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Dear knitters in search of good fun,

One of our fondest memories is when Cecelia Campochiaro came to town and taught us all about marling.

You know, that thing where you knit with more than one strand of yarn at a time.

Marling is a massive rabbit hole of fun. Now, we are delighted to announce a brand-new virtual class on marling, with Cecelia as our guide.

The Class

This is going to be a blast—a color explosion, in fact.

Please join us on Friday, August 9, from noon-3:00 PM Eastern time.

In a three-hour session on Zoom, we’ll dive into the wondrous technique of marling. This workshop will be rich in tips and tricks, and suitable for both newcomers and old hands at marling.

The Teacher

In high demand, Cecelia travels the globe to work with knitters in person at festivals and retreats. A virtual workshop with her is a rare opportunity, and kind of a big deal!

Cecelia is a brilliant teacher—she knows exactly how to introduce the concept of marling in a way that will set your imagination spinning.

May we brag for a moment? Cecelia is the featured designer for MDK Field Guide No. 5: Sequences, and MDK Field Guide No. 19: Marls. Her designs hit the sweet spot where simplicity of technique meets astonishing beauty; we will be knitting them on repeat for the rest of our lives.

The Project

We’ll be making Cecelia’s brand-new Color Explosion Shawl, featuring six shades of one of her all-time favorite yarns, Ito Kinu, a light and floaty silk noil that is perfect for all-season wear.

Finished dimensions: approximately 16 x 75 inches (40 x 190 cm).

This virtual workshop includes the complete yarn kit for the Color Explosion Shawl, in your choice of three colorways. And the pattern download too.

We had such a great time picking colors with Cecelia. When you register here, you’ll choose one of three colorways, exclusive to MDK:


Rocky Earth:

Ocean Waves:

Sign up now so you’ll have something amazing to look forward to in the sultry days of August.

The teacher, the project, the yarn, the technique: this is going to be so, so good.


Ann and Kay


  • This looks fabulous. Love the yarn and the project.

    The link is not taking me to the registration.

  • Will we be able to access the virtual class afterwards? I love the project, but will not be able to attend the August 9 session.

    • From the listing:

      “I can’t make it to all of the live Zoom session. May I still participate?”

      Yes! Everyone enrolled in the workshop will receive a link to the recording and all resources we share.

  • Cecelia’s Workshop in Nashville was by far one of my favorite knitting classes ever. I get many complements on my wintry CE scarf. Love the idea of this even if I won’t be able to attend live. I know how highly she speaks of that yarn.

  • I hope I can do this class! I really wish I could take advantage of all your classes!

  • The colors are all stunning. How can I decide?

  • Summer is filled with amazing teachers in MDK workshops! I’ve immediately signed up for Fatimah’s socks, Anne’s camp baskets, and now Cecilia’s marling. Thank you for the quality, variety, and opportunity with this summer schedule, so much summer school & camp earning ahead!

  • I agree! Cecelia is a WONDERFUL speaker and teacher! I love her books and her teaching style. This class will be great!

  • I have so many waiting projects and so much luscious yarn-but Cecelia’s workshop was one of my favorite knitting classes ever. Once I read the colorways (the Dahlia set is definitely my jam) I was hooked. Order placed!

  • This looks terrific! I’m very tempted to sign up.
    What are the dimensions of the shawl?
    Many thanks for your wonderful website.

  • Oh, I am totally in!!! Do you know the dimensions of the finished shawl?

    • Good question! The finished shawl dimensions are approximately 16 x 75 inches (40 x 190 cm).

  • Oh you have gotten me again!!!! I can’t help myself! I immediately signed up for this, and requested a half day off from work so I can attend this workshop! I’m so excited!!!! I really could not decide on a color, I wanted ALL of them, but I ended up with Dahlia (going outside my comfort zone a bit!) Thank you for offering such wonderful events!

  • Is this available to non Americans living outside of the USA?

  • Normally I am all over any blue colorways, but the Rocky Earth colors are calling my name and I must answer!

  • I took a remote class with Cecelia on marling, it was great. This shawl and the Ito Kinu are calling to me, but I’m really trying to work from my extensive lace-wt stash. Can you please tell me what the actual yardage is? Thanks!

  • Oh goodie!
    Allowed myself to sign up under condition that I clean my house.
    I have both Cecelia’s books and highly recommend them!

  • How do you care for fabrics made with this yarn? Does the project involve holding only two strands at a time or more?

  • Well I finally broke down and ordered! Yay! I had signed up and got in to the class that was never to be. ( The one that was to be held in 2020 just as the pandemic started). Travel for in person things is hard now due to my husband having health problems.I cant attend live zoom due to work commitments but i know i will still enjoy it afterwards through the link.

  • I’m in, but you know I’ll likely transform the scarf pattern into a top!

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