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Oh, the places we’ve been!

Our Knitter’s Weekend series takes us all over the world, in the company of a knitter who has in-depth knowledge of the locale and takes a great photo (or 30).

Each piece fills us, simultaneously, with a longing to visit that place, and the odd feeling that we already know it.

In 2018, these intrepid guides took us on wonderful journeys.

Cirilia Rose

 Cirilia took us to two favorite cities:

Reykjavik, Iceland

Seattle, Washington (Cirilia’s home)


Gale Zucker

Gale Zucker, founder of the series, took us to:

Northampton, Massachusetts

New Orleans, Louisiana


Austen Gilliland

Austen Gilliland took us to:

Nova Scotia, her home province in Canada.


Sonya Philip

San Franciscan Sonya Philip took us to:

San Francisco!

We’ve got new adventures planned in 2019. Pack an unreasonably optimistic amount of knitting, and come along for the ride!


Each piece in our series A Knitter’s Weekend is written by a knitter with local knowledge and a personal point of view. 

If you have additional places or information you’d like to share, we’d love to hear from you—please leave a comment on the article for that location.

And if you have plans to visit any of these destinations, be sure to save the article in your MDK account.




  • Have someone visit Toronto please.

    • Yay! I just returned from a great week there, even in winter. 🙂

    • Stay tuned…

  • I’m enjoying these getaway weekends. I’ve been to Amsterdam recently. I would love to see an article about it.

    • I will make the supreme sacrifice and go to Amsterdam….ok, Ann?

  • Anything near Albany NY?

    • That would be super useful for me. I can’t think of a single yarn store near the capital, and I bet there are good ones. I love Common Thread in Saratoga Springs.

  • We have 4 yarn shops in Edinburgh Scotland… do you want some local info?

    • Yes please! Can we have them as Audio files, Kay, Ann?

    • Only four, for a city with 489,000 people? But, well…I guess that if they are large and well-stocked stores, that may be enough. However, by contrast, the nearest big city to me, Portland, OR, USA (pop. 647,800) shows 10 independent yarn stores in Portland alone, not even counting suburbs.

      • Honestly Laura we’re doing well – Glasgow 4 times our size has ONE… we also have John Lewis a non independent yarn shop…. we also have a yarn festival so we feel yarny blessed! But looks like I need to come and crawl around Portland sometime….

  • It sure would be fun to have a Knitter’s Weekend for either Nashville or Memphis this spring. For those who are either headed to the Knitter’s Getaway in June or who would love a little salt in the wound of not heading to Sewanee. Just sayin’.

  • This wonderful, has anyone ever done a trip to really remote places that have yarn shops or great knitting? What is the most remote place anyone has been

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