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Dear Kay,

I’ll be brief, because I’m still suffering the effects of Post-Shakerag-Knitting-Getaway Malaise. I’ll get over it, at some point, maybe, but right now, I’m feeling a certain slumpiness about daily life after a great time with a bunch of knitters. I hope everybody who’s home from the Getaway is resting comfortably and taking liquids! Pix to come soon.

Meanwhile, the one knitting project I had with me during the Knitting Getaway was a fresh set of yarn for the Honeycomb Scarf that appears in Field Guide No. 21: Brioche.

It was hard to knit and visit at the same time, but I managed to get a good start on this broken-rib brioche.

It has a different texture on the back.

This yarn is our MDK-exclusive Honeycomb Scarf Bundle, in the Summer colorway.

I picked this one to make at the Knitting Getaway because its zingy colors seemed right for the moment. A knitting souvenir.

The other three colorways are likewise seasonal.

I was curious to see what would happen when that giant ball of Freia in Orange Crush met up with the Minikins of constantly shifting colors.

Basically: the Minikins are winning. The orange is going to shift a bit as this thing comes together, but it will be a sort of haze—not an overwhelming orange event.

This simple knitting is showing me how sometimes a small dose of something can have a big impact. And how a big dose of something can dissipate.

In other words, I am having a swell time and need to stop typing right now so I can get back to it.

And While We’re At It . . .

Please take a moment to see what Cristina is up to with her Honeycomb Scarf. She’s going with two Freia Shawl Balls rather than the Honeycomb Scarf Bundle.

You’re seeing Lichen and Ember here, a glorious mashup of subtle color.

This is what makes the Honeycomb Scarf such a fine project: it works with whatever color story you want to create.




  • I’ve got the post Getaway blues, too. All I can think about is knitting and what a wonderful weekend we had. The honeycomb scarf is my next project….once my yarn arrives in the mail!

  • I am also knitting with the summer bundle. The Honeycomb scarf is so much fun. I haven’t been enthusiastic with some of my on going projects but I am now with this one!! The shifting colors are amazing and the instructions are excellent.

  • And I’ve started my double-wide! Yarn bomb in Oyster, so pale neutrals, and a whole box of Minikins in what I think is called the bright shades. Although they are not so much bright as dark and rich. Why is watching colors change so entertaining? I’m just getting to the end of my first mini, and loving it to pieces!

    • This sounds AMAZING. I hope you’ll share pics in The Lounge.

  • Is there possibly a small Mindless Lightweight Scarf Project you could recommend for a Getaway?!! I don’t want to have to concentrate this much on a pattern, but would like something to take with me! : )

    • Somewhat Mindless Lightweight Scarf / Shawl Project – Make one up using Cecilia Campochiaro’s “Corrugated Shawl” in MDK Field Guide #5 for inspiration. It is sequence knitting that can be as complicated or simple as you’d like. I’m working on one now that is made up of 16 rows each of different stitch patterns (stockinette, garter, seed, textured [sl1, k1, yo, pass slipped st over the other two]). Any time I really want to concentrate on conversation rather than knitting, I switch to stockinette or garter, then stick more complicated stitch patterns in between.

      • Oh, forgot to mention that all stitch patterns that I’m using are divisible by 2 or 4. I started with enough stitches to have a scarf that is 24 inches wide and I’m just going to keep going until it is about 5 to 6 feet long. Use a lightweight “summer” yarn if you don’t need the warmth of heavier fabric. I finished one for a friend to use as her Spring wedding wrap, made with a silk-blend fingering weight yarn I had in my stash and fairly large needles (#8?).

        • Great ideas! I may try to make a napping blanket this way.

    • A small lightweight scaf recommendation—-Cecila Compochariano (sp) Anywhere scarf using one Fria shawl ball. It’s my go to light weight super easy project.

      • Thank you for the recommendati9n!

      • Thank you for the recommendation!

