Recipe File: Savory Oatmeal

May 2, 2022

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  • That sounds wicked good! I’ll add it to my ‘breakfast for dinner’ rotation, since I rarely have more than a banana for breakfast.

  • YUM!!!! This looks so delicious and different – I can’t wait to try it!

  • This is an inspiration!

    Lazy way for steel cut oats. Oats + 4X their measure of water in a covered ovenproof dish, leave overnight to soak. In the am, bake in 350 oven 40 minutes or so, leave in warm oven to continue absorbing water till ready to eat. If you can set the oven to start automatically at, say 5:30 for 40 minutes, by 7 or 8 the oats are perfect. Also, once cooked, steel cut oats freeze perfectly – reheat in microwave with maybe a little water.

    • This sounds amazing!!! Can’t wait to try your version of making steel cut oats. Thanx

  • It sounds like a poha recipe we make using oatmeal rather than poha (flattened rice).

    • Barbara, you beat me to it! Very reminiscent of poha indeed, with the alliums, ginger, turmeric, cilantro, peanuts. Probably not a bad idea to leave out the potatoes that go into traditional poha. I would do a little cumin tadka on this, for sure!

      I’ve put chili oil and eggs in my oatmeal, added harissa and zhoug… now why in the world did I not think of this?!

      I have never been a fan of sweet breakfasts. Not being judgy of those who are, just observing that in most cultures people don’t begin their day consuming their entire daily quota of sugar.

      • I haven’t liked sweet breakfast since childhood. OK, an apple with almond butter is sweet, so that’s my exception. But one reason I try to make a big pot of chili or a tray of stuffed peppers every week is because the leftovers make such a great breakfast/lunch/brunch. Adding savory oatmeal to my repertoire! Egg on top!

        • Kay, does this mean that you did not have some of the leftover bread pudding (made with Tennessee whisky) at breakfast on day 2 of the MDK Knitting Getaway in 2018?

      • Yes! The recipe definitely borrows from poha. So much so that I often throw peas in right before letting the mixture steam.

      • Sounds pretty judgy to me.

    • Thanks for your suggestion to use poha! For a celiac European it is nearly impossible to find a source of GF oat grains, not speaking about a challenge of making my own “steel cut” oats by grinding them.

  • When do you add the curry leaves?

    • You should add the curry leaves to the hot oil at the beginning, so they sizzle and release their flavors. As I said above, I would add some cumin seeds too. Curry leaves can be found at Indian grocery stores. They really are best fresh. If you live in a warm (frost free) climate, the plant is easy to grow.

  • Holy smoke, this sounds good. I mean really really good.

  • Fantastic recipe! I also like to mix a little toasted sesame oil and light soy sauce into steel cut oatmeal and top with diced scallions and a fried egg. If I make it for lunch, I use rice instead of the oatmeal.

  • This looks so good — with lots of antioxidants, too. It will definitely fit into my WW plan. Plus, it’s not just for breakfast — I bet this is good as lunch or dinner, too.

  • Thanks everyone, so glad you like. I love all these different variations, especially poha which is new to me. I will try that ASAP. Breakfast for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

  • We’re a club! The Savory Breakfast Club! My daughter and I have a very simple savory oatmeal each morn. Just plain oats with greens of choice, olive oil drizzle when in the bowl. My favorite green is Russian Kale but others are just fine. I tend to add in cotijo at the end, sunflower seeds. Most folks think we’re daft.

  • Right up there with kedgeree! As a gluten avoider, I like a savory option, also. Thanks!

  • Looks yummy! My brother puts butter, salt and pepper on his oatmeal. He will love this for breakfast and I will try it for dinner.