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It was probably inevitable that electro/bossa nova/samba/chill queen Bebel Gilberto would turn her attention to her own legendary father João and his legacy, especially after he died in 2019. The only thing that really surprises me about João, her lovely new record of covers of her father’s songs is that she plays it as straight as she does. There’s very little of the chilly electronic edginess that’s defined her work since she came onto the scene with 2000’s Tanto Tempo, which I still play with regularity (gosh, a quarter of a century later!) and is pretty much a stone cold classic.

Joãothe album—keeps things low-key and mostly true to the bossa nova tradition: just Bebel and a guitar most of the time, though occasionally a song is a little more fleshed out than that. The arrangements are so spare that they seem to just come out of thin air, into which they disappear again as soon as the song is over, a little bit of perfume that comes and goes. All of it is soaked in a warm sun, just like a bossa nova record should be; it’s all moody languor and “no, I cannot get up off of the fainting couch right now, not even for the that rum drink, but you can bring it to me if you must.”

I don’t always, but I did actually try actually knitting to this one and a couple of things happened. 1) I definitely dropped stitches to a bossa nova beat and 2) my scarf is one thousand percent sexier than if I had knit to something else. And if that doesn’t get you to press play, I just don’t think there’s any hope for you.

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Step 2: Whether or not it makes you drop a stitch now and then, what’s your favorite style of music to knit to? Let us know in the comments.

Deadline for entries: Sunday, September 10, 11:59 PM Central time. We’ll draw a random winner from the entries. Winner will be notified by email.

About The Author

DG Strong took up knitting in 2014. He lives in Nashville with his sister, her rat terrier and a hound dog named Opal. He has a blog of drawings and faintly ridiculous rambling called The Psychopedia—there are worse ways to spend your afternoon.


  • This is a tough choice! I love all types of music … but … if I had to choose one to knit to, it would be J-Pop! It’s fun, talks about everyday life and always has a good beat to it (sometimes too enjoyable as I’ve lost what I was doing being too bust singing along with my song! ) Thanks for letting us share!

  • Movie scores. Magnificent Seven. The Cowboys.

    • I’m a diehard knit-to-an-audiobook fan. I do have the soundtrack for the original Hamilton performance on hold at the library so I’ll try knitting to that!

  • Depends on what I am knitting – if it is a complicated knit – nothing – I have to concentrate. everything else – probably something country.

    • Vivaldi…..the four seasons…. There are garments to knit for Summer, Spring, Autumn, and Winter.

      • Baroque lute music-played by my husband!

      • I enjoy listening to some of my favorite folk music from decades ago. It never seems to sound old to me!

    • Vivaldi…..the four seasons…. There are garments to knit for Sumer, Spring, Autumn, and Winter

  • Swing. Ella Fitzgerald in particular. Just delightful. And, very much looking forward to trying out knitting to João:)

    • I love to sit on my deck looking at the ocean cranking up Buddy Holly and all the oldies. Never makes me miss a stitch – just makes me happy and reminiscent of younger days.

  • Very rarely do I knit to music. Usually I have a book going in my ear. But when I do listen it is always just music not singing. Any words and I start singing along and that is definitely not good for my pattern or stitch count.

    • Smooth jazz

  • I knit to sports talk radio to include baseball and football games.

  • Dinner Jazz Radio on Pandora. Very calming…

    • Instrumentals – classical or smooth jazz. Spiritual music is uplifting too, and good for meditation.

  • I usually knit to audiobooks but if music is playing it is something instrumental. I am ready to listen to Joao. Who know? It may become my new favorite!

  • If it’s knitting that doesn’t require my complete concentration, I’ll listen to the Sirius XM channel The Bridge. Smooth songs from the 70s and 80s (Eagles, Linda Ronstadt and the like).

  • My favorite music to knit to is Michael Bubble,
    Kenny G., Tony Bennett, or the such. I love the oldies with some jazz.

    • Old school R and B.

  • Classic rock, no metal, no head banging, no e-mods

  • Classic rock/pop from 1960’s through 1990’s.

  • variety… country, motown, jazz, 60’s…

  • Mavis Staples to Nessun Dorma to soundtrack from O Brother Where Art Thou, or Josh Ritter, Williw Nelson or Neilson Schmeilson- my knitting tunes are indeed varied.

  • I prefer music without words or any cut that is new to me – if I know the words I am compelled to sing along, and it messes with my stitch count.

  • I usually listen to audio books but when I listen to music it would be a variety: Keb Mo, Josh Groban, classical, 70-80’s rock and roll, country…etc, etc, etc.
    I’ll be adding Bebel to the list!

  • I love knitting to All The Traditions, a radio program on Vermont Public Radio Sunday nights at 7. It’s 3 hours of traditional music from around the world, so it could be a samba, or a French Canadian fiddle tune, it could be Ukrainian singing, or it could be Robbie Robertson singing Somewhere Down The Crazy River. You never know, and It’s the best 3 hours of music, every week, and I knit while I listen.

