Here We Go! Let’s All Knit Erika Knight

By Ann Shayne and Kay Gardiner
March 18, 2022
A knitalong is equal parts inspiration, motivation, education—and fun!

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  • I am presently in the hospital and would like to join the group for the pullover

  • Looking forward to miles of stockinette with Old Friend Pullover in Peat! Gauge swatch finished and needles at the ready!

    • Me too! Old friend in peat!

  • I’m in. Another Old Friend, in chocolate stashed yarn. Swatched the pocket, feel irrationally ahead of myself.

  • I am picking up my yarn and field guide today! If the post office is still open! So maybe tomorrow! Fun!

  • I really enjoy seeing the new patterns. That being said – what has happened to March Mayhem? Did I miss something??

    • Ditto! March Mayhem is what first attracted me to the MDK daily newsletter a few years ago, and I’m now a devoted reader and subscriber. However, I sure miss March Mayhem!

      • Me too!

      • Me Toooo!!!!

  • Will be starting my Old Friend pullover this weekend in glorious Lapis! This yarn is so cushy on your fingers, it will be a delightful knit.

  • I went to a Catholic School and our uniforms had one tiny pocket on the right side beneath the waistband and we would hide candy and it had to be a certain brand if you wanted to fit in…

  • Lapis is a go!

  • Wonderful Wallaby!