7 Ideas for Mohonk & Mohonk Light

By Ann Shayne
August 25, 2022

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  • As a newer knitter (that’s a step above absolute beginner, yes?), I like the look of the Santa Fe shrug!

  • Such a surprise to suddenly come upon a photo of Taughannock Falls, which is 15 minutes from our home, in my morning read! (That’s not photo-shopped, it’s the view from the overlook, probably in early October. FYI Ann: Ravens & Peregrine falcons nest there!) Looks like a fun knit, thanks for spotlighting it.

    • Tess, I live in Western New York and have been to Taughannock Falls many times (once during a major rainfall that flooded out most of the roads)! It’s so beautiful there. Can’t wait to make the drive down once the leaves start to turn.

  • I want it all – as the song says – and I want it now…sigh…just when I SWORE I wasn’t going to buy anymore yarn or start another project until…aw, who am I kidding?! Gorgeous colorways and patterns!