    • I wonder if that station could be reached via internet from the west coast? It would be delightful and enriching.

      • Clumbermom yes it can, and it’s easy! Just download the Vermont Public Radio app, or go to their website. Robert Resnick, the host, is such a treasure! He’s taking a six week leave starting next week to get his knee replaced so…there will be guest hosts for those weeks.

    • Great tip

      • Mtnlou, it’s such a great show I want to tell the whole world! I’ve written him a few emails over the years to tell him how much I appreciate him. I live in Maine but I donate to Vermont Public Radio as well, specifically to support his show.

  • Something really mellow, like Enya. Can’t be confusing those brainwaves!

  • Anything one of my iTunes favorite playlists would be fine: show tunes, classic rock, power metal, Celtic folk, etc. Something that I know well enough to sing along during the long stockinette sections but familiar enough that I can tune it out during the challenging bits.

  • Usually just the sounds of my home, the clocks ticking, the refrigerator hum, sounds from outside — in other words, silence. I’m in my own thoughts and into the knitting.

    • I’m like this, too! Sometimes I’ll listen to audiobooks, but I’m a big fan of silence and my own thoughts or the meditation of counting stitches.

  • Vavaldi

  • Classical especially the Brandenburg Concerto Number 3.

    • Amen to the Brandenburg Concerto #3. I can knit to Classical, Jazz, and Choral Music

  • Wow, this is perfect Sunday morning music! I usually knit to tv or other video, and if I have to think about my knitting, I need quiet. I like a wide variety of music, but if it’s too rousing, I might be roused from my comfy chair to do some other task!

  • Usually singing along to Broadway soundtracks when I am in the groove. I have caught myself listening to classical music when I am stitching more complicated pieces (but not JS Bach that just confuses things).

  • Doo wop!

  • My favorite music to knit by or do anything by is Rock and Roll, specifically the 80’s, and even more specifically anything by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers – but Queen, Aerosmith or AC/DC would do in a pinch too.

  • Hmmm… really depends on what I’m knitting! Movie soundtracks are really good. I especially like the one from Open Range.

  • I rarely knit to music, but I’m adding this to my 3:00 dance hour playlist!

  • My favorite type of music to knit to is movie scores. Not soundtracks, mind you, but scores. Think John Williams and you’ll get my genre. If I need to switch things up, I go to classical music.

    • The Cramps, when I get up to dance!

  • Rock and country.

  • Bach!

  • I want intrumental and choral music. Thomas Tallis is my favorite, in Latin. That way, I’m not distracted from my knitting to chase down half-heard words or images from the music.

  • Theme music from shows i stream. As one does.

    • Yes, I usually watch something while I knit.

  • Wow, that’s a wide open question! Recently, knitting not to music, but baseball, as in the Durham Bulls, who have been taking it to Nashville, sorry guys.
    This weekend, definitely knitting & spinning (wool) to Jimmy Buffett, peace be to him. But often I like jazz like Foreplay & Third Force, Brazil 66, Swing Out Sister, Buena Vista Social Club, etc. But thanks for reminding me of Bebel, she fits in fine!

  • Beatles! enough said!

  • Alway 70’s and 80’s rock and roll. Also so from the 90’s.

  • Smooth jazz is my go to. No words to throw me off track!

  • Mellow, Smooth Jazz

  • Nina Simone, peerless…..

  • I’m going to say movie or TV score – I love to watch something when I knit.

  • Music not so much but I can give a whole list of podcasts I listen to while knitting.

  • For me, it is always whatever my husband composes spontaneously when he sits down to his grand piano and just…plays. Always different and always beautiful, never written down. I have taken to surreptitiously recording them on my iPhone.

    • That is completely awesome! I’m a wee bit jealous of that!

  • Country and rock. 70s – 90s.

  • Narada compilations have always been one of my favorites. This “taste” of João has me humming.

  • I actually find classical music goes well with knitting. I’m not a classical music person unless I’m knitting.

  • Jazz, but not fusion. Thank you for introducing me to Bebel; this album sounds wonderful!

  • Something peaceful. George Winston

  • For knitting, some chill-wave playlist or other wallpaper. I save the good stuff for walking. Bossa nova is nice for the bath.

  • My top choice for knitting background is conversations with knitting friends. But I’m going to look into João’s music, it’s lovely.

  • I consigned the music to my DH years ago. His music tastes are broad and I’m happy to listen to whatever he chooses. I don’t think the music has caused me to drop stitches but I think it sometimes effects my pace.

  • i knit to Eric Clapton. he takes me away.

  • Basically the 1960’s vibe. Temptations

  • Music to knit to; Chick Corea and Bela Fleck. Extra credit; To spin or weave to; Pat Metheny…definitely

  • I usually knit to alternative rock. Something softer will lull me to sleep.

    • Steely Dan. Always.

  • I usually only listen to contemporary Christian music, good for the soul!

  • Show tunes

  • I usually don’t knit to music (gasp!), but rather to tv.

