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  • I love mine – every time I pick it up I’m reminded that I DID IT (with good teaching and a few false starts)

  • I still need to finish mine…it’s been marinating for quite awhile. This gives me the inspiration to pick it back up!!!! These are so incredibly gorgeous!!!!

  • Love Freia yarns. Have worked with the spring package, a Denim Bomb and the latest was a box of the basic palette of nine manikins. So much fun.

  • Do you have bundles with a thicker yarn for tires fingers? I started one with the fingerling but I’d love to make one with thick yarn. Thanks!

    • We don’t carry a heavier weight of Freia, but we love the weight of it held double (which would approximate worsted).

  • I finished mine but it took a long time to make. I even took it on my summer travels to Europe. Did anyone else make the same mistake as me and not switch the colours A and B every 19 inches? It still looks good, but now I am tempted to make another one and follow the pattern more closely. I’m just not sure I want to devote the time with so many other great things to make. It’s definitely soft and beautiful though.

    • No, but I made the decision not to switch and now wonder if I’d like my scarf better if I did – I was using just two colors (two large balls, not the minikins). In hindsight. . . Although as I am not finished yet, maybe it’s not too late 😉 It might renew my verve for this project.

  • Love that scarf but I can’t get Brioche for the of life of me. I’d love to see another scarf with this beautiful yarn!!!

  • I loved making this shawl! I was hoping to show it off to you in Nashville (Arne & Carlos) but left it home by accident and at VKL last weekend but never saw you – I always get so many compliments on it!

  • I’m about to finish my first, but there is lust in my heart for a second and maybe even a third.

  • I am making mine double the width using to Yarn Bombs which are 800+ yards each. Its a much slower progression of colors. I am making slow progress on it because its generally my airplane project. No need to count rows, no worrying about shaping, etc. I am just starting to see a subtle color shift! I wish I could post photos here.