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  • Thanks for such a thorough and well photographed tutorial. Even though I’ve been knitting for years now, I still enjoy reading about basic skills and I usually learn something. I never thought to use removable stitch markers. That is very helpful!!

    • Use a double ended crochet hook to fix a garter stitch project. You can flip from front to back, and the hook is always positioned correctly in your loop.

  • Thank you. That second stitch marker is a great tip. Really looking forward to tips on garter stitches.

    • Is there a tip for correcting a dropped stitch in Garter Stitch?

      • Next month: Fixing mistakes while knitting garter stitch. I’m trying not to drop any until then!

  • As always Kate shows the important things. IMO laddering down and laddering up are essential techniques for all knitters and not just for dropped stitches – you can deliberately unravel a column and fix any wonky stitch without tinking or frogging. After knit and purl this is the next thing I teach new knitters.

  • Thank you, good ideas!

  • Thanks Kate! The second stitch marker is a great idea.

  • Thank you for this well explained tutorial…I sometimes have issues picking up a dropped stitch on the purl side and never thought of turning my garment over!

  • Best instructions and visuals! It is so helpful to have a picture guide to refer to when correcting a mistake.
    Thank you so much!

  • My first experience of an unravelled stitch in my youth must have been pretty traumatic as I got a frisson of anxiety just reading about it!

  • Thank you for those tips, Kate! I’ve been knitting for years and never thought about using a second stitch marker as a safety net… it would have saved a lot of unnecessary stress during past knitting rescues. I will definitely use two markers going forward.

  • Thank you for this! Is there a way to fix a dropped garter stitch?

    • Next month: Fixing mistakes while knitting garter stitch–stay tuned.

  • A friend of mine taught me to turn the needles to pick up a dropped stitch. I went years and years without knowing this. Such an easy fix.

  • I had to laugh when you said experienced knitters don’t make fewer mistakes – they just make them faster!

  • I like your suggestion that knitters check the back side for missed rows. I’ve done this and had to try again… the missed rank leaves a wonky look.

    • Brilliant! I didn’t know this was a thing, but now that you mention it…

  • I still nearly faint at allowing a stitch column to unravel more than a couple rows to fix a wonky stich or mistake. (It’s like steeking, which still in spite of your fine tutorial still makes me nearly hyperventilate.) Thanks for the duh-obvious-but-never-thought-of solution of putting a stich marker there as a safety measure! This is one of those small things that make me a much more confident and a better knitter.

  • Great pics! What about a dropped stitch in garter stitch?

  • It would be great to have tips for picking up twisted rib