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  • Beautiful. I see some Helix in my future!

    • Same here!

  • So many choices, so little time!

  • Is yarn for breakfast a thing? Yummmmy!

  • The Pacific Crest looks nice.

  • Helix looks like a very lovely yarn but the price
    on the home website tells me it’s NZ $64 a skein (about 32 euros) and that’s before shipping, eeeek! I have a reasonably flexible yarn budget but that’s too pricey for me. Will admire from afar.

  • As will I. So many choices, so little $.

  • Love the Luna. I second the endorsement odf Espace Tricot. I love all of the patterns of their design or knots highlighting others’ designs.

    • That’s of, not odf and knits not knots!

  • I’m going to try Helix for the Ariana crochet cardigan by Amy Christoffers…free pattern! Bringing back the granny square 🙂

  • I looked up La Bien Aimée online and it was listed as Permanently Closed. :-(. Is this true? I hope not, but do you know for sure.

    • Yes the brick and mortar shop closed last winter sadly. Its a Webshop only now.

  • Please show knitted tunic patterns for women. Thank you!