Knit a Daytripper Cardigan in the shortest month of the year! Details here. Gear up here.

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Pop music from the 1930s and ‘40s to enchant and delight you.

By DG Strong  ·  8
Want to learn to knit? The Skill Set Box of Joy is a complete set. You're gonna love it.
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She loves to play at swatching all day.

You are cordially invited to stop, drop, and knit a sweater with us during the shortest month of the year.

By Ann Shayne

A rare glimpse of the man at work in a maelstrom.

By Ann Shayne
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Nashville, Tennessee
Just don't ask her what "Snickleway" means.
Nashville, Tennessee
Game, apparently, for ANYthing.
Toronto, Ontario
The one you want to sit next to in knitting class.
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