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  • Beautiful sweaters! Thank you for this offer!

  • I have made both sweaters. The patterns are easy to interpret and both a joy to knit. When it comes to designing and writing a pattern I feel no one else does it better. They are the only ones I prefer to knit

  • Wow Kay — you look fabulous in that sweater! I get why you love it.

  • Mohonk is the yarn I would want to have if I were marooned on a desert island! I never get tired of it running through my fingers.

  • I am knitting the Bottom Line Pullover with Jill Draper’s yarn. It”s fantastic yarn to work with. I’m hoping to have it done before the snow flies…

  • You look gorgeous in both the Dark Roast and Bottom Line. Thought it yesterday and again today. The warm colour and the dark shade, so striking. The simple lines.

  • It’s a nice sweater, but the pattern doesn’t show up well with that yarn, at least in the picture.

  • Kay, That sweater is gorgeous on you! Love the colors you chose, so chic! Added to my “hope one day to be able to knit this” queue.

  • I love the Petula pullover and it’s a dream of mine to knit a color work sweater for my mom. However, she lives in Arizona where it never gets cold enough for a wool sweater. Could anyone recommend a yarn that would be cooler but still work with this pattern? Maybe a cotton/synthetic blend?