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  • OK. I didn’t want to like them, and I was just going to scroll by, but those are the cutest frogs I ever did see! With their cute little outfits, droll expressions, and upright postures, they are whimsy personified! I am so impressed that this was accomplished in the medium of knitting.

    Thanks for this special little treat to start my day!

    • Their feet totally got me

      • Yep. The feet tipped me right over the edge.

        • As a former children’s librarian I have to provide a link to lead people to Arnold Lobel’s original Frog and Toad! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frog_and_Toad

        • Same here!

      • OMG… big Frog and Toad fan. These are just so adorable. Must knit!!

    • Unfortunately, they’re too pricey for me. The kit is $100, which does not include the $15 pattern. (I’m confused by the pricing of this kit – 2 skeins of DK yarn, $30 each, 4 skeins of Jamieson’s Shetland Spindrift, retails for $6.95 each)

      • I am totally making them with scraps of Felted Tweed. Too cute.

  • Umaro! How did I never see that?! And those AKA mitts! My Ravelry cart has been filled and emptied, and I haven’t even had breakfast yet….

    • How is Umaro on this list if the pattern was designed in 2010? It is great (I’ve knit it!) but it is not new.

      • I agree that Umaro is not a new pattern. It’s fabulous and I have knit it in a variety of sizes, but it’s far from new.

        • I love Umaro. I have been knitting it since it cam out. It has actually formed part of my Zoom background during the whole pandemic.

      • I was just coming here to say that! It’s a beautiful pattern and already in my faves, but it’s over 10 years old.

      • Hi Amelia! Thanks for noticing this–the pub date totally slipped past us. We’re sorry it doesn’t meet our eligibility guidelines. It’s a gorgeous design, for sure.

        • I am so curious. Where is the umaro? I have not seen one lovely selection named Umaro. So many lovely knits — which one to choose?

  • There are some really beautiful and unique hats and gloves on this list, and if I can get over my hatred of intarsia, I really really want to make the Safe at Home Blanket!

    • I made/modified a Safe at Home Blanket for my newest grandson — a labor of love! But I used only a few house repeats (so only a little intarsia) + some MDK Log Cabin goodness to make a pillow for my daughter & her gf for Christmas. I want to make similar pillows for my other two daughters, too. (I am knitorious on Ravelry if you want to take a look at mods.)

      • That is a fantastic idea, and I just checked out your blanket. It’s beautiful, and it looks so much more doable for me! I saved it in my faves. And I’m from Kenosha, so hi from WI! (GlitterQueen on rav)

      • Knitorious! I miss your blog!

  • I love the rustic dishcloths, but I noticed they are a free pattern. Weren’t these were supposed to be paid patterns only?

    • Yes, I liked them but awondered about that. I thought free patterns were not eligible.

  • These are lovely choices but I have to say I miss the interactive part that used to be part of your old March Mayhem. Voting on each round got me to engage with the content in a different way that was a lot of fun.

    Ps, I’m super happy for Margaret Holzmann! My husband used to work with her in her previous career.

  • So many great patterns! I did buy Safe at Home when it first came out, fully intending to knit it while quarantined at home, but never got around to it. It really captures d’esprit de 2020, in a positive rather than negative way.

    I did knit a TON of other things though, so I won’t beat myself up. There are just too many beautiful patterns out there. And thanks to MDK my queue keeps growing!

  • I LOVE the new format! It’s so much easier to see all the terrific designs. It eliminates the heartbreak of having to choose between some really stellar patterns. Thank you for continuing to bring us the best from the knitting world!

    • Completely agree! So much simpler to scroll through – slowly , while deeply regretting that there are only so many knitting hours in a day…

  • I have a question about the sweater The Jay. Has anyone made it and if so any words of wisdom for someone who is about to attempt color work?

  • Frog and Toad! I cannot believe the cuteness!