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  • Congratulations to the three winners! They all look fantastic in their Mood Cardis!

  • Congratulations! Beautiful!!

  • Congrats to all the winners! Beautiful knitting!

    • Once again, I am about to start the mood cardigan just as the KA L ends..,,, just starting my swatch!

  • Congratulations!! They’re all beautiful!

  • Congrats! Everyone looks fantastic!


  • Thank you!! I do love my Mood Cardigan and am wearing it a lot! It’s such a beautiful and useful design.

  • These are beautiful Moods – Congratulations! I’m knitting one for my daughter which got set aside in favor of Christmas stockings for new family members. (two COVID weddings!) I’m looking forward to getting back to that just-interesting-enough lace though. And these make me think I maybe need my own after that.

  • So much good.
    Yay for winners!

  • Gorgeous. Can’t wait to cast on, but have 4 other projects first, 3 for gifts, and I am a slow knitter. But, this is incentive to keep on knitting. Would be nice for spring! Thanks for sharing.

  • Congratulations, everyone! MDK prizes are the best prizes; happy knitting!!!!

  • Congratulations to all the winners (and all the runners up who get the prize of new knitted things)!

  • Ok, ok, I will finish mine! Soon! Kind of soon!
    These are all lovely.

  • All three are so beautifully done. I am still on the sleeve piece — too many wips but this is my favorite to work on of all of them. I am very grateful to see how the Stephen Towns finishes! Congratulations to all!

  • Mood cardigan is going on my list!