Reunited: Brooklyn Haberdashery + MDK

November 23, 2022

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  • Those little carbon steel scissors are are amazing ~ I’m a bit of a collector of ‘things’ and these may be my last and favorite pair!!!

  • Hello, lovely lemons, indeed! It looks perfect in my living room to knit from, which I expected. What you didn’t mention above is the luxuriously soft texture of the fabric – it adds an “aahhh” when I sit down to knit.

  • My Knitter’s Bucket Bag arrived two weeks ago, it is perfection in every way! The fabric is beautiful ( I love the print!) It is soft yet sturdy, the size is perfect for many things! Stitching is so beautiful, I sew also, so I turned it in, out, around, never could find the spot where they flipped it inside out, it is sewn that perfect!! Everyone needs this one or two or three!

    • Great review thank you!

  • Somehow you always find the things I didn’t know I loved and needed. Magic!

    • Cristina is the master! Her idea to go with this shape and specific drawstring arrangement is simply brilliant.

  • so gorgeous, so well thought out.

  • The bucket bag is SO cool

  • I love the shape, size, and cheery print! Dare I ask, wouldn’t pockets make it even more special? So glad I finally ordered one – it arrived but I hid it from myself to save for a birthday present in two weeks… until now. I had to pull it out of hiding and fill it up with yarn after reading this post and comments.
    And a second question: Any chance you will bring back the original colors? I loved the smaller bag in black and orange, but never ordered one… and then it sold out. I would snatch it up now, and I’m sure others would do the same. Thanks for the great temptations!!!