  • I guess I am more audio/visual than most. I knit while streaming or watching television. In fact, that is my justification for streaming–that I am knitting! I note what I was watching on the labels of my work for sale at craft fairs.

  • If I am not listening to a book it is classical. Who doesn’t love a Greig Concerto?

  • I cannot knits lace chart in a group setting. My pattern will always get messed up.
    Try listening to John Pizzarelli – great musician. He and his wife, Jessica Molaskey (also great!) host a weekly steaming show called ‘Radio Deluxe.’

    And The Great American Songbook forever!

  • Soft soothing music. No vocals. Just a piano or violin.

  • Guitar with or without vocal, kinda like Bebel Plays Joao. Will try this out!

  • My favourite music to knit to, BY FAR, is the stadium sound system & cheering crowds at Cleveland’s Progressive Stadium playing on my little Sony digital radio! Thanks to an evening power boost and night atmospheric skip, I can pull in CLE often by 8:00 PM, but almost always by 8:30 here in Ontario Canada. We do not like day games… unless the Guards are playing the Toronto Blue Jays, and then we have to listen to the TO announcers… so not the same! Distant 2nd, & I only got to do this once, was a radio version of… I can only describe it as Monty Python’s Radio Hour… Hysterical!

  • Not music but a good audio book can keep me engaged while knitting for hours.

  • I’m more likely knitting to TV or an audiobook, but for music, it’s usually my “favorites” iTunes playlist — I still need to convert to using a streaming service, but I haven’t.

  • I really enjoy classical music and New Age relaxation music as well

    • Classical or Jazz, with no vocals…

  • This is tough. Folk, Blues, and Americana. Anything that makes me toes tap, and heart happy.

  • Something very quiet and mellow.

  • I rarely listen to music when I knit but would choose new age music if I did

  • Jazz. Mellow. The kind that makes one think of rainy days in NYC.

  • I just put Tanto Tempo in in the car last night, forcing the teen and girlfriend to expand their musical listening!

  • I listen to anything and everything on my Spotify feed. I’m not rattled by rock and roll, punk, hip-hop, loud Afro/World percussion. It all turns into background music while I knit.

  • Usually no music but if I do have music it would be old country like willie nelson or Kris Kristopheson, and I know I spelled that wrong

  • Jazz! So many amazing women vocalists through the ages!!

  • Rhythm and blues. I have to stop knitting now and than to dance.

  • Bluegrass music

  • Interesting question. I love music- Beatles esp. However, I knit in quiet.

  • I like to knit while my husband is playing guitar. One of my current sweaters is Pacific Crest slipped stitch pattern that is easy to see without looking at a chart or directions. I’m really enjoying it and happily putting to use yarn I bought 4 years ago.

  • Hamilton!

  • opera- a story to tell

  • Opera!! The Magic Flute!! La Boheme! My knitting is dramatic!! Tragic! Gorgeous!

  • Classical

  • My favorite for knitting is Philip Glass. Actually anything by him is my favorite for everything!

  • This is an easy choice for me . . . classical music . . . Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Chopin, those guys, or other wordless music new or old. The words interfere with stitch counts and then Oh My!. .

  • It depends a bit on the project and the season. If I’m knitting a summer, light and airy project, the kind of music that often is covered by the Boston Pops. As soon as it starts to get cooler and more winter knitting, lots of celtic influenced music & similar, especially if the project has Irish, English, Scottish motifs.

  • Love knitting to jazz!

  • Usually something with no lyrics and relatively downtempo…chill house music or jazz

  • Anything classical

  • I like listening to patriotic music with country-western flare.

  • As for many others, I tend to watch while knitting. I do tend towards series that have great music though, always looking for new things to add to my play list.

    • Probably pop or
      Folk rock would be my favorite for

  • This will ‘date’ me, but Frank Sinatra again and again!

  • Kiho’alu (Hawaiian slack key guitar)

  • I knit to TV, not music.

  • Generally, baroque. Lots of other styles, too, it’s just my favorite. Ragtime gets it’s turn as well.

  • I must be the oldest person answering this question as my favorite is old classical music no matter what I am doing – knitting, reading, getting dinner together, no vocals, just beautiful music to be calm and serene by.

  • I listen to a 60’s radio station broadcasting from the UK, but my favorite thing to knit to is the opera “NORMA.” Sometimes I have to put the knitting down so I can sing along with arm gestures. But only if no one else is at home ….

  • Usually watch something rather than listen when knitting

  • Classic Country – Patsy Cline, Carter Family, Emmylou Harris, Kitty Wells, Hank Williams, Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson, Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash, and of course Dolly Parton!

