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  • I love seeing this cardi on a variety of real peeps! You are right — it does look good on everyone.

  • Barb has quite a way with oddballs. Hers looks like an Italian import. Although they all are beautiful!

    • I thought it was Noro until told otherwise! 😉

    • Thanks for the compliment Chloe! I used Noro Silk Garden teamed up with some solid yarns. I used 2 strands throughout.

  • “Flufftastic”! Great word;) The Moods like cool and comfy on everyone!.

  • Thank you for this ! I found 2 balls of lace weight in my living room, and I could not remember why I bought them. It was definitely for a Mood. As soon as this baby blanket is finished, I’m casting on.

  • Oh my, Barb’s Odd Ball version… Will she share more detail on the yarns?

    • Hi Knitswithnewton, I had 3 balls of Noro Silk Garden which I teamed up with some other yarns of complementary solid colours. I used double strands throughout.

  • Definitely one of the all-time Best Patterns Ever.

  • Mood Cardigan is my project on the needles when I am in situations where I don’t have to worry about distractions. Knit Nights, car rides, zoom calls, etc. I just have to be super careful when the pattern shifts. I tend to have to tink a partial row as forget to shift at some point in the row if I zonk out. Next up will the be Shakerag!

  • I made a Mood for my daughter and still have one for me in the back of my mind – thanks for the reminder! Hers looked good on both of us.

  • Still working on mine… in Schoppel Wolle cotton. Hope to finish it this week for a train trip next week.

  • I made mine out of gleam lace in the blueberry colorway. Great fun!

  • What a terrific idea for a sweater !