The Color Explosion Throw is a fast way to a beautiful throw.

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  • When the heart wants a thing, the thing must be had. That is the perfect description of all my knitting choices!

  • Ahhhh, when the heart wants a thing. How many of us have stashes that reflect just that? And then the next totally amazing yarn/pattern comes along. We have “tag sales” here in OH when the elderly die and their chattels are sold. Someday there is going to be a lot of delighted squealing at my tag sale from all the knitters adding to their stashes! That Marlogram is doing its darndest to reel me in! Is like a darn earworm repeating, “Come on, come on…..”

  • “When the heart wants a thing”. Remember that when Kermit claims that throw as his.

    • What Kermit wants, Kermit gets. See, e.g., his water fountain rivaling Lincoln Center’s.

  • Yeah…I need to start some Marling because both of my on-the-needles have gone cold with lack of that just-one-more feeling. Both too sloggy. 11 colors in 55 combos would be mesmerizing in a way that “but am I SURE about this part of the gradient and will I even WANT this at the end” does not feel, presently. Also long strips seems less hard to calculate than shoulder decreases.

  • the mohonk color names alone are a work of art

    • Poetry!

  • Oooh, that’s going to be lovely!! And wondrously squishy! I love those greens, especially with the rest of the palette. I can’t wait to start mine, Cecilia’s magnificent advice makes mine so much so much better by changing just a few colors. And I’ll be basking in the Nashville memories every stitch!

    • I have been playing with felted tweed for two weeks, wishing I could have some words of wisdom about choosing my colors…. I tend too much to the matchy in general, and wonder whether I should put all my colors in a bag and choose 11.

      • You should definitely put all your colors in a bag and choose 11. (and allow yourself ONE edit afterwards). It’s a little like tossing a coin when you have an either/or choice. When it lands and you’re ok with the “lucky” answer, great. But if you feel disappointment, you know you really wanted the other one all along. Then, you can choose it and feel good!

  • I’m at my happiest when knitting with any of Jill’s yarns. So much happiness that when I’m knitting with something else, I long for it to be finished so I can return to a Jill Draper Makes Stuff yarn. I try, oh I try to knit with and love other yarns, but the heart wants what the heart wants.

    • I’m with you! And her Barnsides is one of the all time great colors of the universe!

  • I’m thinking of doing a marled scarf with yarn from my stash. The idea would be to use one color throughout the scarf but add different colors in separate blocks. The one color gives an overall binding element while the blocks of color add the excitement. Should be fun!

    • Love this idea!

    • That’s one of the most excellent marling strategies. I first encountered it in the Tokyo Shawl. That continuous strand makes everything else play nice together.

  • I might have decided to do a Color Explosion in Mohonk Light when I saw your post. It’s just that I “need” a new blanket, and had some Mohonk Light in stash, and it wasn’t so hard for a few extra colors to hop into my cart and …I guess I’ll cast on today. 🙂

  • Ann, if I weren’t already a knitter your Yarn Thawts would convert me. Why do we fall in love with one yarn and not another? To translate from French, the heart has its reasons that reason does not understand.

  • Please can you advise what weight this is – 4 ply equivalent? My knitting is quite tight so will need to adjust suitable needles. Thank you

  • I think I need a tattoo

  • Wow I just love your progress so far and the colours that you choose! It’s stunning I can’t wait to see the finished blanket when you are done! I agree when the heart wants what it wants it’s near impossible to be stopped, I am so glad to be a part of this club. This blanket looks addictive with 11 yarns and 55 combinations! Cant wait to see your final project! I absolutely love the colours you picked and I see myself copying them

  • Had a moment of terror this morning: I hadn’t yet put on my glasses when I read, “When the heart wants a thing, the thing must be BAD.”

    Whew! I’m so glad that’s not what you really said.