’t even care if it looks like a mop!

  • Did you say “excessive knitting”??? WHO ARE YOU, ANN?

  • I have had one for 3 years and love it! I wash the heads in my washer, air dry and they are ready for my lavender or whatever scented Pinesol I am in the mood floor. Put your favorite music on and you will find your foot pumps and spins the head in time to the beat…lol
    Happy Mopping!

  • They have 10 in stock at my local Home Depot! Score! Even told me what row it is in! No waiting for Amazon delivery (anyway, I’m mad at Amazon for firing their protesting workers)! My Bucket and Mop Magic System will be in the house and at work within hours! Once again, MDK is the Perfect Start to My Day!

    • I’m in the “couldn’t give a rat’s ass” department I’m afraid. Didn’t clean before pandemic, not cleaning during pandemic, won’t clean after pandemic. Dust buffaloes never actually killed anyone, leave ‘em be, that’s my motto. Once the weather warms up so I can open front and back doors, they’ll blow right out.

      • You go, girl! I’m with you all the way.

      • Ditto! I’m in the R.A. camp too;) and I give chase to the dust buffalos, corral them, and pick them up with bare hands

      • Amen, Sister!

      • Preach it!

      • So happy I’m no longer alone in the “I’ll think about that tomorrow” world.
        My husband loves my swifter with the dust cloth refills. Told him chasing those dust boulders around could be a new Olympic sport !

  • What a great way to start the day with laughter. Thank you!

  • If it’s O-Cedar it’s gotta be good, right? My 3 housekeeping rules are no crumbs (critters), keep things dry (mold) and always (well almost always,) wash dishes after every meal. Everything else is a work-around. Sometimes, literally. There. I’ve said it. I feel cleansed.

    • This!

  • I have been using this mop/bucket combo since last year and really love it. Not as much as my coffee maker but it’s a close 2nd.

  • This is such a dangerous site!! What have you done…..encouraging us to mop (as she heads out the door to Home Depot to check this out!!)

    • I only clean the floor when and where I’ve spilled something. I am a klutz (last week, I kicked under the bed a full glass of fizzy drink) who lives in a tiny house (125 sq. ft. and very little of that open floor) so it all gets cleaned more often than I’d like.

  • My only concern is that this will not be available in Scotland but we will soon find out. Incidentally, I love what lockdown/shelter in place is doing to MDK. Life changing stuff (not that it wasn’t before).

    • If you get Vileda in Scotland, you should find it. I’ve had the Vileda version of what looks exactly like this mop for years, my cleaning lady hates it – she does it old school, floorcloths round a squeegee and even down on her knees sometimes even though I tick her off for doing that. But I can’t wring without pain, so this mop is great. And now that she’s not working (god I miss her big time!) the mop after a vacuuming is brilliant.

    • I found a Vileda here in Germany, which looks like it is exactly the same thing. And it works well! I’m so glad to know it’s also washable.

  • Sold. My steam mop just bit the dust- and Amazon claims I will “enjoy an effective and efficient cleaning experience” with this puppy.

    • I have one and absolutely LOVE it. With canines running across my wood floors with wet and sometimes muddy feet, the Swiffer makes cleanup quick. But once a week, I pour the Murphy’s Oil into the bucket and go to town.

      It’s keeping my floors beautiful and because the head is microfiber, the floor is just damp and dries quickly so it doesn’t damage the wood. It’s a winner which I highly recommend.

    • Can you use it on hardwood floors

  • I’ve had one for several years and LOVE IT!!

  • Yes! I got one at Costco a couple months ago that came with four — yes, four! – extra mop heads.
    While I’m not beneath doing a quick Swiffer wet mop some weeks, a real mop is the only way to get those kitchen and bath and tiled entry floors clean.
    I determined to get my cleaning sh$t together and I have! This mop has been a big part of it.
    O-Cedar should hire us for a zippy, singing ad!
    Now, back to your regularly scheduled knitting.

    • Or just an ad with everyone knitting because they saved so much mopping time with the fabby-do mop??

