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Welcome to your Tuesday! It’s that special moment when we shine the MDK sunbeam on a favorite Field Guide design and yarn, and offer you a quick special deal. This month’s MDK Gem?

It’s a humdinger.

The Shakerag Top by Amy Christoffers.

One of the most popular designs we’ve ever published. I’ve knit two myself and am ready for another one.

Starting now, when you order the yarn for it, we’ll give you the entire ebook edition of Field Guide No. 6: Transparency, which includes this Shakerag Top pattern, plus three additional Amy Christoffers designs. A $9.95 value.

Take a closer look at Amy’s designs for Field Guide No. 6 in the MDK Pattern Library right here. We can’t love this new dimension of MDK enough. It’s where you’ll find useful notes and resources to support you, and every inspirational post to delight you as you knit Field Guide patterns.

We have two yarns that work perfectly for the Shakerag Top. One for everyday, and one for special.

Shakerag Top: Fancy

The yarn: Jade Sapphire Sylph. This is the yarn Amy specifies for the pattern. It is incredible.

58% cashmere, 42% linen.

We just brought in new colors for this rare and delectable yarn.

Four to six skeins will get you to a Shakerag Top. You will love every second of knitting with this yarn, and you will truly love wearing this luxurious, dreamy layer.

Shakerag Top: Colorwow

Option two: Rowan Summerlite 4ply. It works perfectly with the Shakerag Top pattern. We have 29 shades.

This yarn is so reasonably priced that you can knit a wardrobe of these babies, a rainbow, a Shakerag Top to match your every mood. Scroll down here to see how many skeins you’ll need.

The Special Deal

To recap: order any quantity of Sylph or Summerlite 4ply, and we’ll include the ebook download of Field Guide No. 6: Transparency, a $9.95 value.

This MDK Gems offer runs through next Tuesday, May 23. We hope you have fun with this—it’s a great feeling to cook up a new springtime handknit to wear.

Even More Special for Field Guide Subscribers

Subscribers, use your May discount code (emailed to you on May 1) to save 10% on the yarns. Not a subscriber? Learn more and subscribe right here.


  • Hi all, thank you for this offer! For those of us who already own the field guide offered with the MDK Gem would it be possible to pick a field guide that we don’t own?

    • Would love that!!

      • Hi friends,

        We can’t actually make that work on the back end. We appreciate your support and will continue to cook up offers!


  • Did I miss it? I did not see a sample knit up with the Rowan Summerlite. Just want to see if the different yarn gives the same lovely translucent effect.

    • Here’s my tale of my marled Shakerag Top in Sylph, truly loved making this marled version.

    • I meant to include some! Foggy over here! Here’s my post where I chronicle the making of my own Summerlite Shakerag.

      Particular fun for me was working with two colors rather than one—colors that were extremely close shades. I also made a marled one in Sylph that is one of my all-time favorite tops. Lemme find that link hold on!

    • I had the same question! I popped over to Rav to look at projects and found several made with Summerlite. They didn’t have the same two tone/sheer effect – but were very pretty! I’ve made one in sylph, and may be inspired by the color choices of Summerlite to make an addition one.

      • I love my Summerlite Shakerag Top. It’s a different fabric, for sure, like a cool tee shirt with embossed stripes.

  • Knitting my first Shakerag Top in Sylph at this very moment. The tagline is tempting.

  • Oh I am tempted. Any thoughts on how much ease is a good idea on this one?

    • Thank you for the option of choosing a more affordable yarn for this. It made it easy to say Yes (and use my FG Subscriber discount at last). Also appreciated is that you gave us the size/skein needs up front so we could order intelligently. The hardest part was deciding color! I finally chose aqua, though pink was tempting. And that limey green! Yum.

    • Hi Karen! About 6 to 8 inches is the zone.

      • Thanks Christina!

  • I love my Shakerag top … might have to make another in Rowan Summerlite! So many fun colors.

  • How timely! I just started my second one, with Summerlite 4ply in Coral. Hooray for colors!

  • Oooh! So tempting. I’m have worn my Shakerag Too ragged ! Such a great knit.

  • Wow! The MDK Pattern Library is fantastic – it saves me an hour of searching for tips, etc, when I commit to a pattern. Genius idea – thank you!

  • Every time I connect to MDK via my daily email message, I get a pop-up asking me to subscribe to MDK. It’s annoying – I’m already on the subscription list or I wouldn’t be getting the daily email. Can’t the IT people check the email id against a list of subscribers?

  • Hmm, I must be missing something. Is there a code to get the Field Guide, or is the PDF automatically sent when ordering the yarn?

    • Yep, you’ll get the download link in your order confirmation email after your Summerlite or Sylph order comes through. Thanks!

  • Oh this top looks like a must make

  • I’m a relative newbie knitter. Would this project be appropriate for my level; are there instructions for a side slit, and a bit longer cap sleeve? Thank you.

  • What is the difficulty level of the shake rag top?

  • I do not use an e-book reader. Could I receive the Field Guide in hard copy as part of this special offer? If not, what would be the cost of hard copy. This is the first time i have ever ordered from you.

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