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  • And two Freia yarn bombs for a shawl size? Maybe with a few Minikins thrown in? Just looking at my stash….

    • Oh wow, two Yarn Bombs would be a perfect shawl. I think you could just go double wide on the number of stitches cast on and you’d have something very amazing. And sure, Minikins are the spice of life, right? : )

  • This pattern really speaks to me. I think I would prefer 2 shawl balls to get the “fade” effect throughout. Beautiful!

  • Lovely cowl but $102 is a little rich for my budget and my neck. Options? I have tons of leftover fingering weight so perhaps …
    MDK is certainly adding to my personal skill set … first colorwork now brioche.

    • That is stunning and my stash is screaming use me, use use me! I can’t wait to dive in!

  • A bunch of time was spent in the past couple of days searching for “broken rib brioche” to no avail. Is this a stitch specific to this project? I’d like to see what I’m in for before tackling this beautiful scarf!

    • Try searching “brioche broken rib” (in that order) too. We’ve seen this stitch called “syncopated brioche” as well since the usual rib column of stacked knits and purls is shifted/broken to create the honeycomb effect. I’m six inches into my scarf and muscle memory has completely taken over, but it definitely helped to knit the first 16 rows without distractions.

      • First, I need to know if this stitch is done with an odd number or an even number of cast on stitches

  • I am considering ordering the spring bundle for this scard. Just curious…dors Nancyks pattern advise when to utilize the mini skeins?

    • No, the pattern is written for two Shawl Balls. The sample shown here swaps in one Minikin at a time for the second Shawl Ball. To achieve the same effect, save this post to your MDK account and consult the picture of the scarf pictured from end to end following the color combinations as shown.

  • Started this with the Winter combo and I’m loving it. Like Cristina, I had to really pay attention at first but now the pattern is on auto-pilot. And both sides look wonderful!