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Dear friends,

A new Field Guide is here! With great joy, we open the door to a beautiful world of new knitting.

It’s Field Guide No. 21: Brioche. Order your copy right here. Browse the one-stop shop here.

We welcome with joy the world’s foremost expert on brioche knitting, Nancy Marchant!

Field Guide No. 21: Brioche is perfect for knitters new to brioche, with how-to instructions, tips, and four patterns that set a knitter up for brioche glory. Experienced brioche knitters will love these designs, too—modern and simple, hitting that the sweet spot of easy and gorgeous.

This is the Field Guide we have dreamed of creating for a long time.

We were total brioche newbies when we started working with Nancy on this Field Guide. Now, with Nancy’s guidance and a set of gorgeous designs, we’re confident brioche knitters.

The Designs

Cushiest Cowl: Elemental, graphic, superfun. This is where we start. Two lengths, short or long.

Cushiest Cowl in MDK Atlas Barn red and tutu

The yarn here is MDK Atlas, our exclusive 100% American-made Rambouillet. When we saw what happens when you knit brioche with Atlas, we thought, Well there’s something delicious. Our palette of 22 colors sets you up for subtle or vibrant two-color brioche. See them all here.


Honeycomb Scarf: Broken-rib brioche is one of the most beautiful fabrics we know. With two gradient yarns, it becomes a sophisticated swath of color.

Honeycomb Scarf in autumn rose and pearl
Honeycomb Scarf in Point Reyes and oyster (top); AUTUMN ROSE AND PEARL (bottom)

We have Freia Shawl Balls on hand for this project—you’ll need one color each of two Shawl Balls. See all the colors right here.

Honeycomb Scarf, using our MDK-exclusive Freia bundle, in the colorway Spring

If you want to really max out the color fun, we’ve created MDK-exclusive bundles of one Shawl Ball plus four Minikins, in four colorways. Order yours right here.


Cocoon Top: Nancy’s endless inventiveness gives us this snuggly layering piece—two-color brioche melded with a stitch pattern that adds graphic interest.


MDK Atlas yarn is the star here, and it makes this a truly scrumptious brioche fabric.


Dotty Wrist Warmers: Colorful snack-sized brioche. Includes a set of stitch patterns for varying the look here and also on the Cushiest Cowl.


These are Atlas colors. See them all right here.

Zoom with Nancy!

At noon Eastern, Friday, June 3 we celebrated the Field Guide launch. You can watch the recording here.

What’s Ahead?

We’ll be introducing a new little set of how-to videos to go with Field Guide No. 21: Brioche, free, any minute now.

There’s going to be a superspecial knitalong that begins on Monday, June 20. If you’ve never knitted brioche, this is for you! This is going to be the kind of quick knitalong that will set you on a path to brioche glory—and if you’re already a brioche fan, you’ll enjoy it too.

Watch for details.

In the meantime, we encourage to get your Field Guide and yarns set—this summer is the summer where we brioche!

Hooray for shoppable, beautiful Lookbook 21! Browse it here.


Ann and Kay


  • Can anyone tell me if there is a pattern available for the sweater Nancy is wearing in the picture above? I know it’s not in the field guide, but is it available anywhere else? I love knitting brioche and really love that sweater. Many thanks!

    • Me three 🙂

    • me too! I love that sweater.

  • Love everything Nancy Marchant. ❤️

  • So, how much Atlas would one need to make the cowl (short or long)? I’m ready to shop, but the pattern info doesn’t provide any details.

    • Hi Kim! The short cowl uses 2 skeins of Atlas, 1 skein each of 2 colors. The long cowl uses 4 skeins, 2 each of two colors.

      • Thanks, Ann. Off to start browsing color combos!

  • So sorry to miss the Zoom call today! Will the recording be posted later?

    • Yes!

  • HOORAY!!! Another gorgeous Field Guide!

  • Honestly, how do you keep the momentum?? Your Field Guides are proof positive of the abundance mentality!!! MDK reminds me of those old tv commercials: “but wait, don’t order yet, there’s more”. So much to delight in. Thanks again and again and again!!!!

    • Thank you, Jan! You’re the best. All glory to the MDK team who are stalwartly scheming and dreaming, so fun to work with them.

  • I might do the scarf but make it larger into a shawl size. I am in FL and I would wear a wrap more than a scarf. Just more excuse to buy more yarn 🙂

    • I completely approve this message! I think a double-wide (as we call anything we make twice as big as the original) would be a gorgeous thing. It would be about 29″ (74cm) wide rather than the specified 14.5″ (37cm).

      The colors would land in a different way with a wider width, which would be fun to watch. Now you’ve got ME dreaming . . . ; )

      • need like 4 big balls?

      • I think was would be cool is to pull from the center and then pull from the outside on the next ball when you run out, pull from the outside so they flow?

        • That’s what I was thinking; Point Reyes, here I come….

  • Ooo, that scarf with the minikins! And like Carol said, biggened into a wrap size. I’m such a sucker for Freia…

  • Is anyone else having trouble trying to order this yummy stuff? I have tried again and again to order a Honeycomb shawl bundle and the order won’t go through. 🙁

    • Yes all day yesterday, the Exp date of card section was messed up on the check out process. I tried calling the Shop to no avail as the number I finally found after much searching on Google “has been placed out of service”. I wanted a bundle of Field Guides I’ve been saving for but that didn’t happen. I’ll try again today and let ya know if I am successful.

  • These are all beautiful.

  • I feel as though I’m whining out in the wilderness here but … is this edition available from anywhere in the UK? I would hate to break my lucky streak of owning them all. Thank you!

    • Hi there! We do ship to the UK, so you can always order the regular old way if you like! Also, Fine Fettle Fibres in Morpeth carries the Field Guides as well. Clicky clicky to get there.

      • Thanks, DG! Order done and dusted. Now just waiting to ambush the postman!

  • Does this field guide actually teach you brioche? Or just have pattern instructions? And you have to learn the techniques elsewhere? And do you ship to New Zealand yet? Or will I need to buy a digital copy on Ravelry?

  • Am I missing something? I’m on Ravelry and see that other than needle size (US 6/4 mm) there’s no indication in any of the patterns whether to use circular or straight needles and what length. I’m considering making the cowl and was hoping to get all my materials all at once on MDK.

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