Your Life Gets Better Now

By Kay Gardiner
August 19, 2021

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  • Well if that just don’t beat a thorn in the paw

  • Sounds like just what I need! My husband has an elaborate set up of hoses and timers and such. . .if I want to use one, I usually just pray that the one I use will work. Or use a watering can if I can find an empty faucet on the house. I’m going to check this one out!

  • AND IT COMES IN ORANGE!!! *oh be still!*

    • I love the orange!

    • Orange!! Just bought one in ORANGE. Now I’ll be able to tell the spiders from the house.

  • Nine spray patterns!!! Be still my heart.

  • I dunno, that mop was a game changer.

  • Well, you ladies have become the QVC of the knitting world! My love for THAT MOP is enduring. I even made a little video and sent to friends that also bought THAT MOP. So, now off to buy THAT HOSE!

  • After hearing from me how difficult it is to use a rubber hose, my son presented me with this hose years ago. Bless his heart. It is magic to watch it return itself to its original shape and size, dump it into a bucket until it is needed again. Love it!

  • Ordering now.

  • My game changer is an automatic watering system. Not too expensive and easy to set up. It comes on 10 minutes in the morning and keeps everything looking happy with minimal effort.

  • Yup best hose ever. I have 2 of them

  • I Love my hose! One neighbor told another who told another and before you knew it the whole block had this amazing hose.
    (Weird to be praising a garden hose!)

  • Funny, the dandelions in my garden don’t need extra water…

  • I have this hose! It’s a winner!

  • We are in search of a hose that mice, chipmunks, and squirrels won’t chew.

    We have 3 faucets at our place and all of them take advantage of this amazing hose! The one in the backyard is draped over a hook so my 3 yr old grandson can easily use it when we’re out back in his play area. (With supervision of course) the side yard accommodates where the family washes the cars and hangs from an arched metal wall hanging gizmo. My favorite one of all is on the far side of the house and serves my front yard perennial garden/ and this one is easily cooked with a woven basket that sits on the ground near the faucet – hauling this out to accommodate the entire front yard used to be a nightmare, not any more!!
    (And a side note: as I do not mop floors, we have a Shark floor steamer that Hubz is master of, for me Kay the the hose takes the prize!!!!) Happy knitting all!

  • Discovered this gem earlier this summer and it has been a godsend for my urban yard! I can easily reach every corner of my yard from the only hose connection I have and no hernia dragging a monster rubber hose around. The hose does like to “stick” to my concrete driveway but so far, no holes!

  • Hi Kay! Enjoyed meeting you at the Shakerag Getaway! I have 4 of those hoses!!!! They come in many different sizes and hold up very well. I have them on my balconies, front yard and by the garage. Love them!!!! Made me a happier gardener too.

  • I’ve seen hoses like this advertised but was kinda skeptical of their claims, and I don’t order things on TV. But with your glowing review, I jumped on your affiliate link and ordered 2! (The yellow/green combo!) Btw, so glad you mentioned THE MOP;) I’ve been trying to remember what it was called as I’m getting new flooring and wanted to look into that again! Thx as always for your PSA’s!!

  • Hi Kay, I just love, love, love your reference to “that manky plastic tube” !!

  • I bought this very same magic hose in June. It’s a game-changer. Shine on, Kay!

  • I get you!!! I got mine earlier this year, and I love it! In fact I love it so much I may be drowning my plants!

  • Potential customers might want to read the reviews before ordering.

    • Always do!

  • Looks very cool, but does it hold up over time? The first few reviews say that the hoses failed soon after being put into service. I’d hate to have my high hopes crushed if it doesn’t hold up.

    • I’ve had mine for at least 5 years and it’s held up fine. I put it in the shed when not in use so it’s not lying in the sun, which is easy to do since it’s so light. And I’m still not tired of watching it shrivel up as it empties!

    • I had one spring a leak this year. I MAY have accidentally stepped on it. I think they can withstand that kind of abuse when new, but not after 2-3 years.

