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Hello knitters!  ’Tis the season to recover from celebrations and indulgent eating, to rest, reset, and maybe finish WIPs (and restock the yarn cabinet for new projects for a New Year). 

In that spirit I bring you this spinach salad. It is delicious, and you will love it for lunch or as a starter—or even as a light supper. Add a beautiful piece of baked or steamed fish if you like.

So quick and memorizable, this salad is just barely a recipe. A salad like this tastes like good health with its mineral spinachy tang and bracing fresh lemon. The feta gets creamy and blends with the juices and olive oil for a moppable sauce. And it is warm—I don’t like cold crunchy salads when it’s cold and crunchy outside. Crusty bread not optional. For 2-3 people (multiply accordingly), it goes like this:


2-3 bunches spinach, washed but not dried, you want some moisture on the leaves.

Juice of half a lemon

8 oz feta, crumbled

1 bunch scallions, sliced

½ cup olive oil (I go for a lot, you can use less if you like, but you’ll be sorry)

Black pepper


In a (preferably) non-stick skillet, stir the spinach around over medium heat until nicely wilted. Remove to a shallow serving bowl. Top with feta, lemon juice, olive oil, and black pepper. Stir gently just to mix and warm the feta. Scatter scallions on top. Serve immediately.

File it!

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About The Author

For Sarah Ross, everyday cooking is about winging it—with a classic or an old favorite recipe given to her by a friend. These are the recipes that get stained with spills from being on repeat, the ones to share.


  • Yum! You had me at “washed but not dried.” So easy!

    • Exactly!

  • A yummy alternative is to fry some bacon first, leave some grease in the pan, then follow your recipe and add crumbled bacon to it!

    • An excellent alternative for sure!

    • Sounds DELISH!!!!

  • Ooooh I can’t wait to try this! I love feta and spinach

  • Yum!

  • This sounds so good! It would be great with pan seared salmon…yum!

  • Perhaps sprinkle some toasted pecans or almonds on top for a little crunch? Can’t wait to try it! The bacon idea sounds yumilicious too! Thank you

  • More recipes like this please!

  • A warm salad for winter! I, too, have an issue with cold salads in cold weather. This sounds perfect!

  • Lemon always adds a touch of summer.

    Love the basic recipe, and the flexibility. My “go to” ingredients to pair with feta in salads are dried cranberries and walnuts.

  • A sprinkle of fresh grated whole nutmeg on wilted greens is always good–a tip I learned from Rachel Ray years ago.

  • And . . . suddenly I’m starving.

  • Looks delish!

  • I had to let you know that I’ve made your last recipe, the wild mushroom risotto, multiple times and it is a huge hit. I even made a vegan version for a friend — also delicious. Thank you!

    • Thank you, I’m honored it’s in your rotation and so pleased you like it. Do you have a vegan sub for parmesan that you would recommend?

      • Forager vegan Parmesan, made from cashew milk. It worked out completely fine. Could barely tell the difference. I also add wine to the broth, and use mushroom broth, which is really good. It’s a great recipe!

  • This is just such a perfect, luscious thing. I can’t wait to make it. [runs off to chase up some spinach]

  • OMG – so good!

  • This was a great supper. I cooked some salmon first, dry in a cast iron pan, then used the same pan for the spinach. Added the oil and lemon to the spinach in the pan to warm up, great sauce for the fish!
    Thanks for the great recipe, a quick supper so more knitting time!

  • Brilliant and beautiful, I can’t wait to make this.

  • PS, I’ve been shopping and will make this with pasta and toasted walnuts to enjoy after the #bangoutadaytripper zoom tonight! xo

  • This was a hit last night at our house. Every bit eaten. Thank you.

  • I made this tonight. YUM!

  • I made this salad for dinner last night. It was exactly as Sarah described: quick,easy and very delicious! Thank you for a great recipe!

  • Loved the delicious warmed spinach salad with feta. I will definitely put in my rotation for easy to do and easy to eat!

    Did I imagine this but hoping that someone remembers – was there a white bean recipe a month or two ago that was finished in the oven with cheese sprinkled over it?
    I cannot seem to find where I saved it. Can anyone help me with this recipe.

  • Wonderful! And so much fun to say the recipe came from my favorite knitting site! Got any more??

  • I made this last night with salmon that I sautéed in butter and olive oil in my cast iron skillet and finished in the oven while I prepared this delicious salad. We had a most wonderful dinner in under 25 minutes. My husband said he could eat this at least once a week. Thanks for sharing this with us MDK faithful!

  • So simple, so good.

    • I’ve made this for years. I love to add roasted garlic cloves.

  • I finally got around to making this and it is so delicious! I’ll be making it a lot in the future. I didn’t have feta but did have chevrè so used that. It sort of melts into the warm spinach and is wonderful. I love spinach and this gives me a new way to eat it. Thanks!

  • Remember in early 70s warm spinach salad made at your table bacon grease vinegar high in calories but yummy al s o some brown s ugar yummy

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