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  • I kept looking for the link to buy the book with all the patterns. The Atlas field guide part 2? Is it coming?

    • These are individual patterns. Tap the links to find them at Ravelry.

  • Oh! These sweaters are wardrobe must-haves!

  • Big thanks to MDK and Jen! These patterns are fantastic!

  • Love Jen’s aesthetics. Will look forward to a lighter main squeeze pullover bb

  • Brava!

  • Stunning!!

  • Wow, what a nice collection of patterns, and so many of them. Thanks! And fresh colorways too.

  • I spotted the Mabel a few days ago and it’s in the queue for daughter’s birthday sweater next fall. She’s choosing Atlas Lapis! Won’t it be beautiful.

  • Wow Jen! You’ve outdone yourself. There should definitely be an Atlas Field Guide!!

  • I noticed that several colors of Atlas used in the model designs are not available in shop. Do you know when they might be available? Thanks!

    • Hi Terry,

      We are expecting a restock of Navy and Cedar this week and more of the other colors soon!


      • Thank you for your quick response!

  • I know this wasn’t planned, but the second version of that striped hat would be perfect to show some support!

    • For Ukraine that is

  • fabulous and inspirational!

  • I have just purchased Main Squeeze! Now to decide on a color…

    • I keep seeing it in Seaglass or Peat, which are very different moods!

  • All these designs are gorgeous, but i especially want the intarsia hat and the two sweaters in my closet right now! The design of Mabel especially – seed stitch, like garter stitch, is a basic you can overlook until you see it in a new way.

  • OMG!! I love it all, but I’m absolutely swooning over those sweaters! And Atlas is is soft and smooshy, I can’t imagine having too many Atlas sweaters. And the accessories are hip enough I may be able to send my boy off to college with some! Bravo, Jen!!

  • This is like a whole extra Field Guide (or two) of patterns! I love the design and the colors Jen used in the Grid hat and cowl in particular.

  • I need Mabel in my life.

  • I’m a huge fan of Jen and this collection. I think Mabel will be my first cast on.

  • Hi hi hi this is a test comment from Kay.

  • Love Mabel! Anyone know the ease allowance?

  • Intarsia version watchcap. Way cool.

  • According to the Ravelry page, the Main Squeeze pullover looks like it allows for approx 2” of positive ease (eg, if you have a 34” bust and you knit that size, you would wind up with a sweater measurement of 36”.) I am guessing that the model, however, is wearing the sweater with a lot more than 2” of positive ease—any info on that specific look? That is the look I like, and I don’t think I would get it from knitting “my” size sweater…. Thanks!

    • Hi Beverly, I’m about to get started on the Main Squeeze pullover, and trying to decide what size to make. I don’t think it was mentioned on the pattern what the recommended ease is, they just gave measurements. What size did you end up making in order to have lots of ease?

  • Great patterns! I just wish Atlas were available in the colorways I would want to knit. Please bring back Peat and that teal!!

  • Hello Kay! I am almost ready to go with the Main Squeeze pullover. I fell in love with a beautiful gray from Malabrigo Rios, and I’m wondering if you think that this would be a suitable substitute for the Atlas. Sorry Atlas, I will use you in a future project, but the variegated gray from Malabrigo was calling out to me.

  • I am having a lot of trouble with Mabel. The stitch count isn’t working for me. Is the fact that the smallest size is the only one with an odd number of stitches an issue? After I increase the knit/purl pattern of seed stitch is off.