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Dear friends,

I’ve been watching people making the Shakerag Skirt for about a year now, and I’m tired of bystanding—I want one too! It’s time for an MDK Gems Superspecial Shakerag Skirt Edition.

You put this skirt on, and before you know it, you’re bound for California. Here’s the Shakerag Skirt pattern goddess Nell Ziroli, feeling the powerful effect of a cute knitted skirt, clearly about to set off for a ride on the rails.

Star of film and stage Kay Gardiner went rogue and put eyelets on the edge of her Shakerag Skirt. The pattern allows for such wild invention.

The dozens of Shakerag Skirts on Ravelry reveal a boundless enthusiasm for this simple tube of stockinette with an elastic waistband. It is, as Kay says, so stinkin’ cute.

So, in the interest of giving everybody—me included—the opportunity to make this quick, swingy, adorable summer skirt, we hereby declare this an MDK Gems Superspecial Shakerag Skirt Edition.

The deal is this: From now through May 13, Rowan Creative Linen is 10% off. No coupon code needed.

Update: You all really liked this Gem, so much that we’ve sold out of several shades of Creative Linen. A restock of those colors is on the way, and in the meantime we’ll keep the special MDK Gems pricing so that everyone who wants to make a Shakerag Skirt can get in on the deal. Check the listing—it won’t be long.

This chewy blend of cotton and linen is perfect for a knitted skirt. It’s sturdy. It’s summery. And it comes in a palette of 12 colors, all of which will make superb Shakerag Skirts. Four to seven skeins are needed, depending on which of the 10 sizes you choose.

Plus! Nell’s giving us a 25% discount on her Shakerag Skirt pattern. Use the coupon code shakeMDK right here, and you’ll be all set for a quick knitalong that will give you a cute skirt in a truly wonderful yarn.

We’re Zooming with Nell!

If you’re like me, maybe you’ve never knitted a skirt before. We’re going to visit with Nell on Monday, May 13 at noon Eastern to discuss all things related to the making of the Shakerag Skirt. It’s totally free—just register here, and we’ll send you the Zoom link on the day of the event.

We have a new Shakerag Skirt Knitalong thread in the MDK Lounge, right here, where you’ll find fellow knitters skirting the topic, sharing and caring, showing progress and scheming up alt versions. If you’ve already made one, you can be a hero and chime in with your tips, tricks, hacks, and helps.

This is a loose knitalong—we’ll begin as soon as you like, and go until maybe the end of June. This doesn’t take long—no sleeves!

I am ridiculously excited about this. Hope you’ll join us.





  • What a good idea! Perfect summer project. And the hardest part of the project will be to remember my ravelry password. Thanks for a fresh idea this May morning!

  • Your writing is a great influencer… I bought the pattern straight away and now searching my stash for the perfect match

  • The skirt is really cute, but I have a question: Does it “sit out” in back? I worry that it will have a baggy seat after I sit in it. Thanks!

    • One of the best things about this pattern style is that (unless you work short rows) it can be turned a quarter of the way for a fresh front – or back. The gauge is fairly firm and resists sagging.

      • Thanks for your reply!

  • Kay’s variation looks very familiar….. ;))
    It’s about time for a new knotted skirt for me. Count me in!

  • Do I love this pattern? Yes. I’ve made 3 out of Creative Linen (one for me in Raspberry, then after I made my daughter one in Stormy I had to have that color).
    It’s fast, like 2.5 weeks of Netflix series fast.
    With a bottom up design you can customize the length.
    It’s machine washable (in a bag) then mostly dry in the washer.

  • I made this as soon as Nell first put out there. I just wore it for the umpteenth time last Thursday to the symphony. Sitting in the car, sitting on the train, sitting in the restaurant and the concert hall – no butt sagging on this skirt! It’s comfortable and easy to wear. There is another one on my needles.

  • I’ve had this pattern for awhile and have been wanting to make one…this may be the push I need! I’m really trying hard NOT to buy more yarn, but I may need to make an exception!!!!! Oh my!!!!

  • Oh my I am torn. I have had large quantity of the Rowen Creative Linen in my stash for some time waiting for the right project. I will definitely be favoriting this skirt for the future as I have so many WIP’s going and projects in the works.

  • I have never considered knitting a skirt, now you got me going on this idea because as Kate said ‘it is so stink’n cute’ and the more I look at it the more I like it.

  • I bought, I swatched…now all I have to do is knit. Thanks for the impetus to get me going on this one, in Raspberry. I’m in.

  • How about slacks?? I could (almost) kill for some lovely cool slacks, and I have never had a pattern. I am nearly 80 and it is about time I had a pattern for decent slacks!!
    (I love your columns)!!

  • I love my skirt, knit in that apple green Creative Linen. Perfect yarn for the perfect pattern. So comfy! Wears well! I even wore it on a recent Fiber Arts Tour in Japan and for lots of compliments by the group and they know their stuff.

  • I love my Shakerag skirt so much. It’s been my uniform.
    I’m finding the Creative Linen a bit warm on the hot days. So I’m searching for a lighter weight 100% linen for my next one ~ with Kay’s border.

  • Sounds like FUN!

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