  • Weirdly, my road trip playlist! It’s heavy on 80’s and 90’s rock and punk, but also has a lot of classics from my childhood. Well, not really from MY childhood, but the tunes from when my parents were ahem, young adults were played a lot in our house as a kid. Peter, Paul and Mary, the Eagles, Jimmy Buffet (sob! i am verklempt!), the Mamas and the Papas, Simon and Garfunkel. There’s a lot of classic country. Some songs come on and you have to put down the knitting to sing along, or maybe dance a bit. Come Dancing, from the Kinks, or Kokomo from the Beach Boys. Fun Fact: Margaritaville was one of the first songs I knew all the way through as a child. Funner Fact: my Darling Nibling, who technically is a Millenial (I’m Gen X) first song they knew all the way through? Stewball. Which is also on the playlist.

  • Just podcasts usually.

  • I am a country music fan. I can tune in or out to the music depending how absorbed I am in the knitting.

  • Happy music is what I want to hear when knitting. Contemporary Christian music is my go-to.

  • I mostly knit to late 60’s and early 70’s music. Generally mellow

  • WSOW! Tough question. Since my husband and I are learning Argentine Tango, I would have to say tango music. I love Gotan Project. You can listen on

  • I usually listen to “music for studying” on Pandora , so I’m not too distracted

  • This weekend it’s all Jimmy Buffett and The Coral Reefer Band. Fighting the grief with happy music!

  • I listen to WFUV via the internet since I live in CA. WFUV is a non-profit station based at Fordham University in NY city and it plays “adult album alternative music”. World music, pop, American folk, rock, almost everything… always delightful.

  • I love to listen to snazzy upbeat music like Polish jazz pop singer Basia (Time and Tide).

  • I’ll take Bach any day. Other classical music will do also. Some rousing organ music for the boring parts.

  • Classical, jazz, big band. Anything instrumental. I find if my minds wanders to singing along my knitting (unless stockinette) goes kerflouey!

  • Disco/Dance/Techno! Although it does make it hard to sit still, lol

  • Actually, knitting for me is more of a meditation, so silence is the perfect accompaniment.

  • I will knit to audiobooks and podcasts… I usually don’t drop stitches but I may have to go back and listen again when the pattern is difficult. I may listen to João, but not when I knit!

  • A variety: White Stripes, Elizabeth Moen, Sadurn.

  • I’m more of a podcast/audiobook listener these days.

  • Tracey Chapman and Nora jones

  • Movie music all the way.

  • Sorry, I listen to…KDramas

  • Classic rock

  • Blues

    • Knitting music:

      Sara Groves (what a poet)
      George Winston
      Lorena McKennitt
      Dan Fogelberg

      So much beautiful music… So many beautiful words.

  • Light, floaty, yearning. A delicious scarf!

  • There’s always something in your posts that makes me laugh out loud. Much needed on this Tuesday morning after Labor Day. I usually listen to old punk or 80s indie.

  • Rarely do I knit to music – but I love classic, sing along, rock and roll. Those lyrics that are still back in the recesses of the brain from 40 years ago.

  • Ha! I’m so bad…I’ve knit for many years but never with music. I’m a huge music fan, so don’t know why I’ve never done this!

  • My favorite music to knit to are the classics, specifically Mozart.

  • Love your choice!! Old school Brazilian Jazz is wonderful, but also a little Jon Batiste to pump up the New Orleans jam works.

    • Ann Hackett. iI have to agree with you. My two favorites.

  • I like to knit to live music and take my knitting to all kinds of venues. I have a Noro poncho that has every kind of color and music in it. I have had many conversations with local musicians who come to see what I am knitting at their gigs

  • I remember listening to the bass a nova! My parents always had parties at home and the music was wonderful! Nice memories…

  • Easy listening music for me.

  • Light jazz instrumentals

  • I love listening to old camp songs while I knit!

  • I listen to just about everything but pop/hip hop is always my go to.

  • I like to knit to audiobooks or podcasts (or BBC 4extra), so I don’t knit much to music (unless you count the weather on Welcome to Night Vale- but I do enjoy that!). I’m quite taken with the idea of knitting to Planet Rock- will have to try it!

  • I’ll knit to any music, but recently I’ve moved away from music and towards podcasts.

  • Sorry, it’s not music. It’s audio books books books!

  • I like knitting to lofi music I think it helps me concentrate

  • I’m a “Rock and roll” girl. Give me some classic Rolling Stones, The Who or Aerosmith and my needles or crochet hooks are creating beautiful things.

  • I like knitting to podcasts. It keeps me going.

  • Calm classical music, no words. Love knitting to this.

  • Classic or yacht rock are my knitting faves but once in a while it has to be Disney music since the grandkids live with us.

  • I love my classic rock. And James Taylor forever.

  • I knit to classical!

  • Audio books are my knitting best friend, second is classical musical, followed by beloved podcasts!

  • I like to listen to all kinds of music when I knit, but lately it’s been folk pop!
    I’d love to win this!

  • I can’t knit to music. It is much too distracting. Tv, movies, podcasts, audiobooks all a yes. Music— nope.

  • Of course right now Jimmy Buffett. But usually I like classical or country.

  • I’m a book and knit lover. So, usually instead of music, I listen to an audiobook while I knit.

