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Dear everybody,

Today we launch our new sub-knitalong, the Swarfalong—which is part of the greater Marlalong, in which we are all making projects from Field Guide No. 19: Marls.

Got it? In other words, we’re all marling our tails off these days, and having a swell time at it, and we hope you’ve found some way to get your marls on.

What’s a Swarf, you ask? Why, it’s a cute little accessory with the turtleneck of a sweater and a couple of flappy bits front and back.

Some call this a dickie; we call it a necessary accessory now that winter has finally showed up.

Check out all the details about this lightning-quick, two-week Swarfalong right here.

And you can see the way Kay has jumped the gun on her Swarf, in her post yesterday.


Ann and Kay

PS At the moment, we’re out of stock on of our 5-skein Swarf bundles. But we do have 27 incredible shades of Woolfolk Tynd for you. It’s a solid-gold set of colors—any combination is going to be lush and lovely.


  • The zoom links are showing invalid address when clicked on.

    • Hi! We’re zooming at 5 pm eastern today, so the Zoom link will be activated then.

      • thanks Can’t wait.

  • Yay! A knitting party.

  • When I was teaching yesterday, a customer came into the Yarnery to buy more Felted Tweed to prepare for the Zoom bash!

  • I’m still Marlogramming but will admire this fine project from afar. A word of warning about the Marlogram … never, ever, drop the last of the three stitches you knit together at the end of one row! That loop will immediately disappear about 3 rows down from where you are working, requiring a rows of tinking and swearing to get everything correct again. Be careful!

    • There was a recommendation to knit these three stitches through the back loop. This has helped me a lot.

  • Is this Zoom session at 5 p.m. EST? I live in Washington state (PST), & cannot make the session at 5 your time. Is there a recording that I could watch later, & if so, how do I access it?
    Thanks, Pamela

    • We’ll post a link to the recording in the homepage banner.

      • Is the link still around? I looked for it when I couldn’t sleep after a bummer of a meeting last night, but couldn’t find it. Thanks.

  • I wouldn’t be home in time from my PT session. Maybe next zoom group.

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