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Greetings, friends! This week, after many tantalizing months of watching the projects for Field Guide No. 19 come together, we are thrilled to celebrate each of the projects Cecelia Campochiaro has created for knitters. Today: the aptly named Color Explosion Throw. 

We don’t know if any project has ever combined so many of our favorite things— so many great tastes that taste great together. The Color Explosion Throw (Ravelry link) is the hot fudge sundae with wet walnuts of knitting projects.

What are the wet walnuts and whipped cream of this project?

A dead-easy knit/purl texture of boxes within boxes.

Two strands of one of our all-time favorite yarns, Rowan Felted Tweed, which knit up quickly into an Aran weight.  Use 11 colors, which let you marl away with no repeats, or any number of colors you like.

If you go with the colors Cecelia Campochiaro chose for the photography sample, your throw will be a rich and rosy wash of warm color. But this pattern is also a foolproof recipe for mixing colors from your own collection of Felted Tweed (or another favorite yarn).

It’s a blanket—and nobody loves a handknit blanket more than we do. We firmly believe that a handknit blanket is a form of immortality—a joy forever.

The Color Explosion Throw bundle lets you recreate the sample, in all its warmth and vibrancy, at a delightful 10 percent discount off the single-ball price of Felted Tweed.

If you’re looking for a quick start on an alternative colorway, with a built-in bundle discount, check out our other Felted Tweed bundles in the related content links below. You’ll need to tinker with the yarn quantities and/or size of your blanket, but the ultra-simple construction of the Color Explosion Throw makes that easy.

We almost forgot the last wet walnut—the strips are joined with a three-needle bind-off, which everyone knows is the most delicious bind-off.

We can’t wait to dig in.



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  • Ahhh. So lovely. If only my household (4 dogs, 2 cats) would respect precious things.

    • It’s everything you say it is! Working on a scarf in the form of one strip of the blanket. Loving it!

    • Jovi, I’m making my first one as a baby blanket using a washable fiber. It’s a ton of fun. So don’t be fearful. The NEXT ONE is for me out of Rowan Tweed. It will be great road trip knitting.

      • Trying

  • Finished knitting my mini version of 9 sts wide. It’s soaked all night. I’ll post a photo in the Lounge once I’ve pinned it out to dry. Super excited.

    • I’m watching Ann make hers and it’s coming together so fast!

  • What the heck is a wet walnut? Have never heard of that in my midwestern life……..?!
    Gorgeous blanket.

      • Gross! I’ll take my walnuts dry, please!

    • They’re awesome. We have them here in Yonkers although they’re not an every day experience. We are the home of Carvel Ice Cream so we’re more about the cone here.

    • Wet walnuts is not just a southern thing. I grew up in New York, right outside the City, and aways had wet walnuts in my ice cream sundaes, along with hot fudge and whipped cream. So good. It’s basically walnuts in syrup.

    • I’m from PA and wet nuts are totally a thing. It’s walnuts soaked in maple syrup, and is absolutely heaven on a scoop of vanilla ice cream. It may only be popular in places where a lot of maple syrup is produced…

    • Same here. It doesn’t sound like a desirable feature on a sundae…. Now, toasted, salted pecans… that’s different!

    • Think it’s a southern thing. I only heard of them down here since moving to Georgia 20 years ago.

      Do you want dry nuts on your ice cream or syrupy nuts on your ice cream? I find them disgusting but that’s me.

  • I can’t be the only one wondering: wet walnuts?

  • For the record, in PA, they just call them “wet nuts.”
    The blanket, however… Yum.

    • I don’t think I could order that at the ice cream shop with a straight face. Now knowing what it is, though, it sounds good! This blanket is very enticing. Reminds me of a waffle cone, one of those chocolate and sprinkles-dipped ones.

  • Beautiful throw! Do you think it’s manageable for a beginner who’s never done marls or 3-needle bind off?

    • Absolutely. 3 needle bind off is easy peasy!

  • Just ordered my yarn. Such a striking throw. I need another blanket like I need a hole in my head (64 crayons with Noro is going on year 5) but I could not resist. PS, all this talk about wet walnuts makes me think of
    Boiled peanuts. Ewwwww

  • Technical question here…the pattern calls for 22 balls of yarn but the kit includes 25. Is that so we can knit the blanket exactly as the photo or does the called for quantity cut it close or is there another reason? Please and thank you. It’s divine!!!

    • The kit is correct, the pattern is not. We corrected the quantities here on our corrections page: (Scroll down to Field Guide No. 19.)

      The pattern uses 2 balls of all of the colors, and just a little bit into the 3rd ball on 3 of them. Our yarn quantities always include a buffer to account for gauge and skein differences. If you are building your own kit or using stash, you may not need those third balls.

      • Also, a fun fact: I believe the shade card in the photo was made by the photo stylist on her own initiative. It was such a fun surprise to see it! We ship a few post cards with every order, so you won’t have to hunt down the card stock!

  • There needs to be a sleeping cat on that bed.

    • Kermit Shayne will be on his new throw, probably even before Foodlady finshes it.

      • He even sits on my knitting when I’m here. He just likes knitting.

  • Gorgeous and I may be forced to make it. Question: how did you make that color card? Is it something I can purchase???

    • Hi Linda! The pattern tells you how to make the color card, a hole punch is helpful but not necessary. It’s one of my favorite parts of the process!

  • Gorgeous blanket! A true masterpiece.

  • wondered what wet walnuts were. thanks. Turning people loose to their own choices. thanks again. knit on

  • Could you please tell me where I can purchase just the pattern ?
    Thank you

  • I believe the chart does not correctly show the final stitch on even numbered rows 2 – 18 as described in the written directions. Am I not reading the directions or chart correctly?

  • That is the windownook of my dreams!!!!!

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