  • Instrumental jazz 100%

  • Jazz—preferably from the ‘50s, yes I’m old, instrumental or vocal.

  • Classic rock, country, big band — songs I can sing along!

  • My favorite music to knit to is … NPR. 🙂

  • I’m not picky—I like to open my iTunes app and hit shuffle!

  • My favorite music is always instrumental, no singing. As a former HS band geek I always enjoy hearing the different instruments doing their own special sounds.

  • Michael W. Smith.

  • Favorite music to knit to ….especially in car when someone else is driving
    Dixie Chicks
    Indigo Girls
    Brandi Carlisle

  • Classical. Vivaldi at the moment.

  • I listen to audiobooks. Need to give music a try!

  • I love music, all of it. I’ve dropped stitches to jazz, rock, pop, folk and even Bach. Reggae is my absolute downfall. Whole projects lost or transformed, depending on your perspective.

  • I like knitting to music without lyrics – just instrumental, maybe a movie or TV soundtrack (the theme, etc) – Bridgerton comes to mind – so I can daydream OR pay close attention – whatever is needed!

  • As a former deejay and music seller, tunes are v. important to me but then I became a librarian, so now it’s my job to read (ahem, but I can’t do it when I’m AT work) so audiobooks take precedence these days. If I’m between books, I might toss on some 80s or celtic/folk or who knows… I like most anything, except the stuff I don’t!

  • I usually knit while watching tv at home. But in the car on trips, I listen to Sirius channel “the bridge” – ‘70’s and ‘80’s music.

  • I usually knit while watching tv at home. But in the car on trips, I listen to Sirius channel “the bridge” – ‘70’s and ‘80’s music. It takes me back to my years growing up!

  • On a Sufjan Stevens kick lately. Love his stuff.

  • Irish traditional!

  • I actually knit to podcasts not music

  • Lately YoYo Ma, anything

  • I like to knit to 1990s hip-hop

  • I usually knit to audiobooks, but my preferred musical accompaniment is classical guitar. This also seems to require a nice glass of wine or bourbon on the rocks, which leads to adventurous stitching.

  • Willie Nelson is my favorite, for sure”

  • I love knitting to just about any kind of music but listening to jazz on a Sunday afternoon, needles in hand, a cup of coffee by my side, is time I treasure and look forward to so much. It’s my favorite way to relax and get ready for the week ahead.

  • none! i prefer watching a movie or series [Ted Lasso!], assuming the knitting is simple enough to watch anything.

  • My favorite style of music to knit to is…? I usually knit while watching TV with my partner, but I also enjoy Baroque for knitting — patterns to listen to, patterns to knit.

  • I have an iTunes playlist with twenty years worth of compilation CDs from a local radio station.

  • 80’s music really soothes my soul when I’m knitting, or I won’t listen to music at all and just watch a movie I know by heart.

  • James Taylor, John Denver, Carole King,…

  • I usually knit in silence but if the pattern is not complicated then I’ll knit to something on the tv like a baseball game. So I don’t really have any favorite music per say.

  • I only listen to music and knit on a road trip. Then it’s pop rock from the 80s until now.

  • I knit to the music of Rajaton, a Finnish a cappella group, but only to the music they’ve recorded in Finnish. Since I don’t understand what they’re singing, I’m not tempted to sing along, and that keeps me more focused on my knitting so I don’t drop stitches or make other annoying mistakes.

  • Classical, always classical but no piano! Chopin is too violent and Haydn is just perfect.

  • Classical. The Baroque era composers are like knitting designers: strong patterns and intricate math! Handel is my ride or die. (Shoutout to my local radio station, KUSC, which has several great streams on their website and app.)

  • I usually knit to podcasts but only the ones I don’t have to listen TOO closely to, for fear of losing my place in my pattern

  • I like relax and knit to jazz.

  • Have to admit, I am also not much of a music listener when knitting. I do love my podcasts. If I am listening to music it’s usually my local public radio KUTX. That way I get a variety.

  • I’m fickle when it comes to music for knitting. Maybe it’s just that my mood, not my chosen activity, dictates what I Want for my Background Music Experience.

    That said…

    Sting *always* serves to support. And… I wonder if it’s partly because I’m amused by the fact that if you reverse the letters of his name, you get something that spulend like “knits”.

    …And now that I look at it like that, I realize, for the first time, that knits spelled backwards is “stink”, and I’m just a little bit amazed that I’ve never noticed that before. A little amazed, and not NOT perplexed. 🙂

    • *something that SOUNDS like “knits” (gnits).

  • Soothing classical, to try to trick my tight hands into loosening up on the needles!

  • My daughter practicing her violin. She has gone off to music school, but I still knit when she is home practicing. I’m just not as prolific as I once was.

  • I rarely knit to music
    Maybe it’s time to try

  • Brahms 2nd piano concerto! After all, my husband and I always identify it as our “song”!

  • There is a music station on DirectTV called “Pop and Country” that is my go-to (when I’m not listening to a book!)

