Homework Assignment: Save and Fave to your MDK Account. (This is a pass/fail assignment. You can do it.)

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  • Thank you – I’m off to bookmark articles like a madwoman.

  • Game changer! Many thanks.

  • Helpful. Thanks

  • Oh, Thank you ! Thank You! Love you guys!

    • Looks like you need to log in first?

      • Yes, you do. I just learned that!

  • Brilliant! This is exactly what I needed! Thank you!

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you. I have spent ridiculous amounts of time trying to find things on your site again (your search function and my brain do not appear to synch well) and you cannot imagine how grateful I am to hear this. Kudos to your web designer!

    • This. Thank you.

    • Instead of using the MDK search function (which doesn’t work very well), next time you want to find an old article, go to Google instead. Type in “Modern Daily Knitting zipper” or whatever, and Google will find it for you in a jiffy!

      • Thank you, Judy – I never once thought of doing that, and I have spent hours roaming the halls of historic MDK in search of a sort-of-remembered post containing a sharply-remembered nugget. Not saying the roaming isn’t fun, but it does come with the combined risk of tugged heartstrings and forgetting what I was looking for in the first place.

    • The slowness of the search function on the site is a source of sadness to us. Judy’s tip about using google is a lifesaver; it’s how we search the site ourselves. Search Modern Daily Knitting + [what you’re looking for].

  • Perfect timing. This is brilliant.

  • brilliant and so easy – thank you for making this such a smooth process!!

  • Thank you!! You have made my life so much easier! Now I don’t need to look through all those old e-mails been saving.

  • Wow, this is great. Thank you!

  • I so appreciate this, because I often need to go back to something and cannot remember what category it’s in…this will help me so much! Thank you!!!!!

    • If it’s a knitting technique or tip, it’s not too hard to remember that it’s in How To. But all the other categories are challenging, even for us!

  • Wowee! Thanks.

  • Does this mean I need an account???

    • I am not absolutely sure, but I think we are making a comment, it means that we already have an account.

    • Yes, you need an account so that you can store things in it.

      • How do I make an account

  • Yes! Thank you!

  • Time to clean up my in box. THANKS

  • Expiration: “Never.” Works for me!

  • Thank you!

  • This is the most wonderful thing ever!!!! Brilliant.

  • Oh joy !

  • Who knew? 😉

  • Oh, yes. My personal “now where did I put that again?” bit of MDK goodness is Jen Arnall-Culliford’s helical stripes tutorial. I have two yarns, one leftover and one bought for another project but not used. I found out just recently that they really want to work together, probably as a 2-row stripe, probably as mitts. Helical striping, here I finally come!

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you! Now, how to we go back and find those long-ago articles that we didn’t know how to save-i.e. what words should we be trying to remember- or dates if we have a vague idea of that? I’m thinking specifically about the use of pluto— in the Stopover KAL.

    • I think browsing categories is a good strategy (and a great way to spend one’s idle hours ha ha I know we don’t have many of those). To look for somethings specific with a keyword I suggest using good old google.

      I put into google “Modern Daily Knitting pluto lopi” and got this: https://www.moderndailyknitting.com/clip-save-a-sturdy-lopi-edge/

      Google is mighty so it searches very quickly! Happy hunting!

      • Voila! And it worked for me too. Though it is tempting to browse away my idle hours. Since I am retired I have more of those than I once did!

  • Thank you for the info but was I the only one who thought about the song by General Public by the same name “Save it for Later”? I thought you were writing about the song and knitting!

  • Thanks for this. This leads me to suggest a video “Save me for later” by Suzie Vinnick. She is a great Canadian Blues singer. [And for the Canadians, there is a Kraft Dinner reference in the patter before the song…]


  • Sheer Genius! Thank you!

  • When I saw the explanation of how to use this feature in reply to the comment on Jillian’s article, I thought how great it would be to save the zipper article. Guess I’m not the only one! (Which makes me wonder what the most-saved articles are. Is there a post there?)

  • Love this idea. I want to have all of the videos of A Year of Techniques readily available. However, I went through and tagged them and went back to view them but they weren’t there. ????

  • I figured it out from what another person said. You have to be logged in for this to work. Thanks.

  • This is an absolute Game Changer! I have a very ungainly way of saving articles that I want and I’m thrilled that I can now save all the MDK goodness in a simple, easy-to-find way. Thank you.

  • MDK does it again! Thanks ladies!

  • I _will_ use this. Thanks.

  • Thanks for posting this, Kay – I had no idea there was a Save function! I’m surprised about the need to log in to Save something; guess I assumed i was already “in” if I could leave a comment and see my avatar. Glad I had recorded my original info back when I first visited the shiny new site, which I was informed this morning was one year ago. Anniversary! Planning to buy myself something nice to celebrate. Oddly, it won’t be yarn…all indications point to plumbing fixtures.

  • I LOVE this feature. Thanks so much for explaining it. A total game changer!

  • Apparently you can also tap the picture for the article or item, and the fave bookmark appears so you can touch it and highlight it. You don’t have to go all the way to the article.

    So I did that. But when I went to fetch it, I needed to log in. Oh, dear, what’s my password? I’ll get it straightened out. Soon.

  • I love this option and as a relatively new reader, I had no idea it existed.

  • I did it!! Thank you.

  • While on my phone the symbol appears at the top, just above the title, not at the bottom. Can’t wait to add articles. First up, picking up stitches.

  • can’t wait to start using this.

  • Thank you really needed this. doing a vest with chevons,niters curved garter sts. Yarn shop No Help Again thx

  • Thank you so much for sharing that tip!!

  • Great tool! Thanks for the heads up.

  • Thank you. I don’t know why I don’thave A MDKaccount but I am going to change that now!

  • Does Google ever reach down and search inside the Comments section? I am trying to remember the mattress comment where someone suggests the Black something or other — series? label? by a well-known manufacturer (as opposed to a mail-in–a-box company who sends you a 200 pound King size hunk of stuff and advises you to flip it every other month). Thanks.

  • Made me feel a look smart, thanks

  • Another madwoman in line, online to bookmark articles and make this a daily commitment. Thanks MDK. So great to meet virtually at the first Virtual VKL!

  • Haha!!! Great way to start my day!

  • Thank goodness for patient people like MDK!! Such a great website, love it.

  • Thnk you, very helpful

  • Logged in unable to save articles
    No flag to turn r Ed

  • I really enjoyed spending Rhinebeck With both of you last evening! See you next year!!!

  • Thank you for explaining

  • Thank you, this is great!

  • My motorcycle club name: The Knittin’ Kittens Motorcycle Club

  • I’m trying hard to bookmark the marl knitting long tail cast on article but there is no bookmark symbol…..

  • I’ve been on other sites where you’re on a page, you can log in, and you still stay on that page. Unfortunately that doesn’t work on your site. I’ve found an article I like, I remember I have to log in to save it, I do that, but then the article I wanted to save is gone….have to go back to the snippet email, reload and then save the article. It’s got to be a software fix….sure would be nice if it could all happen in one spot.

  • Somehow the “death spiral” is preventing me from saving some articles. Frustrated. Have logged into my account but not successful in getting the ribbon

  • I’ve wanted to book mark the entralac article but even after I have signed in the book mark doesn’t show up. What am I doing wrong?

  • What a great read to begin the day! Thank you for the soothing words! Carpe diem!

  • Excellent article, full of facts, funny, and the great how to video explanation is SUPERB!!