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Recipe File: Baked Risotto with Wild Mushrooms

November 19, 2021

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  • This sounds delicious! And easy. But no white wine?

    • I agree, a little white wine with the onions. I would also add a note that the stock being added after baking the rice should not be straight out of the fridge. Cold stock is going to cool down that beautiful rice too quickly.

      • Yummy! Will try this next time. Maybe double the recipe and make rice balls with leftovers!

    • I agree as well! Let’s add wine.

      • 🙂

      • Definitely. I might even add Sherry.

  • That sounds so yummy! Especially since I woke up to a layer of snow this morning, and I’m totally craving some winter food.
    And on a side note, how come Spelling Bee doesn’t take MARL today?! Obviously the guy doesn’t follow this blog…..

    • I tried MARL, too!

  • Oh, that sounds really good, as we’re finally starting to get seriously cold in NC. Time to bring out the cast iron dutch oven, for stovetop to oven.

  • Ooh, I love risotto, but I usually make it in the Instant Pot. I had no idea that it could be baked, though. Saving this recipe to try very soon.

    • I usually make mine in the Instant Pot, too, but my recipe doesn’t have butter. Mmmmm, butter! I’ll try this one, too!

  • Sounds like Thanksgiving joy!!!

  • Looks and sounds delicious! Those mushrooms are beautiful

  • WOW. This was so good. I would’ve added wine per the comments but was out. Didn’t miss it a bit. This is a killer and another new favorite!

  • I made the risotto last night and it was so delicious!! Thank you for a wonderful winter meal! I have to admit that 2 of us almost ate the whole thing! I used a Dutch oven to get the maximum surface area on the heat- did I say YUMMY?