  • Oh gosh! I must be lacking in style. I can’t say that I listen to music when I knit. If it’s just stocking stitch I’m more likely to be watching something or listen to a podcast or audiobook . If it’s complex lace then it has my full attention.

  • Bonnie Raitt, James Taylor, Jackson Browne, Linda Ronstadt… What style of music is that? The soothing sounds of my youth.

  • I could knit to Dusty Springfield all day long.

  • Any music that I know well. I don’t want to concentrate on listening, just having happy background sounds.

  • Usually whatever my kids are listening to… #momlife

  • Usually I listen to books or a podcast but I love anything I can sing along to.

  • Classical or instrumental but normally, I prefer it quiet or everyday sounds that are not too loud.

  • I gravitate to country western music, but also like jazz .

  • Vivaldi – Four Seasons

  • Gypsy Kings!

  • I like to listen to country and gospel music when I am knitting.

  • I like to get lost in a dream so I listen to instrumentals that are slow and complex.

  • I usually knit to calm classical music – it’s too easy to drop stitches otherwise!

  • Classical music for me, but I usually do not listen to music to knit and instead listen to an audiobook.

  • I love knitting to 80’s alternative and new wave music. Sufjan Stevens is a close second.

  • My favorite music to knit to is 60s and 70s! Of course, some times it makes me so nostalgic I forget where I am in the pattern!

  • Jimmy Buffett’s music is a wonderful perky vibe to knit along to without distraction.

  • Can’t go wrong with classic rock

  • Knitting to Mozart… or the grandchildren singing!

  • It has to be instrumental— the words of a song with lyrics get mixed up in my head with the knitting pattern’s words. Inattentive type ADHD for the win! 🙂 Also, I just forwarded this music suggestion to my 17-year-old multi-instrumentalist son (mostly piano and saxophone) who looooooves bossa nova. Thanks! 🙂

  • Latin Jazz!

  • My favorite music (In general, not just for knitting) is alt/metal rock. Do I drop stitches? Of course, but it isnt because of the music LOL

  • Classical music for me! Mussorgsky, Stravinsky, Prokofiev, Shostakovich, Rimsky-Korsakov, Rachmaninoff and of course Tchaikovsky. Nothing soothes me as I knit, like the music of the tortured souls of the Russian composers. Throw in the 1812 Overture to add a little bravado

  • My favorite “music” to listen to while knitting is NPR! No, it’s not music per se, but rather the music of life that I enjoy! Occasionally, though, they do throw in some actual music!

  • My favourite music is classical so that’s the genre I pick for knitting. It’s best if it’s on the radio so it never stops except for hourly news interruptions. CBC’s Tempo and Shift are the best!

  • Knittin’ to Adele

  • I set my Pandora station to shuffle. I work (and drive) to everything from Bruce Cockburn to Coldplay to Benny Goodman to Debussy to Bing Crosby singing Christmas carols. I like variety in my music and my knitting!

  • Long list of Shuffle stations on Pandora, including Hawaiian music, classical, jazz favorite musicians, added Bebel to the list, thank you!
    And, never without an audio book.

  • The quiet rhythm of rain with the rhythm of the needles…That is music!

  • I love to knit to gentle jazz. If it is too lovely I lose my concentration and miss the details of the pattern I am following.

  • I mostly knit to murder mysteries, or whatever the family is playing. If my music is playing loud, im probably cleaning something, and the rest of the family has either fled, or is in hiding.

  • I like the Oldies. For me, that means mid-50s to mid-60s. But I like it all, so I move toward country sometimes or jazz other times. (Audio books are my favorite listening experience while knitting.)

  • classical

  • Broadway

  • I have a playlist of vastly different genres from around the world. It isn’t being able to knit to it, the rub comes when it is time for bed. I often end up knitting into the wee hours of the morning because I keep telling myself the lie that I will listen to just one more song.

  • Knitting music:

    Sara Groves (what a poet)
    George Winston
    Lorena McKennitt
    Dan Fogelberg

    So much beautiful music… So many beautiful words.

  • My favorite music to knit to is a mix of jazz and chillhop, all without vocals/speech. It allows me to just “be” in the moment as well as concentrate, when needed. The tempo varies but never enough to be jarring.

  • I don’t play music often, I prefer the whisper of leaves. But during my bus commute, I sometimes listen to Luca Sestak playing piano.

  • I mostly listen to whatever ear worm is playing in my head!

  • If knitting to music, either a good pop or country ballad is my go to. Love listening to stories as I make new memories.

  • I don’t listen to music but I enjoy listening to podcasts while I knit.

  • I like to knit to jazz! Classical and oldies are close seconds

  • I think it would be slow, romantic music or perhaps some classics like Elton John, Fleetwood Mac or Abba.

  • I listen to a lot of NPR, but if I’m listening to music it’s generally the 80s or Bruce Springsteen!

  • I play the piano but don’t listen to music….TV time is knitting time.

