Recipe File: Speckled Slaw

July 1, 2022

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  • This sounds lovely. I’m going to serve a t for dinner tonight. Thank you.

  • Thank you! Love that this is a cruelty free recipe. Will be adding it to my repertoire to serve with healthy bean recipes.

  • Looks delicious. Going to make this weekend.

  • This looks so good! I am a carrot aficionado (my favorite vegetable), and I agree that those anemic looking carrots are not the ones you want. I am going to try this very soon. Got any more great recipes?

    • I just made this and it’s sheer genius. Thank you!

  • Sounds and looks delicious and as pretty as speckled yarn. Thanks for the recipe!

  • I am goingbto try this if I can get a napa cabbage. Unfortunately I am a person that cilantro tastes like soap, is there anything that would be a good substitute? Parsley?

    • If you’re willing to experiment, try pulsing some cilantro and mint together into a rough paste and taste it. Does that also taste like soap? If not, you may have found a way to incorporate the flavor! Cilantro and mint play very well together. Unfortunately I don’t think there is a substitute for the unique flavor of cilantro leaves, parsley is something else entirely that will give you the visual but not the taste.

      For a split second I thought of coriander powder but that tastes completely different – it’s a spice, not a herb.

      Good luck from a cilantro lover who hopes you can join the fold.

      • Cilantro and mint together sounds so refreshing!

      • Great idea to try mint and cilantro, also I love dill with this slaw.

  • Thank you Sarah for the recipe, can’t wait to make it.

  • Thank you! This sounds lovely and I have beets and cilantro from my garden. I hear you on carrots! When I lived in the UK, the carrots were big and gorgeous. I can rarely find any like that stateside! Grating the puny things adds flesh to whatever I am making! LOL

  • Wow that looks fresh and cool.

    I’m all: roots of cilantro?!?! And then I’m all: um, carrots are a root. Beets are a root. Roots are where all the fun is.

    • The roots were news to me but now I’m trekking to Chinatown every week where they leave the roots on.

      • Great idea I will speak the the IT dept about this.

  • Sounds delicious. Going to give it try this weekend. (On a side note, could recipes be made printable? Or are they and I’m overlooking it? Thank you. )

  • This looks really good. But as a serious consumer of cilantro (every Indian savory dish, bar none, is garnished with cilantro), I am super weirded out at the idea of using cilantro roots. Stalks, definitely! They are very flavorful.

  • Ooo Sarah, this looks so good! Yesterday, my bottle of sorghum from Ghetto Gastro arrived and I will definitely be trying it in this recipe!

    • I need to try sorghum!

  • Thanks Sarah! Can’t wait to try this on July 4th!

  • O you cook the beet first?

    • Raw beets for this one.

  • I appreciate these recipes. I’ve incorporated all of them into the menu rotation, jazzing up the pandemic-wearied old favorites. Thank you!

    • So kind. I am thrilled that you like my recipes.

  • I don’t usually like slaw because I don’t like mayo. But this sounds delicious.

  • Has the beetroot been cooked first? I have never seen a recipe with raw beetroot here in the UK,

  • Thanks all for your comments and for trying this recipe. What a great community we have here. I’m on the road and thinking of something sweet for August.

  • This looks really good except, unfortunately, I really don’t like beets… is there anything else I can use instead? Or should I just use more carrots?

    (And yes – I have had “really good” beets! Somehow, they all taste like dirt to me…?)

  • Made this for the 4th. Fantastic! My local grocery store didn’t have Napa cabbage so I used regular. I always make a slaw for family barbecues and this was a fun variation! My daughter kept saying, “This is good, Mom, this is really good!”

  • Making this! Thank you Sarah!

  • Thank you for this wonderful and different slaw recipe! It is delightful and refreshing! This will be a mainstay.

  • Holy moly! I missed this the first time around. Oh my, it is so good! Thank you!