Brittany Cable Needles

By Brittany


“With the right tools, you can do anything.” Ann’s mom 

When knitting cables, these little cable needles are the best aids to success. In our opinion.

These will help immeasurably when you’re knitting Norah Gaughan’s designs in MDK Field Guide No. 9: Revolution.

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3.75" long, Small, Medium, Large thickness
Additional Info
Set of three birch needles. Made in the USA.

There is a lot of opinion out there about the right tool to use when knitting cables—you know, the knitting where you move the order of stitches around in order to create sinuous cables and beautiful textures.

These are the cable needles we use and love. The wood has a very slight toothiness to it, which helps keep the cable needle from sliding out of stitches. The length is long enough but not too long. And—the part we really love—the center of each cable needle is slightly narrower than the tips. This slight narrowness helps keep the stitches in place as you make your wonderful, amazing cables.