  • I like toe tapping music be it country, rock, pop,etc. Especially when a song comes up that makes me get up from sitting and move around! A good example is “Love Shake”! Who can sit still during that song! 🙂

  • Any music without words. Can be jazz, Afro-Cuban, classical, doesn’t really matter. Just no words. Once I start singing, I can’t follow a pattern and all manner of mayhem begins to form on my needles.

  • My favorite for Back to Back practice is AbbA. Nothing like some Euro Disco to get my needles moving! When Im knitting to relax, my favorite is chime-ey meditation music.

  • I love knitting to 90’s rock!

  • I knit to either New Age instrumental or classical music played by the cello. I do enjoy a variety of music – folk, blue grass, and jazz included.

  • Lofi! There’s always something to fit the mood and season!

  • Celtic music especially the Chieftains or just the music out my back door…it is finally cooler in the evenings to knit a bit outside.

  • Classic Rock – I can sing and knit at the same time!

  • My best bossa nova is that maybe no fewer than three times my mother and I have had the same conversation:
    Ma: I think I should get rid of the record player, but then there are a few albums I just…
    Me: I’m sending you a CD of Sergio Mendes and Brasil 66.

  • Although I am a “choral person”, I cannot listen to vocal music and get anything done. Easy or Latin jazz, or instrumental Baroque are my choices for sewing and/or knitting.

  • I love to listen to traditional roots music, fiddle tunes and folk songs and such while I’m knitting but I also listen to good gospel and the Sinatra channel.

  • I usually listen to 70’s, a little 80’s for the same reason that most do, to remind me of my youth! But, honestly, Bebel’s music might become part of the rotation. It’s lovely!!

  • Instead of music I listen to audiobooks! I have a subscription to Audible and get one book per month but they have a Plus catalog with tons of free books.

  • John Coltrane and Miles Davis…the best!!

  • Rock and roll or country western. Depending on my mood.

  • I usually listen to audio books, but if it’s music it depends on my mood. Pretty much anything except never ever metal, rap or punk.

  • I am knitting my annual Red Scarf and, now that I have internalized the completely reversible pattern, I can knit to anything — conversation, music of any sort (we mostly play/listen to classical music), or baseball games. Challenging lace, when I knit that, needs silence. Other projects — it depends on whether it’s the first time through and it’s a bit complicated or if I’ve got it figured out and just need occasional reference to a pattern. Baroque and early classical music are our favorites here.

  • I love knitting to Nat King Cole, smooth jazz or Frank Sinatra. Also now and again some classical music. It depends on the project and my mood, I guess. Thanks for sharing this artist!

  • Nothing when I knit a complicated lace pattern. But usually I want to hear the oldies. Lately Cat Stevens is a favorite.

  • I like Gregorian chant and the National. Not usually big on podcasts, but have been known to dabble during knitting sessions.

  • Favorite style of music is any genre I can sing along to.

  • Lately, I’ve been knitting to Voilaaa’s album, Voiciii, which is probably best-described as French, afro-disco. It’s very rhythmic (which makes it perfect for counting) and exudes sunny island vibes. I love it!

  • Anything from the ’80s!

  • My fave style for knitting (or even mere listening to) would be smooth jazz with some new age thrown in. Or yacht rock too. Or sometimes classical. But, yeah, smooth jazz.

  • I never get tired of hearing music from the 70’s and 80’s … makes me remember good times!!

  • Jazz. Yes, it has to be jazz.

  • I listen a wide variety of music and find I can knit to all of it! Okay, it’s probably better if it is not something where I join in the singing (more prone to messing up the knitting that way) but otherwise, it’s all good!

  • I actually listen to books on tape when knitting. Makes me feel like I’m killing 2 birds with 1 stone.

  • fav music, relaxing to knit to, for me, is instrumental,…. a shuffle of jazz, easy listening, yoga cds, and birds chirping and singing but without music for them, their voices are the music of summer…. all quiet meditative, relaxing and peaceful, so I can concentrate on the knit.

  • I knit to smooth jazz.

  • These days I don’t knit to music, but I do knit to sports on TV and to podcasts.

  • New Age or Nature Sounds if I need to concentrate!

  • Piano classics. Beethoven. When that gets old I have 80’s rock!

  • Jazz or classical, rhythmic, instrumental, upbeat. Knit to the beat!!!

  • I don’t listen to music when I knit. I like the quiet, but classical would be my choice if I did.

  • Anything 80s!

  • Lana del Ray rocks anytime!

  • I often like podcasts, TV, etc in the background while knitting, but for music, I’d say anything pop or classical!

  • Any of the 60s oldies!

  • Hard to pick a favourite as it can be all sorts. However, recently I’ve started turning to my yoga playlists if I hit a snag or am feeling frustrated, or bored AND frustrated because it’s a dealine knit and I can’t afford the time to take a break with something a bit more interesting. It’s amazing how the music changes my headspace and how much more enjoyable the knitting can become as a resut. Or maybe it’s not so amazing!

