Confident Knitting: Wild About Vikkel Braids

By Ann Shayne
July 2, 2021

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  • This is brilliant!

  • Genius! I. Saving this for sure.

  • I have done Vikkel Braids before but encountered enlarged sts on the right needle. That didn’t happen here, so I may have to retry this technique!!

  • Just a little trivia … A plaid is a blanket. What you mean is a tartan.

    • A tartan is a registered pattern whereas a plaid is a pattern that hasn’t yet been registered. So all tartans are plaid but plaids are not tartans until registered. So the above use is correct.

  • Are Vikkel braids stretchy?

  • So much easier than a Latvian braid, which is the only type I’ve ever done. I’m wondering, if you set up with alternate color stitches, and used 2 colors of yarn, could you get the two-color effect of a Latvian braid? That would be extremely cool, because I love that look but don’t like how twisted the yarns get as you do it. Experimentation is in order!

  • Wow. Just. Wow.

  • Thank you so much for this marvelous tutorial!

  • Fabulous! Hope to try both this and Latvian braids on a SMALL project one day. Sort of a “how’d they do that”? kind of feature which always fascinates me. (Normally I try to keep my knitting VERY simple since I have a short attention span. But I can see a small e-book including videos of “magic” techniques like this. Jen seems to be the person who could do that. And I would pay good money for it, too!). And the mittens themselves are stunning!

  • Lily Kate is such a talented designer (and a throughly lovely person). Love these mitts!

  • Love this! Thank you!

  • I was able to make these mittens, and it was fascinating to see the braids forming. Definitely a project that required sitting at a table and full concentration, but the instructions made sense and it looked great.

  • Wonderful tutorial! Now, could we have a tutorial on unraveling and fixing mistakes on vikkel braid? I had to rip out my first effort because I could not get the stitches back on the needles correctly after an error. I recommend lots of natural light and your complete focus when first attempting this braid. My second effort was a success!