By La Bien Aimée


A little goes a long way! Two wools meet, and a beautiful new yarn is born. Exclusive to La Bien Aimée, this custom-milled base of 75% Falkland merino and 25% Gotland wool has a truly delicious depth of color, thanks to the natural light gray of the Gotland fiber. In a light fingering weight that can be held single or double in a gorgeous variety of patterns. Check out our Helix Pattern Scout collection here.

Scroll down to see the Field Guide No. 15 designs using Helix. When you order any amount of Helix, your order confirmation will include a code for a FREE ebook download of Field Guide No. 15!

Bleu Royal
The Hotness
The Shire
Yellow Brick Road
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Specs & Details

Yarn Weight
75% Falkland Merino 25% Gotland Wool
Unit Weight
Yarn Length
710 yds , 650 m
US 0 - US 6, 2mm - 4mm
1 Skein

We have long anticipated the day that Helix would arrive at MDK, and it’s a happy day to have it available for you.

This blend of two different wool fibers has really caught our attention. Falkland merino is white before it’s dyed. What happens when you blend in the light gray of Gotland wool? It allows for color of a special depth and richness. And the quiet luster of Gotland wool adds the most subtle effect to this yarn, along with a slight halo.

Mood Cardigan

Helix is glorious to see and to knit with, whether you’re working with it as a single strand or held double, as happens with Jeanette Sloan’s Mood Cardigan from Field Guide No. 15: Open. Four skeins required for sizes 1 through 4. Five skeins required for size 5.

Clerestory Shawl

Modern lace is Jeanette Sloan’s big idea for this Field Guide, and this shawl is a sleek combination of two lace patterns that she melds into one mighty glorious trapezoid of delicate sturdiness. Here, Helix is lofty and airy, the perfect match for a shawl that we will wear as a luxurious scarf. Requires two skeins.

Rib Lace Scarf

Get your feet wet with a simple little design. This skinny little scarf lets you try out the Rib Lace pattern and get the hang of knitting lace. Helix is a lovely yarn for this. One skein required.

Tumbling Blocks Scarf

We really love the idea of a scarf that has only 26 rows. You cast on a bunch of stitches, and the long rows let you really find your rhythm on this beautiful stitch pattern. One skein required.