Cocoon Top: Inventive Meets Chic

By Kay Gardiner
June 8, 2022
In Field Guide No. 21, we learn brioche knitting with the world's foremost teacher of the technique, Nancy Marchant.

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  • Maybe Whisper and Pebble or Mallard with Seaglass! So many gorgeous options!

    • A video would be great! And I love the idea of Mallard with Seaglass… You could even test different combos in the video. Yes, please!

  • For me clementine and citron. Please do a video.

  • I love it as sampled, but shale and skyline is pretty tempting. Atlas really does knit up incredibly light and bouncy!

  • Such a clever idea! And the color pairing seems endless!

  • Can’t wait to knit this!

  • Tutu and Merlot!

  • Stunning! I didn’t see a suggested amount of ease in the pattern. Any ideas?

  • Playing around I like Peat and Merlot for Dark shades (i love dark shades but they no longer like me, however) , Barn Red and Cedar for Medium shades and Tutu and Natural for Light shades. I don’r see those pairings mentioned so I thought I’d throw them out there. The possibilities are endless. So fun.