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  • Love these shawls!

  • I just purchased the pattern for the Skylar Shawl Scarf. I love it’s bold, clean lines and rectangular shape. I also love its symmetry (I prefer the symmetrical over the asymmetrical shawls). I find that the color play with this wrap is also highly appealing. Thank you Mr Hsu.
    Thanks MDK.

    • My favorite category so far. I wouldn’t have expected that because I don’t knit socks and feel all shawled out. But I love the color play — refreshing and fun! So many opportunities for stash-busting. And so many ideas that could be adapted for sweaters, blankets etc.

  • Thank you so much for including my Thicksgiving Socks among so many gorgeous designs!!!

  • What an excellent pattern parade! I thought that I kept up pretty well but many of these are new to me. Well done, Kay and Ann, and MDK readers! Getting showcased on MDK is a really big deal.

  • Oh my goodness! I didn’t know Rastus Hsu either, but his designs are wonderful! And given my current obsession with both big rectangular wraps, and Freia yarn bombs, that shawl is going right into my library. I’m thinking one yarn bomb, and one solid color….

  • Oh my goodness. This was going to be my least favorite category (I just don’t “do”socks, etc.) but all the innovative colorwork on everything here really has me thinking. Thank you for the creativity shake-up!

  • Just saw MarthaW’s comment. My “oh my goodness” was sheer (creative, obviously) coincidence! Not meant ironically, sarcastically, or plagiaristically. Two superlatively linguistic minds, of course:).

    • Great minds gallop together!

      • “Great minds gallop together!” That’s a gem I’ll remember and have fun using.

        Ann, Kay, and team, what a burst of creative joy you’ve brought us! Thank you for all you do for the passionate fans of making beauty with yarn.

  • So many shawls…….so few socks……..so sad!

  • I made Koro Koro what a wonderful pattern!