  • My mother-in-law introduced me to this wonder a few years ago. Oh man…you are not overpraising!
    It revolutionized my sporadic cleaning ways. Still sporadic, but where had this mop been all my life?
    Love it! And so does my little nephew. He loves to mop when he comes over.
    I enjoyed the rhapsodies over the mop. A fun read for me this morning

  • I have one of these and love it! Mop on!!!

  • Have been using this bucket/ mop combo for several years…best method ever for cleaning floors.Your letter was so much fun to read first thing this morning. Thanks for all you do …Field Guides and so much knit info.
    Be safe and healthy.

  • My oldest and dearest friend and I live across the country from each other. We talked about cleaning on Sunday and sure enough this mop was a huge part of the convo. She recommended an instagram cleaning site from Canada @gocleanco in which the star is in love with this mop! She also has many other great tips! We have been discussing the “clean one room a day” or “one all out cleaning frenzy” one day of the week. Opinions?

    • I love my spin mop! No sore back, just clean floors! I love to clean the whole house in one day, just crank the music please!

    • I have found the room a day did not work for me. Too easy to get off schedule. Now I have “clean house” and “laundry” as a non-negotiable Monday chore. Funny thing — if you actually clean your house regularly, it becomes easier to clean. Huh. Revelation there! Lol

  • I hope I don’t offend anyone when I share that we owned one of these years ago and our cleaning lady called it a “gringo mop”. She preferred the Jiangxi high school janitor variety!

    • I think she meant DISCO MOP Stephanie.

      • Oh no, she meant gringo! She looked at my husband and said, you know, white people!!!!


  • “Come at me, skeptics”. Love it!

  • What a great eye opener this morning!! Had to put the coffee cup down before I snorted it instead of sipping! Love you both, yep ordered the mop!

  • Honestly, you two are too much. i never leave comments anywhere. However, ladies, you really made me laugh this morning. Thank you.

  • Intriguing. I thought this was a version of the janitorial wringer mop with that huge lever wringer, but it appears to be a much more refined take on the idea. (Can I mention here that I once thought the lever wringer would be a good way to squeeze the water out of my hand-washed knits? It failed utterly.)

  • I also have a version of that spin mop and loved it immediately. However, the love affair has disappeared, and I long for the simpler days of a single mop into the kitchen sink! I often think of how much work it is to get that mop and bucket out to wash the floors and most times will take a rag and mop that single spot. I’m wishing for a Swifter tool that washes floors! But I only use vinegar on my floor so haven’t done the research if I could use that, I’m just in the wishing stage while I look at my dirty floors. Glad it is working out for you.

  • I was raised in the “a mop only pushes the dirt around, you have to get down on your hands and knees” school of floor cleaning. . Will my mother haunt me if I try this?

    • Agnes, God rest her soul, also raised me in the “down on your hands and knees with a scrub brush” school, so I share your worry, but this house has a lot of tile flooring so…..

      I wonder if a bolt of lightning will strike me down if I buy this?

      • It took me a very long time to realize that “a lick and a promise” is ok sometimes, if you can’t get to deeper cleaning. Oh what twisted rules we inherited! It was so liberating to get that voice outta my head after MANY years. No lightning struck me down. Go team clean, whatever you works for you. I’ll be over here knitting.

      • I’ll watch to see if you manage it safely…

    • Me too! My mom was on the floor with her Johnson’s wax every Friday. But now she Swiffs, if you can believe that. So I don’t have to worry about the lightning striking. She disapproves of mops because the water gets dirty and then you are mopping with dirty water but since the net effect is more dirt in the bucket and less on the floors, I am ok with it. Vacuum, then mop, and get on with life.

  • Howling here! Thanks for the morning laugh. Have also ordered one. Can’t wait!

  • I am laughing my rear end off. I succumbed to another O’Cedar product recommended by a blogger. It is a swiffer type that sprays liquid as one moves the mop. The microfiber pads are quite fluffy, nice to look at and washable. I haven’t cleaned in years but back in my youth, my preferred method of floor cleaning was hands and knees and a brush. I must add that I’m 80 years old. Since late Feb. I have been paying my lovely cleaning couple to stay home. They bring their own cleaning products and equipment. I have a small apartment and dust and spills show up quickly. I do have a few rugs and a vacuum, which I dragged out of the basement. So my product arrived and I left it in quarantine in the downstairs entry hall. All 3 of us in this converted house are doing that with packages for 24 hours or so. However, I kept the boxed mop in quarantine for 4 weeks. Finally I had the great unveiling on Sunday and now it’s in the apartment. I don’t know when I’ll actually use it though. Thanks for a fun Tuesday solo laugh fest.

