Marlogram Praise Post

By Kay Gardiner
November 11, 2021

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  • Beautiful! Marl on!

  • Love those colors together! The ones already knitted. Looking forward to the next one!

  • You may feel I’m stalking you Kay. i spent so much time dithering about color combos for the scarf I decided to go with two squid ink and having started it, am doing more dithering about the colors of the next scarf, and one of my choices is the lime green. I also came to terms with the 10-count repeat once I got started. And..I’ve been wondering how to translate the pattern for thicker yarn. Let me know when you figure that out. I’m counting on you.

  • I’ve started mine with 2 shawl balls and I’m loving it. Slow progress because I’m in the middle of 4 other projects. I’ll post in the lounge when I get a bit further!

    • Jennifer C, your post is exactly the post I was about to write. The Jennifers are on the same page this morning. I’ve also started with 2 Freia shawl balls (mods: cast on 80 stitches instead of 140 and size US 5 needle), also loving it, also slow due to so many other projects underway. Pictures to come in the Lounge.Yes, Kay, it’s definitely squishtastic!!

  • Go for it! Supersize it! I suggest using Yarn Bombs in Starfish and Dahlia. What’s the worst that could happen? You end up with another blanket for your sofa?

  • Absolutely love the Squid Ink. First time I saw your scarf I went right to your shop to purchase. Apparently everyone loved it as there wasn’t any. I keep checking.

  • i use marling ALL the time – like in sock making – add a strand of laceweight mohair – and on knits with Rowan felted tweed- a strand of crystal palace kid merino or rowan kid silk going along is waaaay fun. can change the tonality or make it genlter

  • I truly enjoyed my first marlogram cowl with Vintage and Dudk, but at the beginning it was a lot of Gray tones and I worried. The berries and purples and other colors came through as I knitted. I’ve bought yarn for 2 more but I’m busy with Christmas knitting fir now.

  • I caught that British spelling immediately.
    And knowing you’re a big fan of British tv, I knew why.
    I do it myself in texts, but no one ever seems to notice! Wasted cleverness.

  • Love it! My Marlocowl is getting there. I don’t count to 10, I count to 9 plus 1 (plus 3 at the decrease end).

    • Anyone any thoughts on using Scheejpes Whirl? I have several compelling combos…

  • Minikins! Yes I might try that ! Must knit faster still three projects in line.

  • The splendour of your colours is outstanding! (Curse you spellcheck for trying to contain the ours!)

  • I love the way the double Squid Ink looks. I loved the Squid Ink and am using it with Woodsman. It definitely looks like fall; the marl is dark and somewhat hard to see. It’s different from anything else I’ve done, and I’m really hoping when I get toward the end that the colors combine into a beautiful teal.

  • Love to see the perfect edges on your Marlogram, especially clear in the statue photo.

  • I just finished a Marlogram with Felted Tweed Colour (check the spelling) it looks a great deal like yours, not high contrast, but pretty. I cast on 40 sts and followed the pattern for a cowl. Next time I might cast on 50.

    • I’ve got a ball of that! (Thank you Rowan, for the temptation as always.)

  • I took your advice on counting to 10 and changed it up a bit to help me keep my knits Knit and purls Purl. I count 1-2-3, 2-2-3, 3-2-3, FOUR. By breaking it into segments of 3 stitches, I keep my fingers on track. I barely had an inch of mine done when I bought two more balls for another colorway as like you, I just wanted to do more and more colors

  • Sigh…..I still don’t see the marling. I’ll blame my computer screen. It is a lovely color transition though! Definitely see the marling in the new combo—love the neon colors!!! And I can see the marling in the blankie-quite adorable!! Happy stitching!!

  • I made mine in sport weight (grapevine) with 50 stitches and it is SQUISTASTIC!!

    • Ooooh! Must try this! What size needle please?

  • Tip for the 10s:

    Using a locking stitch marker (kept open and slipped over the needle) to mark end of 10 stitches, then after knitting the next 10 stitches, I pull off the marker from the needle and slide it over the needle to mark the next 10. It helps me to avoid purling too many stitches.
    When I get interrupted, it’s easy to close the marker on the needle so I know where to start. At the end of the row, leave the marker to start the next 10 in the new row. Every other row, there will be 12 stitches (increased 2sts) so I know that I have the correct number of stitches. Hope this helps!

    • I use the little rubber band thingies (used by kids to make bracelets) to mark every 10 stitches. Because they are nice and stretchy they slip onto my finger easily at the start of a group of 10 and go back on the needle just as easily after the 10th stitch. Barely a blip in the knitting process.