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Dear everyone,

We’ve had a frankly challenging time keeping yarn in stock for the current Field Guide. You might say it’s a good problem to have, but for us, we don’t see it that way. It’s a genuine problem, and one that is hard to handle when you’re a small company like ours. We want to have the yarns you’re interested in available to you in bounteous plenitude, and sometimes we get our plenitude estimates wrong.

The good news today is that we’re back in stock on the yarn bundles for Hélène Magnusson’s designs in Field Guide No. 26: Moss.

These are definitely some of the most unusual yarns we’ve offered, and these bundles are all exclusive to MDK. From what we’re hearing, they’re giving knitters a lot of fun. I mean: we keep running out.

There’s a bundle to match your appetite. You can have a taste, or you can have a banquet.

Reindeer Moss Mittens Bundle: the unspun roving wonder yarn, the favorite of Icelanders. A snack so you can see what all the fuss is about.

Reindeer Moss Tam Bundle. It’s the first tam we’ve ever published! It involves holding laceweight Love Story Einband with Plotulopi, creating a lush subtlety of color.

Love Story Shawl Bundle. We love this bundle because Hélène herself developed this laceweight yarn, using Icelandic lambswool. This five-ball bundle makes it simple to dive into her Love Story Shawl.

If you’re wanting to create your own Love Story Shawl colorway, we’ve got a lovely palette of colors that Hélène created from the landscape of Iceland.

Moss Field Throw Bundle. This modern design has captivated us all. This bundle of Plotulopi and Love Story Einband is all you need to make this marled, spectacular project.

Thank you for your patience as we continue our efforts to read tea leaves, prognosticate, check the Eight Ball, and otherwise attempt to anticipate what is going to resonate with you!




  • I just received my blanket bundle and it was worth the wait! As soon as I started on my Crowberry, I knew I wanted to continue my relationship with this yarn! It’s quite fitting that I had to wait for a restock because this is a yarn that requires a little
    patience . I find my knitting is a little more mindful! Loving this field guide!!

  • I ordered the Field Guide Bundle for my year-end treat. I was not disappointed to receive this bundle to enjoy over the winter in my seasonal home. Goodness, I have had such a wonderful time with the stories and the amazing photography which compliments the concept of each little treat. Thank you for the content and for the daily friendly newsletter that I read online each morning. Dodie

  • I haven’t started my throw yet but have been completely captivated by the yarn in the kit!! What beautiful stuff it is! I know that knitting a blanket takes extra time but the item will have a much linger life than anything else, probably be used and loved for generations.

    • Longer. But I guess linger says it too.

  • Never before have I opened a mail tracker every few hours to check on the location of a package. I just can’t wait to get my Moss Field Throw Bundle!

    Iceland has cast its spell and delivered beautiful designs via Helene Magnusson. Moss…so luscious.

    Often, as I weave in the last ends of an item I’ve knit I hold a little hope in my heart that it will become an heirloom, whether it is a washcloth or a sweater, anything really. This design is a sure thing.

    • Another never-before thing happened. Usually, when yarn is delivered I dive right into the package. My bundle came on Thursday morning but I resisted opening it for 8 hours knowing that I had my “Knit & Knosh” gathering in the evening. Wanted to open it with everyone. And there was swooning all around the table!

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