    • Love the extra quarantine for the mop!

  • The universe is so off-kilter, as if we need more evidence:O-Cedar feels the MDK bump.
    Xox and happy mopping

  • I just had to email your article to my family to prove that I’m not the only one to get excited about my spinning bucket…! They think I’m nuts, but then again, it wouldn’t even occur to them to clean the floor 🙁

  • I LOVE cleaning supplies and products! Am always looking for good ones. However, all my floors, except the laundry room and bathrooms are wood, so this wouldn’t do it for me. But I’ll look at the O’Cedar website and see what they have. Currently I’m using the Bona equipment with Method wood floor cleaner.

    • All my floors are wood except in the basement, and I love this thing. A little Murphy’s oil soap and you’re all set for shiny clean floors.

  • As soon as I saw the subject line I thought “Oh no! Did she find a better one than the one I ordered last week?” Nope – my O-Cedar EasyWring Microfiber Spin Mop & Bucket System is already on the way, and I find myself strangely excited about it.

  • My husband bought a “Hurricane 360” from a TV ad several years ago. It’s the same spin mop and bucket as the O’Cedar. We have a running joke that only he is smart enough to make such a complicated device work, so he has to do the mopping. Actually, it’s easy to use and we replaced it with the O’Cedar version. Both worked great!

  • Bought the set 5 years ago, and still am happily peddling, and spinning along with Murphy(s Oil Soap).

  • The comments are a great laugh also! Glad we can find some humor in our situation. Some people were having a melt down over not finding cleaning wipes. What’s wrong with mixing up a bucket? Good times.

  • I had no idea! I gotta get this mop. Ann and Kay, you two crack me up!

  • This truly is a ride you will never forget!
    I felt like Tom Sawyers friend watching my friend use his mop to swab the garage floor during my brief time this winter on puppy care. I’m a believer, if you live in a space bigger than 350 square feet. Not much space for a bucket here!

  • Love your PSS comment

  • “In this coronavirus situation, conversation has become a baroque mix of existential philosophy and hair dye and somebody’s dog that keeps barking.” Truer words ..

    • Yes, that was a wonderful sentence that rang so true!

  • I was tempted to order one immediately, but I am afraid my husband would never use it. Currently, he does all our floors (concrete) with a technique he learned in the Navy….a wet towel and his two feet. He jitterbugs about the house with the towel under his feet with a expertise that rivals anything seen on Dancing With the Stars. Why mess with a good thing?

    • Sara, we are not all living in YOUR DREAM WORLD. Don’t mess with success!

    • Sara- could we have a video please?? I live in South Africa and I’m not sure this spinning miracle will be available so I might need your husband’s method. Also, it will give me the excercise I need. I’ve just discovered that vacuuming my wooden floors is sooooo much easier than sweeping them. And I confess- I haven’t mopped once in our 44 days (and counting ) of lockdown. Every time I type LOCKDOWN, I have to check that I haven’t typed LICKDOWN. Its happened before….

  • Soon after getting this mop system years ago, I found out that there is a “proper” way to mop! Who knew? The only carpeting we have in this 3400 sq. ft. house is on the stairs and one bedroom. I used to be frustrated by streaks after mopping. Did anyone else know that you don’t wring the mop before swiping it across the floor? No? Just me? So, evidently, you use a sopping mop on the floor, THEN wring it out and mop up the water! I have been streakless since I found this out. I suddenly feel the urge to mop….

  • You guys cracked me up once again – you have to remember to use your powers only for good, apparently you can convince some of us to buy almost anything, including (who’d a thunk it?!?) a mood and a bucket just after 6 am this morning. For my fellow Canucks, the O’Cedar is Vileda here in the Great White North. Winging its way to me from our friends at Amazon, along with the Alice Medrich cookie book from last week!

