Make It Your Own: Scrap Tote

April 13, 2022

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  • Gorgeous!!

  • So clever. You have inspired me. Will we see a Field Guide with your designs someday?

  • Love the pouch idea and especially the color placement you did.

  • Nell I share your love of crazy quilts! I love your personal twists on Erika’s scrap tote and the lovely scrap pouch. You’ve sold me. I’m going to try one of these projects soon.

    • I love the embroidery! Such a nice addition.

  • Stitches on top of the creation make me think about it as doodling in fiber. As a new idea comes to mind just put it down in threads or yarn.

  • I love that this is a way to use up all those bits and pieces of yarn left over from other projects!

  • How do you keep the embroidery stitches from “sinking”into the fabric? Tips on the type of embroidery thread? Crewel embroidery? Thank you for the inspiration!!

    • I used the Atlas, and stitched into the knitted fabric before adding the woven liner. I pulled the yarn carefully and not at all tightly.
      I did consider splitting the plies of Atlas, but will try that on another project. I am sure that you can use crewel and other types of floss or yarn, too.

      • Thanks for the tips! Will give a try and experiment!

  • The embroidery pulls all the colors together in such an artistic way!

  • This project is so lovely and unique. Reading this makes me realize how lucky I am to have your articles to brighten every day with brilliant ideas and projects. Just wish I had the time and expertise for everything I find awesome. Thank you MDK!

    • I feel the same way—so much inspiration, so little time.

  • I love these lovely little projects 🙂

  • My experience with entrelac of long ago was not a fun one! This looks sweet. And surely they don’t make 45 cent zippers, now? I love your mods!

    • Oh, gal. I have such a stash of notions, too.
      I’m delighted that the right zip was still in the wrapper!

      • And a metal zipper to boot, much more long wearing than a nylon one!

  • I have to say my favorite thing about Nell’s embroidery is the tiny flower where four corners meet. I love embroidered flowers but never stitch them. I think I need to start, they just make me happy!

  • This is fab!! I love it!

  • I actually knit 2 lady Eleanors because I gave the first away and missed it terribly. The second one has been my lap blanket for 15 years, and it still makes me stop and stare at the colors. My happy memories of knitting them make me think I need another enteric adventure. It’s so clever and fun. I love your embellishments!

  • Obsessed… Hope to be able to make/take your class this Wednesday at BBS if its not too late to register!?! FOMO in VA BCH VA