Flash Knitalong: We’re Making Dickies

By Ann Shayne
January 4, 2022

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  • Sunday night I cast on a Swarf … I may be done with it by the 14th, so I guess I’m having a Flash Marlalong of my own? 🙂 I confess, though, I dislike the word “Swarf.” Mine is hereby a “Scarter.” (That might not be much better. I’ll work on it.)

    • I love Scarter! Kinda hip, kinda wow: Scarter!

      • I agree!

    • I like “Scarter”. There is a very satisfying feeling when pronouncing the word. However, I would have to be careful about using it in the presence of my Greek relatives, as it sounds very close to a Greek “term” which has a whole different meaning!

    • I’m so glad Scarter is sparking some joy!

  • I think I need colorway K-Ann, indigo garments while reading the Overstory and poems about water.

  • Well yes I have agree about the name swarf…kinda a cross between Smurf and barf

  • Tynd on sale? I’m in!

  • yahooey! I stashed two color ways for this last week — ready to roll! Turdickin — turtleneck dickie….uh plus an n. 🙂

    • “Turdicken” is brilliant. A timely nod to the season (football watching) and our recent loss of John Madden, who always had to explain what a turducken was.

  • I wanted to knit the Swarf but haven’t had the time yet.I am still knitting Christmas gifts which now were called New Year’s gifts. I will definitely join Flash Marlalong as I will be able to learn from people’s chat in the lounge. This is a great opportunity and I look forward to it.

  • Elizabeth picked my colors – I love the warm & cool & muted light!

  • Im sold on color way Ann. I’m not a green person but this speaks to me on so many levels. I’m thinking bout my order…

  • I predicted the year of the dickie in October, 2021. I noticed comments on IG, I saw a couple at H&M while shopping for slightly warmer wear for Seattle (who knew it would be genuinely cold??), and it’s been an ongoing joke with my LYS Scratch Supply Co. So now I guess I must make one. Life is hard. 🙂

  • I’ve already made one and I’m planning a second one, with modifications because this is going under cycling clothes. It needs to be a lot shorter in the front (like eliminate 64 rows shorter) and I prefer a ribbed collar to go more tightly around my neck and keep the drafts out..

  • Will this dickie fit men?

  • Didn’t think I wanted a swarf, then I was “suiting up” to feed livestock in single digit temperatures this morning, wishing I had something to keep me warmer. With a flock of sheep and 4 spinning wheels I don’t need any yarn, but I’m in for the kal!

  • I want to Swarf, but the Original colorway seems to be sold out. Any hope?