  • “…and somebody’s dog that keeps barking.” Poor Olive! They’re talking about her favorite bit of Nietzsche and she can’t get a word in edgewise!

  • Just ordered one. My kitchen floor will have to wait until next week to be cleaned. My knees won’t hurt me after washing floor…

  • I have owned the spin mop about 2 years it’s the best mop I ever bought I love it more then I love chocolate

  • I was all set to follow your mop adulation but then… I read the consumer reports link that you sent. Myth: String mops are best for removing dirt and bacteria.
    Fact: Industrial-style string mops may look impressive, but studies have shown that microfiber mops are about 20 percent more effective at removing dirt and bacteria, Christian says. “String mops are very absorbent, so they’re great at cleaning up big spills,” he says, “but if you want to make sure you’re not leaving anything behind on the floor, use a microfiber mop.”
    I guess I will stick with my microfiber Bona mop for now. 🙁

    • This is a microfiber mop.

  • I bought one about a month ago and I love it! The self wringing is amazing! You don’t get any dirty water on you.

  • I have had one for several years. I thought I was the only one who raved about it. Glad to know I am in such awesome company.

  • I followed the link and ordered from Amazon. I chose Amazon because it will not arrive for a week and I can postpone cleaning at least until it arrives.

  • If you are dry mopping, I’ll recommend Sla-Dust mop. They are very high quality mops, made from wool yarn that has been sewn in a mop head. It snags dog hair and dust under the bed, faster than I can vacuum. I also use their dusters, which cut the time I spend dusting waaaaaay down.

  • Just finished scrubbing my kitchen floor ON MY HANDS AND KNEES, and then read your letter. Wish I’d opened my emails first! But now I’ve ordered the mop and some lovely lavender scented Pine Sol (thank you to whomever mentioned that!) and it will arrive on Mother’s Day! What a kick! Now back to my Trellis Top! Thank you ladies! You never disappoint!

  • That is so funny. The first thing I ordered once I had to stay at home and look at the dirt was the O Cedar mop and bucket. I tried those Swiffer things I had bought too many of, and never felt my floor was clean. Yay, new wet Mop!!

  • I couldn’t understand why my MDK Getaway buddy Jeannette texted me a link to this mop system this morning, with a proud claim she was buying one for her second home. I thought it was a comment on our common tragedy of now doing our own cleaning. Then I read this hilarious post—nailed the experience of Zoom meetings, Ann—and now have one of these puppies winging its way to me from Amazon. Just three left there, people. Hope Jeannette ordered hers.

  • You might have made me a convert.

  • I thought the post written by the ballband dishcloth was the funniest thing I’d ever read, but nope, you topped it with this one. I had sworn off mops and buckets because I always had a random mop and a random bucket and they weren’t designed to work together, so the mop would fall over and it was just terrible. But this…. This solves that problem. I think I need this.

  • You had me right up to “excessive knitting.” WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH ANN?!!

  • My niece, mother of 11 children ages 18 and below, who keeps an immaculate house, posted about this on IG as well. Perhaps this is the life transformation I need.

  • I ordered it! Cannot wait to mop my floor with it. My husband and I laughed and laughed at the description of cleaning in these days. It resonates strongly. Thank you!

  • I just may have to rethink this mopping thing

  • People mop without a bucket of water???? Where does the dirt go then??

    That being said, I am still firmly in the “life’s too short to spend it cleaning “ camp. Although Ann’s description of “foul and disgusting at home “ may sometimes apply lol. I Sam still working from home though so not as much extra time on my hands as some.

    Anyway, thanks for another brilliantly entertaining and funny post ladies. You’re still the highlight of my day:-D.

  • One other thing. I wish there were reaction emojis for all the posts on this thread!! I haven’t giggled so much in ages but just don’t have time to respond to every comment. So thanks to everyone here for making me laugh today <3

  • About a year ago I bought a Bissel steam mop. I did not know it was possible to love a cleaning appliance so much. I was amazed (and appalled) at the amount of dirt it picked up the first time I used it. While I still am not terribly fond of mopping the floors I now do it regularly thanks to the steam mop.