      • I second that recommendation. I would also recommend “Dangling Conversation” with 1 color changing ball (it’s on my needles now)

      • I second that thought.
        Also I’ve been making “Dangling Conversation” using 1 big skein of a color changing yarn and it would also be good.

        • Thank you for the recommendation!

  • Oh Ann those photos of the scarves are so beautiful, and the knitting is so perfect! I have two Shawl Balls waiting, but just now I’m about to frog (for the third time) my Cushiest Cowl, which I thought would be a relatively easy brioche introduction before tackling the scarf. No doubt it is for most people. Those Shawl Balls may have to hibernate a while, but I *will* knit that beautiful scarf some day!

  • Re-entry is tough after such an amazing getaway (and the oppressive heat doesn’t help). My winter kit is due to arrive today and then I can continue my getaway bliss a little while longer.

  • Can hardly wait for my yarn to arrive.
    MDK says it will be here Thursday! Yay!

  • I ordered this to be my beach knitting project I chose the spring color way can’t wait to start it and maybe I’ll finish it before vacay ends

  • So what I’m hearing is that Honeycomb Scarf is NOT social/TV/meeting knitting? It requires a bit more attention?

    • Hi Janelle! I’m now totally at TV knitting level with this, got there after about 2″ of getting the hang of the rhythm. The thing is that 2-color brioche knitted flat means you knit a row with one color, then slide all the stitches back and knit that same row another time, using the second color–essentially working each row two times to get the brioche effect to happen. Martha’s advice below, to put a marker on the RS, definitely helps remind me where I am in the pattern. I started this project by taking time with it at first, undistracted. But now I’m off to the races.

      • Thanks, y’all! I am a habitual “put a marker on the RS” knitter and I will give this pattern a try.

    • I think it depends. I work on mine while watching TV with subtitles, no problem. But I think some people find brioche takes more concentration. Do be sure to put a marker on your right side, that way you won’t get confused about what row comes next.

  • Missing everything! This is beautiful … I need to cast on.

  • So…..4 Shawl Balls if we want to create a wrap/shawl size? As in double the amount of yardage?

    • Hi Carol! Yes, 4 Shawl Balls works. Or–if you really want something amazing–we have Freia Yarn Bombs, which are each 860 yards (twice as big as a Shawl Ball). It would mean a wrap/shawl twice as wide as the pattern specs, with no need to join yarns, ever. It would be spectacular. Here’s our product page if you want to look at the color possibilities:

  • I am glad ppl are saying Brioche needs attention. I thought it was me, I can’t manage it unless alone in a well-lit room. Envious of those who find it easy! I *can* do the Marlogram scarf so there’s that.

  • My family is in Maui for a long planned trip that COVID side tracked 2 years ago. I am working on my honeycomb scarf while we are here. It will always be a reminder of one of our bucket list vacations.

  • I fell in love with the sample at the Knitting Getaway and was fascinated by Ann’s progress. I’ve decided to use the stitch pattern for a t-shirt type garment and spent my Getaway recovery converting it to knit in the round and experimenting with increases. Colors already selected and ordered.

    • Yay!!! So glad you’re doing this, Julie–supercurious to see how it goes. Really think that stitch pattern is great for a sweater!

      • Yarn has been delivered! (Sadly I am still at work.) I plan to cast on this evening; I am riding that creative wave from the Getaway.

  • I love the look of the honeycomb scarf, I’m trying to understand the pattern. Is it like the brioche cowl but knit sliding the stitches to the other end after completing two rows at a time then turning your work for the next two rows? Thanks for any help.

  • Ann, that scarf stopped me in my tracks. Those colors are sumptuous!! I’d love to make something so beautiful!!

  • I did brioche only once and my results were unsuccessful to say the least! Would love to try again!

  • Are you using the Minikins as color A or color B? I’m trying to decide that and which order to put the Minikins in…

  • what is the best way to weave in the ends without interrupting the broken rib pattern? thanks!

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