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  • Stop! These books are a budget buster!
    I love them all!

  • The Japanese have a wonderful sense of design, don’t they? I’ll need to see about getting some of those books for my own library. Thanks for the reviews.

  • I can envision a pocket Yoda in some Christmas stockings this year!

  • I got the Star Wars book from our library recently. It’s really great and the Princess Leia sweater has a cool neckline. Several projects from that book are on my making list now.

  • Love all of theses. Purchased Japanese Wonder Knitting. Thank you for this book review.

  • I must take exception to the sentiment of “much more exciting that traditional Scandinavian designs.” Why are you dissing traditional Scandinavian designs. Many are beautiful.

  • Why do modern books on mending always feature jeans on the cover? What about people who want to repair a sweater? a cotton blouse? a favourite skirt? a wool jacket? linen trousers? Simply the fact that these new books are once again featuring jeans on the cover makes me immediately discount them as worth further investigation. They may be great books but just the presentation puts me off. You read one mending book on how to do boro stitching on jeans, you’ve read them all.