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  • Thanks, Kate. I think if I practice this on a swatch I’ll get the hang of it!

  • That’s so helpful! Thank you!

  • Ingenious and logical use of a stitch marker! Why didn’t I think of this? Thanks, as always, for teaching me something new. Gotta get a double-ended crochet hook, too!

    • This is so helpful and I’m going to look for a double ended crochet hook too.

  • Yay! Sometimes simple things that seem easy are the hardest to figure out- a big thank you!!

  • Cocoknits “stitch fix” makes repairs in garter so easy! This double ended short crochet hook is my most used tool in my knitting box.

    • You are so right Terry, I bought mine just for garter repairs.

  • Great and wonderfully clear as always.
    Ironic, isn’t it? So many hate purling and that’s the fussier fix …

  • I don’t know why, but I never thought of using a removable stitch marker when picking up stitches! I wish I had thought of that myself a few nights back when I had (twice) dropped a stitch on a dark navy blue stripe of a garter stitch project. Whoa! Navy blue, nighttime, and dropping stitches definitely don’t go together. Nuff said.

  • I recently had to work through this when I noticed I had dropped a garter stitch about 10 rows down. the really hard part about that was there was no ladder to guide me and no easy way that I could see to repair without first creating a ladder. So I dropped the adjacent stitch to create the ladder and then redid both.

  • Fixing dropped stitches in garter has always been a mess for me. Thank you for this very helpful article!

  • Oh my goodness, I did not think I would need this article so soon, but I’ve just discovered a dropped stitch on my nearly completed Garter Stripe Shawl. It is probably 500 rows back, and has been there since May! I am definitely going to order a double sided crochet hook for this repair.

  • How do you pick up a knit thru the back loop stitch?