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Dear everybody,

It’s a joyous day. After months—years, actually—of anticipation, we are thrilled to reveal the designer for the next MDK Field Guide.

Dee Hardwicke.

Dee Hardwicke is an extraordinary artist, designer, and knitter. Trained in the expansive Arts & Crafts tradition, Dee melds and mixes artisan and artistic practice across many media. The throughline of her vast body of work, whether in ceramics, painting, or textiles, is her irrepressible joy in the natural world that surrounds her home and studio in the Welsh Marches, in the United Kingdom.

How lucky we are that Dee turns to her knitting needles as easily as her paintbrushes. Her many designs and books for knitters have elevated and enriched our craft beyond measure. A true enthusiast of knitting, she swatches prolifically—it’s truly amazing to see Dee work out an idea in swatch after meticulous swatch. Color us inspired—and energized.

A peek into Dee’s world on her beautiful website will give you a glimmer of why we were so excited to work on a Field Guide with one of the knitting world’s most generous collaborators.

In Field Guide No. 25, we all will be able to experience Dee’s joyful vision, on our own needles.

Get Your Copy Early!

If you’ve already subscribed to the 2023 Field Guide series, thank you! Field Guide No. 25 will arrive in your mailbox in advance of September 15, its official launch date. We will be shipping out subscriber copies in a matter of days, so look for your shipping confirmation email soon. That email will contain a download link to give you instant access to the ebook edition.

Subscribers will also get first access to the yarns and bundles for this Field Guide plus (hint!) registration for a virtual workshop coming up in October.

If you’d like to be among the first to receive Field Guide No. 25, and also receive the other two Field Guides of 2023 (Field Guide No. 23: Glow and Field Guide No. 24: Spark), subscribe right here. Subscribing is a fantastic way to treat yourself to exciting new knitting, and to support all the free daily fun here at MDK while you’re at it. We are so grateful for the support of the Field Guide subscribers; we simply couldn’t do what we do, without you. As our thanks, Field Guide subscribers get 10 percent off, every time they shop with us, throughout 2023. All the details are here.

We cannot wait to knit Dee’s marvelous designs—but it won’t be long now!


Ann and Kay

Photographs of Dee Hardwicke © Dee Hardwicke. Top image © Elysa Weitala.


  • Wonderful!

  • Brilliant news. I love Dee’s work.

  • Wow!

  • I had run across Dee’s Colourwork book recently and love her way with color. I’m not a fair isle knitter but am open to see what I might be able to attempt,

    • Wonderful news!!!!

      • Exciting and excellent news!

  • Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy….what a great way to meet fall!

  • So excited for this!

  • Yay and hooray. This is so very exciting!

  • Dee Hardwicke is a designer that has always fascinated me, but I have never tried a pattern. Being introduced to the artist and her designs the ” MDK way” is , as Beverly said, a great way to start fall!!!

  • Bring on the kits! I have never heard of her but looking at her work I’m very excited.

  • Her web site is beautiful! Love her designs.

  • I’m so excited for this issue! Wonderful!

  • Looking forward to this Field Guide. Cannot wait!

  • I have one of Dee’s books and am so excited to see her with MDK — and the thought of a Zoom with her. Swoon!! Flowers plus knitting. Only grandchildren come close to so much joy.

    • Ditto!

  • Another amazing designer. How do you two do it? Maybe now I will knit that tote bag I have been drooling over.

  • Thus Field Guide thing just keeps getting better and better! You guys just keep hitting it out of the park!

  • Looks beautiful, how exciting.

    • Wow! So impressed! I’ve always admired her work but have never tried to make anything. This is going to be great!

  • Looks so intriguing – anxious to see the newest Field Guide.

  • YESSS!! So excited for this one (as if I haven’t been this excited for all of them!) Thanks!!

  • Exciting!! I look forward to it. I saw on her website she had a Botanical Art Class for Knitters in Kew Gardens….le sigh.

    • Her workshops are the stuff of legend!

  • I LOVE HER! I attended a class she held at my LYS and she was amazing. So incredibly creative and such a great teacher. Can’t wait until my Guide arrives. Yippeee!

  • Where I saw the title “Botanical”, I knew it was Dee Hardwicke. I’m working on a design from her latest book and can’t wait to see what she’s designed for this field guide. Hooray!!!

  • I just learned about her so it’s a happy surprise that she’s the next Field Guide designer

  • Happy News!

  • CAN NOT WAIT!!!!

  • Great choice.

  • She’s a wonderful designer.

  • I’m new to Dee but love color work, so I’m excited to get to know her! Thank you for expanding my world.

    • Ditto

  • Such good news. Thank you.

  • Yay! Can’t wait!

  • Very exciting news!

  • Yipppppeeeee!

  • So excited! I love Dee’s designs, but have been a little hesitant to try her patterns until now. Wonderful choice!

  • Beautiful and inspiring. What a treat for the fall.

  • How exciting! Dee’s work is so beautiful. I can hardly wait to see her Field Guide.

  • I’m hoping for some large graphic designs to knit, much like the flowers on the cover of her Colorwork Knits book. That’s what I need to encourage a cast on.

    • I think you will be happy.

  • Can’t wait! I have to tell you how much I enjoy the in depth experiences you provide for us with each of the designers chosen for the Field Guides. I have learned so much from participating in the live workshop (with Arne and Carlos) and in the virtual workshop with Olga, not to mention the Zooms you have with each new designer. It has pushed me to get to actually know and experience the designers as individuals as I listen and learn from them and then knit their designs. I appreciate having the time to do this between each new Field Guide release. Thank-you!

  • One of my favourite pleased for Dee and everyone x

  • Being in Canada, I can’t subscribe which is disappointing. Can you make an e-subscription possible?

    • Hi, Karen – unfortunately we don’t possess the technology for digital-only subs at this point. It’s on the list for (vague rustling around) sometime in the future. You can always just download each new FG the day it’s released to the public, though. Thanks!

  • Field Guide subscriber here and I checked out this latest issue last night – it is stunning and I’ve already ordered yarn!

  • Exciting! I love her work!

  • Oooh! Dee Hardwicke is so incredibly talented! Can’t wait to see what her MDK patterns will be. <3

  • LOVE HER!!!!!

  • Geat article.

  • Wondering how I can find the zoom talk on Dee Hardwick #23 Colorwork ?

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