Atlas Collection: Behind the Scenes

April 8, 2022

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  • I’m up early with a dog with an upset tummy.
    This article is a nice treat before I nod back off to sleep. I hope.

    • Hope the pup is feeling better soon; it’s hard to rest or sleep when the fur babies aren’t well.

  • Jen I loved this peek into your design process. You are such a smart, talented and inspirational young maker. I bought 3 of your Atlas patterns last week. Now I want them all!

  • I’d love to see a demonstration of how you actually use Pro Create & Adobe Illustrator. The process would be fascinating to watch.

  • Thank you for sharing your process with us, Jen. I love to learn how things move from brain to project!

  • Love the dress!

  • I love all of these designs!

  • Drawing out really helps. I feel connected when I draw ideas out. I’m not a Pinterest person. It just isn’t my thing. However, I love using Moodzer ( after I finish my rough sketches. I can play with my color decisions. I love your sketches. Inspiration!

  • Thanks so much for sharing. Your process of collecting in a sketch books is so permission giving. And still…..where did Ann & Kay get that dress!???

  • Enjoy being privy to the process!

  • Fascinating! Thank you for sharing your process and inspiring me to hone my own on this cold and grey Iowa morning.

  • I’d love the cardigan/jacket from Big Joy in another yarn ….

  • Thanks for sharing the process! Fun to see.

  • Wow — so many GREAT ideas!!

  • So inspiring!