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  • So glad that you have addressed this, Kate. It’s those pesky mistakes that are difficult to fix that keep so many of us, I, assume, not just me, that keep us/me from taking on brioche and other more adventurous techniques. If I ever go forward with brioche (took a class, did not fall in love, but things could change) I will be comforted to know that I can turn to your column here when I would – inevitably – need it.

  • Thank you so much! I ripped out the cushiest cowl because I couldn’t figure out the repairs. I am going to get started again today!

  • As usual, clear as a bell.

  • Dang. I could have used this yesterday! This post is definitely a keeper.

  • Thanks! And what are those beautiful yellow needles?

    • Hello Susan! Sheepishly, I must admit I don’t know what they are. I’ve had them for years and years. They’re a cheerful yellow plastic, and they provide good contrast when you need to see your stitches. Sorry I don’t have more info.

  • Thank you so much for such a detailed and well-illustrated article on this. I find watching videos hard to follow, but these photographs are just crystal clear.

  • I’ve been knitting for decades and struggle with brioche. Thank you for this. So concise and clear!

  • Aaah, yes, definitely a post to save! Just this week I had needles on a single-color brioche scarf release the last 1/4 or so of stitches off the end and into oblivion in my project bag in the road trip hustle and bustle. It’s righted now, but a darkish one-color brioche is so much harder for me to fix than a two-color for sure. And yes, I found and applied my stitch stoppers!!

  • Thank you, Kate! I frogged my first brioche cowl because I couldn’t figure out how to fix my mistakes, and have been reluctant to try again without knowing what to do when I make a mistake. I now feel ready to give it another try!

  • Thank you for this timely post! I am working on a Honeycomb Scarf and progressing up the learning curve with help from MDK, but still doing a fair amount of ripping back when things didn’t look right. This has already saved me several time today and I feel so smug that I am able to fix it on the spot!

  • Thanks Kate! This is so timely! I just restarted the Cushiest Cowl because of mistakes ( and I am definitely putting in lifelines this time…)

  • Thank you for this valuable information with pictures.