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One morning in January 2020, Kristin Axtman, Kay, and I stood in a bright and humming aisle at a trade show talking about Japanese prints, wool felt, notions, and all the gorgeous gear that makers love—with a view to bringing a brilliant Brooklyn Haberdashery + MDK collab to you for Holiday Shop 2020.

We didn’t suspect then that the virus we knew was spreading overseas would soon shut down trade shows and gatherings of all kinds globally. For me, when lockdown came, that conversation with Kay and Kristin became a seed—something to think about, to inspire sketches and mock-up sewing projects, to keep my mind and my hands busy during an anxious time. In MDK-team Zoom meetings in April we dared to look forward with hope to the holidays.

I was given the green light to start planning with Kristin and her husband and business partner Anthony Francis. It wasn’t long before the Knitter’s Bucket Bag was born. You snapped up the larger version we carried in a black with silver print—it’s still my favorite project bag.

We’re so pleased to bring back the Knitter’s Bucket Bag in three colorways of a new MDK-exclusive print for MDK Holiday Shop 2022. We instantly gravitated toward this stitchery, spokery, jaunty  big dot print. The darker shade on the foremost bag is a blue so dark it’s almost black. Of course we loved the MDK colors of the vermilion model in the middle. And well, that last one . . . hello, lemons.

With Kristin and Anthony’s guidance and taste, we also brought in our very own Carbon Steel Scissors complete with an embossed leather sheath. Anthony geeked out a bit one Zoom planning session telling me about the factory in Italy where these beauties are made. He’s been there. He and Kristin are laser-focused on quality in every item they select for their collections. They look for producers who are masters of their craft.

We decided to pair our Carbon Steel Scissors with a set of tapestry needles in a sweet little wooden canister to reintroduce the Brooklyn Haberdashery Notions Pouch.

enlarged to show yes, please

Last—and full to the back teeth with wow factor—comes the cute, useful, and eye-catching Petal Bin. Kristin sourced felt in colors to match Atlas shades in a palette that will make you want one of each.

tutu, pear, lapis, mallard, clementine

Put them on your wish list! Or let someone who shops for you know you would like an MDK Gift Card. And thanks for your purchases. They make everything happen here at MDK.

In the MDK Holiday Shop
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About The Author

An artist in multiple media by nature and by education, Cristina Shiffman is a knitter, sewist, potter, and photographer who also draws, paints, and dyes with natural materials. Cristina has been collaborating with MDK since 2017.


  • Those little carbon steel scissors are are amazing ~ I’m a bit of a collector of ‘things’ and these may be my last and favorite pair!!!

  • Hello, lovely lemons, indeed! It looks perfect in my living room to knit from, which I expected. What you didn’t mention above is the luxuriously soft texture of the fabric – it adds an “aahhh” when I sit down to knit.

  • My Knitter’s Bucket Bag arrived two weeks ago, it is perfection in every way! The fabric is beautiful ( I love the print!) It is soft yet sturdy, the size is perfect for many things! Stitching is so beautiful, I sew also, so I turned it in, out, around, never could find the spot where they flipped it inside out, it is sewn that perfect!! Everyone needs this one or two or three!

    • Great review thank you!

  • Somehow you always find the things I didn’t know I loved and needed. Magic!

    • Cristina is the master! Her idea to go with this shape and specific drawstring arrangement is simply brilliant.

  • so gorgeous, so well thought out.

  • The bucket bag is SO cool

  • I love the shape, size, and cheery print! Dare I ask, wouldn’t pockets make it even more special? So glad I finally ordered one – it arrived but I hid it from myself to save for a birthday present in two weeks… until now. I had to pull it out of hiding and fill it up with yarn after reading this post and comments.
    And a second question: Any chance you will bring back the original colors? I loved the smaller bag in black and orange, but never ordered one… and then it sold out. I would snatch it up now, and I’m sure others would do the same. Thanks for the great temptations!!!

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