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  • I kept looking for the link to buy the book with all the patterns. The Atlas field guide part 2? Is it coming?

    • These are individual patterns. Tap the links to find them at Ravelry.

  • Oh! These sweaters are wardrobe must-haves!

  • Big thanks to MDK and Jen! These patterns are fantastic!

  • Love Jen’s aesthetics. Will look forward to a lighter main squeeze pullover bb

  • Brava!

  • Stunning!!

  • Wow, what a nice collection of patterns, and so many of them. Thanks! And fresh colorways too.

  • I spotted the Mabel a few days ago and it’s in the queue for daughter’s birthday sweater next fall. She’s choosing Atlas Lapis! Won’t it be beautiful.

  • Wow Jen! You’ve outdone yourself. There should definitely be an Atlas Field Guide!!

  • I noticed that several colors of Atlas used in the model designs are not available in shop. Do you know when they might be available? Thanks!

    • Hi Terry,

      We are expecting a restock of Navy and Cedar this week and more of the other colors soon!


      • Thank you for your quick response!

  • I know this wasn’t planned, but the second version of that striped hat would be perfect to show some support!

    • For Ukraine that is

  • fabulous and inspirational!

  • I have just purchased Main Squeeze! Now to decide on a color…

    • I keep seeing it in Seaglass or Peat, which are very different moods!

  • All these designs are gorgeous, but i especially want the intarsia hat and the two sweaters in my closet right now! The design of Mabel especially – seed stitch, like garter stitch, is a basic you can overlook until you see it in a new way.

  • OMG!! I love it all, but I’m absolutely swooning over those sweaters! And Atlas is is soft and smooshy, I can’t imagine having too many Atlas sweaters. And the accessories are hip enough I may be able to send my boy off to college with some! Bravo, Jen!!

  • This is like a whole extra Field Guide (or two) of patterns! I love the design and the colors Jen used in the Grid hat and cowl in particular.

  • I need Mabel in my life.

  • I’m a huge fan of Jen and this collection. I think Mabel will be my first cast on.

  • Hi hi hi this is a test comment from Kay.

  • Love Mabel! Anyone know the ease allowance?

  • Intarsia version watchcap. Way cool.

  • According to the Ravelry page, the Main Squeeze pullover looks like it allows for approx 2” of positive ease (eg, if you have a 34” bust and you knit that size, you would wind up with a sweater measurement of 36”.) I am guessing that the model, however, is wearing the sweater with a lot more than 2” of positive ease—any info on that specific look? That is the look I like, and I don’t think I would get it from knitting “my” size sweater…. Thanks!

    • Hi Beverly, I’m about to get started on the Main Squeeze pullover, and trying to decide what size to make. I don’t think it was mentioned on the pattern what the recommended ease is, they just gave measurements. What size did you end up making in order to have lots of ease?

  • Great patterns! I just wish Atlas were available in the colorways I would want to knit. Please bring back Peat and that teal!!

  • Hello Kay! I am almost ready to go with the Main Squeeze pullover. I fell in love with a beautiful gray from Malabrigo Rios, and I’m wondering if you think that this would be a suitable substitute for the Atlas. Sorry Atlas, I will use you in a future project, but the variegated gray from Malabrigo was calling out to me.