  • I’m glad to hear from a user of this hose. I’ve had my eye on it for a bit, but couldn’t trust online reviews. That is, until now.

  • My hoses always selector kinks, which shut the water off. It’s very frustrating. So happy to find out about one that won’t do that.

  • I have just such a hose, circa this gardening season. I use it for the potted beauties on the deck and just love how it slinks down the stairs when I turn the water off. I’m officially putting my old deadweight hoses on the curb for freebies.

  • Mutual hose hater here. And this is perfect timing since I am about to move into a brand new home at the end of the month!

  • This gave me a giggle. You ladies are so witty and clever. And influential, as evidenced by my new online purchases of a garden hose and….. a mop and bucket. Yep, a lemming has nothing over me. Cheers.

  • Now that we are finally moved into the “Wilds of Tennessee,” I purchased “The Mop.” I’ll let you know how it goes….

  • I bought that same hose this spring! Avoid stretching the hose or letting anything impede the shrinking when you turn it off, keep out of direct sunlight in the summer, and bring indoors in the winter so it doesn’t freeze. I’ve had some different stretchy hoses in the past that lasted a couple of years each, but this one looks sturdier, keeping my fingers crossed.

  • I bought one this summer & love it!! It’s also so light that you don’t crush plants as you move it around the garden. Next year I’m buying another one of these hoses for the front garden!! I’m also a “challenged” gardener from NY & we can use all the help we can get!

  • Well well well
    FINALLY a hose that is t heavy arhat you don’t have to drag around and swear at to wind it up!!!
    I’m in

  • If only the link weren’t to Amazon. I’ve sworn Jeff Bezos off.

    • Maybe check your local garden center or hardware store?

      • Since I don’t shop at Amazon I’m used to looking elsewhere for things I need.

  • Just ordered it. I love my mop but I clean because I am forced to do so or face a depressingly dirty house. I am a gardener by choice – it is one of my favorite things to do along with knitting – so I am pretty excited about a hose that behaves itself!

  • Thanks so much for the link — just placed an order! Looking forward to hose heaven!

  • Pull out that thorn! I’m going to click on that affiliate link!

  • For years, I detested rubber garden hoses – heavy, bulky, contrary things that they were, and I’m a gardener. Then my Spousal Unit (aka husband) came home with 2 Zero-G hoses, 100 feet each. We have front & back yards, lots of trees, 3 rose beds, & an assortment of perennials – all of which require watering. They go flat when empty, coil obediently without hassle, weigh about 5 pounds. Too much hose for an apartment, tho’. Happy Watering, Kay!

  • I have one too-life changing

  • I wish you would provide affiliate links to places other than Amazon. I would like to support you through an affiliate link, but I won’t buy from Amazon. I bought the hose somewhere else.

  • Still mourning mine, which exploded hilariously (definitely would have moved the needle on the Ann and Kay Laugh-O-Meter) after springing a pinhole leak. The theory is that this resulted from a ritualistic mating dance with a rose bush, so take care, lovers of thorny plants.

    And not sure how I missed the amazing mop, but OCedar toughly sponges are another awesome product. They don’t goo up like other brands.

  • Thank you! Ordered and received! Works so well, highly visible bright orange, and best of all, my partner can use in spite of painful shoulder injury. (Mop not needed in my house, but hose is a winner!)

  • I have one of these. Love love love it!

  • Just put it in my cart! I have a similar one and love it. Kept meaning to buy second one, but every time I went to shop online got diverted to ……yarn shops.

  • Boy am I tired of wrangling heavy hoses. It’s in my cart. Thanks so much!

  • You are sooo right! I am ordering more for various places on my farm. I am tired of wrestling heavy, dirty hoses or finding someone has moved a hose or taken the nozzle. Gonna label these with my name-lol!
    The thing is miles long. It is perfect, which I never knew I would rhapsodize over a hose before!