One Bee

By Ann Shayne
September 28, 2021

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  • beeee-ewetiful moment. Napping bee.

  • The pattern for the throw in FG#19 calls for two balls each if eleven colors. But the bundle includes three balls of several colors. Probably the bundle is correct?

    • Hi Ginny! Yes, the bundle is correct—we’ll be noting the pattern’s quantity correction on our Corrections page at the bottom of the MDK homepage. (That’s where we note all corrections to MDK patterns.)

  • I just last night cast off a big project using Mohonk light (Vantage by Elizabeth Elliott). It is such a delight to knit with, I’m really at a loss for what to do next. So it may be time to restock on one of my favorite yarns!

  • I am knitting the Sorrel Sweater using Mohonk Light in California Poppy held with mohair. To say it is creating a glorious fabric is an understatement. Now you have me thinking I need another blanket project. So glad to have a subscription to the Field Guides.

    • You got me Ann Shayne! This could do my ball winder in. You’d better get a good one into the shop!

  • I’m in Spain, walking the Portuguese Camino, enjoying your columns everyday! Thank you!!

  • My sympathies are with that flower and bee! There they were, minding their own business and just doing their thing, when suddenly they are surrounded by these three obviously insane monsters all laser-focused on them. Think of the story that bee told back at the hive!

  • And on cool mornings they don’t want to wake up. You can even pet them! I showed this to my 4 year old neighbor (who likes our garden) to demonstrate that bumblebees are not ‘mean’ – now when she sees one in my yard she asks “Don’t you want to pet it?”

    • I pet bees occasionally too! My sister and I discovered this fun when we were very young. My father was amazed recently when I showed him (50 yrs later).

  • All those balls of yarn! Baby Kermit would have had a blast!

  • Covid left a once very athletic woman into one who must use a walker to get around and the beauty of this is simple because I have a dog who must be walked daily and frequently. I have noticed the little things that I have always loved but never examined and I can still take my kayak out on the water and enjoy the simple quiet and the water and sky. So thanks for bringing this little bit of nature into our lives

  • This a.m. while eating breakfast at a B&B in norther NJ, a small bird flew into the window which I was facing. He/she hit pretty hard and fell into the soft needles of the bush under the window. Really stunned it lay there for quite some time. Having finished our breakfast, before we left the table, I glanced at the little bird and saw it was alive but in need of compassion by the owners of the B&B to take it to a bird sanctuary close by. I am glad for your bee, but this bird needed assistance.

  • What happened to the “Blanket Dreams” post at the top of this email? I got a “page not found” error message when I clicked on it. Did anyone else have trouble opening this?

    • Me too!,,

    • Yes Beth, I got that error msg too. It’s probably a post for another day!

      • Yes I’m sure you’re right, thanks!

    • Me too!

  • I love to gently pet sleeping bees – I usually run a long blade of grass over them lightly, they keep sleeping and it makes me happy. My teen stepkids think I’m a bee whisperer because they are too scared to try it (so I retain my strange and mysterious airs with them).

  • See you, and all the latest at MDK, on Friday!

  • Handwound balls of yarn are more picturesque but for that many skeins a ball winder is so much easier …

  • I would totally love to attend Knit Night but not possible this year. Maybe, maybe…next year? (Life is so full of unexpected circumstances I never plan anymore beyond next month.)