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  • Sarah, I actually have All the other ingredients in my pantry right now, so this may be on our dinner table this week. Well, not that particular mustard nor the flank steak itself…but close enough! Love the presentation. You make it look great for company.

  • Write a cookbook! Absolutely delicious.

  • Thank you for the recipe. Flank steak is our very favorite.

  • Yummy

  • This marinade sounds delicious. However, from a food safety perspective it is not recommended to serve used marinade with the meal. Instead, prepare extra marinade for this purpose.

    • Yes, that red flag went up for me too! Just make extra.

      • Notice that the reserved marinade is cooked prior to serving.

    • Sarah says the reserved marinade is brought to a simmer before serving which should make it perfectly safe to eat.

    • The marinade is simmered and reduced, so it would be fine to eat after that (just like the marinade on the steak itself gets cooked and is therefore safe.)
      Plus—given how many times it sounds like they have made this meal, I would say they know what they are talking about!

  • Yum! This is a must-try recipe. Thank you for sharing.

  • This looks great! We’ll do this over the weekend!

    • Ate it. Loved it!

  • I have a standard marinade that doesn’t include capers or mustard. This looks like just the ticket for the weekend!

  • Sarah, was delighted to find two of my fav Go-To’s (red onion and balsamic vinegar) in this recipe; marinades that do the “heavy lifting” are my dinner “jam!!” Thank you for sharing your family recipe for success!!

  • Oh Sarah this looks so good!!

  • Just made this for dinner! It was delicious and delightful! Thank you!

  • Wow! I don’t even have a grill and I want to try this. I think the next time I go to a barbecue get-together I can take this ready to be put on

  • Wow, thanks for all the comments. DW and I are honored that you’ve added his recipe to your rotations!