  • Ha! I knew the minute I saw the post title that you had discovered the O-Cedar mop. I have never owned any product that has changed my life more: the salad-spinner bucket, the way it swivels around the bathtub and flattens to go under low-hanging furniture. It’s like a dream. I’m Ginger Rogers and Mr. Mop is Fred Astaire. Our stone kitchen floors capture and cling to every spill and mote and shred lesser mops. Pre-mop, it came down to hands and knees and a scrub brush, which took all day and happened annually at best. Thank you, thank you for creating a mini buying frenzy. I already own two, but mop-model turnover being what it is, my anxiety that they would stop making them has made me consider getting in a lifetime supply. I also recommend using Oxyclean. Turns out our floors were a pale pinky-beige, not medium taupe. Who knew?

  • saw the mop 5 minutes ago and it’s on its way. 1913 house with all hardwood floors. this is fabulous. thank you for sharing. you deserve a commission.

  • You people in the US are so SLOW! We in Asia have had these for at least the past five years; our house personally has gone through the spinner thing on three (it tends to break or malfunction if you use it too often and too vigorously) and had to buy new.

  • I love Murphy’s Oil Soap. Smells like home to me.

  • I have had one for a year now. It is a treasured member of my cleaning family!

  • I have been using this O’Cedar mop for a year or two. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it.

    • I saw an ad for the Moppsy Pro 2 system about a month ago and I LOVE it! Not to disparage the O’Cedar Disco Mop…had I discovered that first I think I would have been in hog heaven!
      My Mom had a newspaper clipping laminated and taped on the fridge for years. Talked about how super clean homes do not help keep children healthy, a little dirt builds up your immune system! All six of us kids are healthy, as well as Mom (86 and going strong).
      I cross stitched this quote for her, and it’s still hangs on her wall, “Dull Women Have Immaculate Homes.”

      • I love it!

  • I can’t wait until my fabulous Ida returns. I gave her a raise in her absence and continued to pay her. I never fully appreciated what she brings to my life. I’ve been scrubbing on the floor via hands and knees with Murphy’s. And the dogs have it messed up w/in two days. I have four giants. They can’t help themselves. Anyway, this testimonial was enough to put it in my Amazon cart.

  • If I could sing, or write music, I would sing an ode to the O-Cedar Easy-Wring Microfiber Spin Mop & Bucket System. Don’t let the resource-wasting, big spending, bucket haters get you down. The humble, happy, spinny O-Cedar gets the job done.

  • I’m in.Cant wait til mop is delivered. I also wonder if they will sell out.

  • Just ordered from Target for pick up in 4 hours. Always in search of a new toy. #c19playmop

  • I’ve had one of those sitting in a box in my garage for the last 6 weeks. You’ve inspired me to actually open the box. Maybe in another few days I’ll actually put the mop together.

  • Kay…If you’re handing out Chris-makkuh (did I spell that right!?) I’ll take one. (No gift receipt needed) I use the other O’Cedar mop with a drop down ringer. It works fine. But sometimes it does splash my cabinets. The steam mop went “pop” awhile back, like when your iron goes out. And I just haven’t had the heart to shell out $80 doll-hairs for a new one.

  • I saw the box and the ancient jingle ran through my head. “O Cedar makes your life easier!” Repeat. Do they still use the jingle?

    I don’t want another bucket; storage is at a premium here. So it’s Libmann’s rag mop with it’s own squeezy twisty thing, and the all purpose bucket (also good for car wash). But I salute you and your new happiness!

  • I ordered it – Happy cleans floors for me! Does it come with a Cabanna boy?

  • Yes! Had mine for several years now. Love it. I’m good at making a mess, but not so much cleaning. This is almost fun!

  • I have one of these too – I LOVE it-so easy to use!!

