Stepping Stone and Scrap Tote: Squares on Point

By Kay Gardiner
March 10, 2022

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  • I am “starting with” the bag. II live at the beach and it reminds me of nautical flags. Might make the blanket to match, and then the wonderful sweater and the scarf……I love them all! And I can’t wait to try out your new yarn!

  • I love that little stripe in the tote. It makes it look so…happy, sonehow.

  • Kay, I remember that entrelock stole! It was called the lady Eleanor Stole, no? I think I remember that you were knitting it during a trip to California, and using yarn yarn that reminded me of Neopolitan ice cream (chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla). The Stepping Stone Throw is a great updated variation of entrelac, with the four different block styles. I think the Mellow Colorway is especially appealing.

    • Yes! I remember getting that yarn at Vogue Knitting Live, they were about to close the show on a Sunday!

  • I bet Atlas felts beautifully! I could make that scrap tote and felt it! Felting adds so much structure to a bag. I think I’m on to something

    • Felting the bag sounds fabulous! Post some pictures in the lounge to show how it turns out!! Please!!

  • All of these projects spell FUN to me. I LOVE the evening bag idea, Kay. I so look forward to your posting about this!!

  • You had me at the liner for the tote! I hate to stretch out knitwear, it’s just wrong.

  • Love the bag idea! Massive fun, no matter the size your leftovers allow!

  • I am having the worst time starting the Scrap Tote!! So I start casting on color 2 then color 1. Knit triangle 1 then 2-they are not connected. Start the side triangle in color 3 attached to the color 2base triangle. The rectangle is knit off of color 3 side triangle. When is the first knit color 1 base triangle incorporated. Confused