  • Opera!

  • The next thing on the playlist. Could be Billy Joel, Bach or Phantom.

  • ’80s pop!

  • Soft rock from the 70’s!

  • Nothing if I have to concentrate on a pattern

  • Classical or old jazz, but most often an audiobook.

  • Movie soundtracks are good if only for the fact that I can’t sing along. The pacing changes, but that can help keep you on your feet, so to speak.

  • I don’t have any way to classify Lyle Lovett. He just is. I am sos glad!

  • I don’t listen to music at all when knitting. I do listen to podcasts though, of any subject.

  • I could definitely knit to bossy nova, such smooth restful music. Of courses, there’s always the risk of being lulled to sleep or . . . Drop a stitch when you get up to dance along to a soft samba tune.

  • Hawaiian music is my favorite music to knit to! I’ve never been but I just listen to it from my TV satellite dish music channel.

  • Sitting on my deck listening to birds chatter and sing from my bird feeders and trees.

  • If I had to chose only one style of music, then it would be classical.

  • My favorite style of music to listen to while knitting is an audiobook. I prefer spoken words to music every time!

  • Binging on jimmy buffett

  • Lately I’m tuning in to Jon Batiste’s “WE ARE” music. For me it’s a catchy and joyous blend of soul, jazz, funk, R&B, and hip-hop. I’m always getting up to dance around the Maker’s Room, especially to the track “Freedom”!

  • 60’s and 70’s oldies.

  • I love nearly all types of music – it’s about the movement it makes in my brain – so I’ll knit/crochet to anything as long as it has a beat. But to specifically answer question, 70s rock music!

  • My favorite music to knit to is by Van Morrison. His album Common One is a particular favorite with the songs evoking pastoral England. Of course, the Moondance album is a more upbeat and energizing choice. Also like Tom Jones for real pop music and never tire of The Beatles, as a group and individually. Very old school stuff for knitting – familiar enough to be an enjoyable, calming soundtrack that allows me to concentrate!

  • Classical!!!

  • Classic rock, rhythm and blues and jazz. Also, love the sounds of silence.

  • Usually I watch podcasts or tv while knitting, but if I’m knitting to music, it is probably classic rock.

  • Thank you DG! I listen to her older work and did not know about this. You are right about it getting my hands to move in a way that doesn’t necessarily help the uniformity of my stitches.

  • What type don’t I love to knit to?

  • Blues and Americana music. Neither is jarring and both have great rhythm.

  • At home I knit to either TV or a podcast usually. Knitting on the road means my husband plays the DJ and it’s whatever he wants to listen to that he knows I’ll tolerate He likes trance music and I need music with words, so he’s pretty good about mixing it up. On my own, I listen to Christian or country music, although my husband has introduced some pop(?) into my queue – Black Eyed Peas, etc.

  • I tend not to listen to music while I’m knitting. I’m not as young as I used to be and find I’m better off focusing on what I’m doing. If I need music, I sing some of my favorite songs from the 50s and 60s to keep me going.

  • I just about always listen to Audio books while knitting, not music. Complicated mysteries and lace do NOT go together. What I call ‘football knitting’ is basically stockinette or garter, easy to put down for key plays.

  • Anything Van Morrison, Eddie Vedder, Bruce, Tracy Chapman, Cowboy Junkies. I’ve got a vibe!

  • I enjoy knitting to most music, unless I’m counting stitches ! But especially Snow Patrol or indie rock

  • Love to knit playing classical music. Classic FM is a great online app.

  • I like knitting to old musicals – either while watching the movies, or just listening to the soundtrack. A favorite is Strictly Ballroom – it’s a fun romantic comedy filmed in Australia, with an eclectic selection of songs ranging from Doris Day’s “Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps” to Rhumba and waltz (The Blue Danube).

  • I don’t listen to music while I knit. The TV is my background noise. And this is because I don’t knit till evening and if I want to spend any time with my husband, it’s in front of the TV

  • I really enjoy some Beatles or Billy Joel. Something upbeat is always nice.

  • I have no set pattern! If I’m dreaming of Sir Paul and the Lads it’s The Beatles all the way!
    John Prine, yes please! Tina Turner? Of course!
    I love music so if I’m thinking of John Denver, or The Eagles or Brandi Carlisle that’s what I’m knitting too!

  • I love listening to a playlist I have pulled together of music by contemporary composer/musician Max Richter. I especially love his compositions for HBO’s “My Brilliant Friend”. Classical but with a contemporary feel and always an emotional pull.

  • I’m a diehard knit-to-an-audiobook fan. I do have the soundtrack for the original Hamilton performance on hold at the library so I’ll try knitting to that!

  • Honestly I love classical concerts. I love Beethovan,Mozart, Chopin really anything. PBS and musical concerts for the win.That doesnt stop me from knitting to any kind of music though.

  • If I’m listening to music then I have to sing along, and that creates knitting havoc. So I usually watch tv or listen to a podcast.

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