  • Thanks, Ann. Your letter helps. I’m Spring house cleaning. I had looked forward to using our “Stay Home” order to get even more work done on the book I’m researching, but “Covid Brain Syndrome” set in & my ability to focus on complex mental tasks isn’t what it was.
    It’s sorta, kinda Spring here and the physicality of heavy cleaning became attractive somehow. Assemble my cleaning gear. Put away all breakables. Dust, then move out rugs & all the furniture that fits through the door. Dust & vacuum – ceiling, walls, baseboards, floor. Open the windows (if it’s 55 or higher Out There.) Turn on a podcast after the noisy work is finished. Wash the walls, trim, floor. Wash the windows. Polish the furniture & push it back to where it was. Or re-arrange it!
    The younger dog shows up when he hears the vacuum because The Vacuum Cleaner Machine Must Be Supervised. The older guy shows up when all is finished and The Smells That Make Me (the dog) Sneeze are all gone.
    Second floor is done. The weather turned heavy-frost-warnings cold, so the first floor is on pause for a few days.
    It’s cathartic somehow. Also exhausting, but a good kind of drop-into-bed-and-sleep-like-a-log tired. I like podcasts better than music these days. The sounds of other human voices bring a measure of normality.
    At night, I knit, sip one glass wine or one G&T, or on Saturday evenings, a short Irish whisky.
    After all this physical labor, maybe my brain will have reset & I think again. I hope.
    Good health & good knitting (Thanks, EZ) to all.

  • Love this mop… although you can get it for less at Home Depot (& with more refills).


  • 45$ ??? That’s yarn $$$$$!

  • Ok y’all, the best cleaning system out there is a Hoover Floormate. Operates like a vacuum, doesn’t mix dirty and clean water, and has rotating scrub brushes that clean better than any mop, steam system or swiffer, beleive me tried them all. (Sorry Ann an Kay) even your O Cedar.

  • LOVE the O’Cedar mop…..and I HATE cleaning. I mop my hardwood kitchen floor everyday with this.

  • I love both you ladies, but have a problem with the environmental impact of microfiber. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2016/jun/20/microfibers-plastic-pollution-oceans-patagonia-synthetic-clothes-microbeads

    When this mop is reinvented with cotton or hemp, I’m sold.

  • Loll! I have come to look forward to and enjoy these Saturday snippets! Always funny and insightful.

  • Cannot believe that you had this info today – I was just contemplating how to do a better job at moppiing the kitchen floor! Have ordered my bucket and mop – thank you!

  • It sounds like the perfect Father’s Day gift!

  • 100%, O’Cedar is The King of Moplandia. My conversion was over a year ago and my loyalty remains unwavering.

  • And I thought this post was going to be about Ann rediscovering her Swifty mop cover from ‘MDK Knitting Outside the Lines’!
    I’ve been making Ballband Dishcloths like crazy, and even thought about trying the ‘Swifty’ to cover an old mop I never use… but now Ann’s description and all the comments have me planning to look for the O-Cedar system when we venture out to Costco on the way to a dr appointment on Wednesday.
    Thank you, all, for an enjoyable read!

  • Am I the only one that bought two but doesn’t use the second one for mopping but for washing and spin drying fleece? 😀

  • Oh, you two! Thanks for a laugh this morning as I fill my own bucket with hot sudsy Murphy’s. So much better than scrubbing on my hands and knees (yep, seriously!)

  • Shortly after reading this, I scurried out to my local Meijer, braving contagion and being late back to work from lunch, to get “that mop.” Glory be, I’m redeemed! I had just been surfing ye old internet for a steam mop. Coincidence? I think not. I got the mop, I used the mop, I love the mop. It even intrigued my teenage daughter. She is enthralled by the spinning action. Sadly, she is not even slightly motivated to mop, just spin. Baby steps.

  • Went out and bought one of these mops and fell in love with it too! Thanks Ann!

  • Thank you! I thought I was the only person quirky enough to love a mop! I have had mine for 2 months and it has turned me into a clean freak! I bought a second mop head so it would always be ready. Even used with Bob Villas recipe for deck cleaner and cleaned my deck. It looks amazing.

  • Cleaning? Who knew?

  • I know I’m late to the party, but I saw “the mop” at my Costco and immediately put it in my cart. I feel like I am in junior high. I want what my friends have. And I actually used it when I got home!! The mopping part is work, but the spinning part is pure fun. Thanks, Ann for sharing your insight.

  • We’ve had one of these O’Cedar darlings for almost 2 years and use it every day. It is awesome. Every word you say about it is true.