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Today is a great day: we get to cheer the launch of ten new videos to accompany Jen and Jim Arnall-Culliford’s new book, Something New to Learn About Cables.

We love the Arnall-Culliford approach to learning knitting techniques by using a great project as a laboratory. (The projects from the book are in the gallery up top, for your delectation.)

We’ve both knit our fair share of cables, but we learned tricks and techniques from this book that made light bulbs go off in our heads.  Jen’s calm, concise and confident presence in these videos is exactly what we need in a teacher.

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Introducing: The Videos of Something New to Learn About Cables

You’ll notice that some of these videos are specific to knitting cables, while others are more general, but involve techniques that arise in knitting the patterns in Something New to Learn About Cables. All of them are essential knitting techniques, presented clearly and concisely.

To make these excellent videos easier to locate in our How To category when you need them, we’re giving each one a separate post here on MDK. Here’s the list.

Basic Cables

How to work simple cables, with and without a cable needle.

Two-Stitch Cable Shortcut

How to work two-stitch cables without using a cable needle or removing the stitches from the needles. (This technique is useful in making the Areto Hat in Something New to Learn About Cables.)

Keeping Track of Cable Rows

A quick way to know where you are in your cable repeat.

(At a recent knit night, someone asked me how to do this, and I said something along the lines of “ooh, that’s a tough one.”)

Fixing Mis-Crossed Cables

A clear and clever method for fixing mistakes without ripping and re-knitting.

1 Into 5 Increase

Make one stitch into five stitches, which you’ll need to do to make  Lucy Hague’s Pleione Cowl and Blanket in Something New to Learn About Cables. 

5 Into 1 Decrease

Make five stitches into one stitch, which (surprise!) you’ll also need to do to make Lucy Hague’s Pleione Cowl and Blanket in Something New to Learn About Cables.

Fixing Mistakes in Stocking Stitch (Stockinette Stitch)

Recommended viewing before attempting to fix mis-crossed cables. Jen makes this vital procedure so straightforward.

Kitchener Stitch

The classic grafting method to achieve a seamless join at the toe of socks, the tips of mittens, and the ends of cowls.

Three-Needle Bind Off

A fantastically useful technique for joining two pieces of knitting. Have I mentioned that it’s my favorite?

Keeping Track of Rounds in Circular Knitting

Look, Ma! No row counters! A genius method to help you keep track of when you need to increase or decrease, or so that you can knit the front of something the same length as the back. All it takes is a string. Imagine: never having to count rows all the way back from the cast-on, ever again.

Join the Fun

With these videos, we’re raring to go on Something New to Learn About Cables. Please join the conversation over at Jen and Jim’s  lively group on Ravelry. 


  • Thanks for the links! Just watched Kitchener Stitch – excellent!

  • Does any one know when the ebook will be released.

  • I am a longtime cable fiend and I learned a lot from these videos. Many many thanks!

  • Please help! I’m making the Dunedin scarf and am having problems with the T4R[el] stitch. The 1 into 5 video was great – thank you! But now I’m trying to do the T4R[el] and ending up with a huge hole. I’ve backtracked twice already. The RS written instructions seem clear enough, but the WS instructions are confusing. Any chance of a video for this stitch?! Thank you! It is a lovely pattern and I’m making it in a gorgeous malabrigo machita.

    • ok – just figured out that I didn’t understand wrapping yarn twice – but once I googled that part I found instruction. I was trying to do yarn overs – so if anyone else has this problem google K1 wrap yarn twice!

  • Will this book be available in the US again anytime soon? I certainly hope so!

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