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  • I’ve wondered what syllabub was! I’ve been listening to audiobooks of a certain genre and they mention it alot. Thx for explaining

  • What a great suggestion. Everything old really is new again.

    Heading to my mother’s in New Jersey later this week. She does live in the country, less than two hours from New York City. I am sure there is some “vintage” Cointreau on hand. There will be knitting as well, at least for me.

    • Cointreau sounds like it would go really well with seedless mandarins!

      • I’ll say!

  • I’ve heard that word all my life but didnt know what it was. Yum. I need to make this.

    I’d have to eat this all myself if I made it. No one in my family, church family or inner circle of friends will (or can) drink. It’s lonely carrying the fun torch.
    But thanks for your recipe! Booze AND whipped cream!

  • Yum!

  • Sounds deevine! Simple and delicious, right up my alley, thanks for the recipe.

  • Thank you for the recipe, I syllabud was new to me.

  • Love it! Typically, how long do you whip the cream for in a Kitchen Aid mixer….5 Minutes?

    • Debbie, usually quicker than 5 minutes, more like 3. Keep a close eye.

  • Thank you! – I’ll have to try this as a substitute for vanilla ice cream with the fresh peaches we’ve been eating around here for dessert. (Fresh peaches with vanilla ice cream are hard to improve upon. Especially if you let the ice cream melt a bit.) Does this keep for a day or so, or should I wait to make it till we’re having company?

    • It really doesn’t hold well, just 3-4 hours. You can certainly make it in the afternoon for that evening. The next morning it will have separated but it will still taste good. Breakfast syllabub.

      • One of my experienced-in-the-kitchen friends says to add 1 Tbsp powdered milk to the cream “to improve stability and decrease separation.” I hate to keep powdered milk on hand just for this, but it works.

  • Our favorite syllabub ingredient is Grand Marnier! When served with raspberries or strawberries, it disappears instantly!

  • I made it once with limoncello— it was fabulous. Great over strawberries.

    • That sounds amazing!

      • Heading out to get limoncello now.

  • Can another flavoring be substituted for alcohol?